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We’ll be closing sales for to the Backstory-in-Game package and Pirate King packages on November 7, 2017. The Name-in-game package will remain on sale. Anyone who already purchased any of these packages won’t be affected, only new sales will be closed.

I’m closing these sales because the game is maturing and it’s coming to the right time to make the content final. In addition, closing these will free up more time for us to work on the game itself.

Thanks everyone for all the great content submitted over the last few years! As any player can tell you, it’s really enriched the game.

I’ve just released Alpha17b, a performance hotfix for Alpha17. Steam users will get it automatically, while non-Steam users can download from their existing permanent download link (there won’t be an update email sent out). This is build 0.17.1557.

When we made the targeting AI smarter in Alpha 17, we also made it harder on the CPU. Players in late game were seeing drastically reduced performance. Alpha17b optimizes this and several other things. There are no changes to gameplay – just optimization of what’s there already.

This update will work with your existing saved games, XML-only mods and (hopefully) most or all code mods.

If for any reason you want to continue on the older version, you can set your Steam beta branch to ‘alpha17a’.

Sorry for any disruption! We’re also hard at work on Alpha 18.

Alpha 17 – On the Road has been released! This version brings roads and rivers to the world, new world quests, new tools for modders, new combat tools, smarter AI, and rebalancings and adjustments across the whole design.

I’m afraid that this build is not compatible with saved games from previous versions, or mods from previous versions. However, you can continue to use the old version until you’re ready to update. If you’re on Steam, to continue using the old version, go to your Steam Library, right-click on RimWorld, click Properties. Open the Betas tab and use the drop-down menu to select the alpha16 version. Restart Steam to force an update.

If you downloaded the game DRM-free, you can update whenever you like by re-downloading from your existing download link. Your link is always the same and always gives the latest version.

In the old builds, balance problems meant that some exploit-y strategies did work and obviated some of the challenges in the game. Since those problems are now fixed, you may find the game a little bit more difficult. It wouldn’t hurt to play at one notch lower difficulty to start with in Alpha 17. You can always increase the difficulty later, even during the game, through the options menu.

I invite discussion on this post at this forum thread!

A summary of the changes in this alpha follows:

Roads and rivers

World quests

Other new stuff


Increasing skill relevance



I invite discussion on this post at this forum thread!

We recently asked whether players would rather have the bugfix-only update released, or if they’d prefer we just kept working and waited until we had new content to release.

The results aligned with my personal thinking, which is that the disruptive effect of a release (breaking various compatibilities) isn’t worth it for a bugfix-only release. So, we’ve been adding new content! Alpha 17 will basically be two updates combined, where one of them was a refinement-and-fix overhaul.

I’m not going to go into detail on exactly what’s coming (that’s what the update videos are for!) But here are some basic notes on things in progress. The update will focus on enriching the content in the world, and create more reasons to use the planet-travel caravan system:

Based on man-hours, Alpha 17 will probably be the most substantial update yet. RimWorld has become quite a beast in terms of design complexity, so it does take a lot longer now to design and tune things so they integrate into the rest of the game well, don’t overwhelm players with complexity, and don’t create weird exploits or nonsensical outcomes. But, that’s all part of the inherent challenge of designing a tightly-integrated, wholly-procedural colony sim!

Still working, no release date! To discuss this post, please join us on the forum thread for this post.

This is just a quick update on what we’re working on now, since it’s been some time since Alpha 16 came out and I don’t want anyone thinking I died or became a Venezuelan monk or something.

Alpha 17 is in progress. This update is going to be a refinement build. That means we’re focusing entirely on fixing things that are wrong with the game, and are not adding wholly new features.

So far we’ve fixed hundreds of bugs. I’ve made a collection of new balance analysis tools and using those, along with community feedback and videos, have rebalanced several gameplay systems. We’re also doing a review of how memory is handled, to reduce memory waste that leads to sub-optimal performance or out-of-memory crashes. I’ve compiled a list of exploit strategies that players use to gain advantage by exploiting tricky gaps in game logic, or bugs, and worked out solutions to most of them. Some exploit fixes are mechanics changes, some are balance changes, and quite a few involve reworking the AI. We’ve also been adding bits of feedback or micro-features here and there where needed; one example would be the new “mass” column in each character’s “gear” tab, so you can tell how heavy each stack is.

It turns out that in a game this complex, there are quite a few places for subtle problems to hide! In fact I’m continually amazed at how many problems can be layered into a game that still manages to entertain so many people.

The current plan is to finish refinements and then release that as Alpha 17. But – there is the possibility we’ll not release a “refinements-only” update and just wait until we’ve finished the refinements, and then some additional features beyond, to push a public release. This is because each release does create some chaos in the community, since it inevitably breaks mod compatibility (though maybe not vanilla save game compatibility, since the mechanics aren’t being redesigned drastically). The question of whether we’ll release Alpha 17 as a refinements-only build, or wait to add on significant new content remains open.

I invite your thoughts on this in this forum poll and thread.

RimWorld Alpha 16 – Wanderlust is released! This update adds a spherical world and the ability to travel across it with multiple caravans, having simultaneous encounters on the way and settling new colonies.

If you’re on Steam, your game will update automatically. Because of huge structural changes to the game, this update will break save games. If you want to continue an old save just change to the “alpha15” beta branch on Steam. To do so, go to Steam library, right-click RimWorld, click Properties, click the Betas tab, and use the drop-down to select the branch you want.

If you’re not on Steam, just download from your permanent personal download link – it’s always updated to the latest version.

Change list:

Spherical planet

Multiple simultaneous maps


Travel victory

Transport pods

Usability improvements

Drugs and health


Hi everyone. We suffered a small data loss in the creative content system. Luckily we managed to recover almost everything from backup. But in five cases, we lost the corresponding email addresses of creations that need review. So we can’t notify you to come review your content. If you entered any of the below content, please go back to the content creation page and recreate it.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

And now, I’m back to working on the unstable update. I’m hoping to release a build with some of the most important fixes tonight.

UPDATE: Unstable version is being updated more or less (week)daily. The forum thread has the ongoing discussion and update details.

Alpha 16 release is upcoming. If you are on Steam, and in the middle of a game, please use the Steam betas feature to set your game to the “alpha15” branch. This will prevent it from automatically-updating to A16 upon release and breaking your save games.

If you’re willing to play with bugs and imbalances, and to have your saves broken randomly and without warning, you can now test the unstable version of Alpha 16! Just load the the ‘unstable’ branch on Steam. (To access the unstable branch, right-click RimWorld in the Steam library, open Properties, go to the Betas tab, select the ‘unstable’ branch, and restart Steam.)

This isn’t a ‘real’ release, and if you want to play the bug-free update you should retain your hype and wait until it’s properly released!

Please leave balance and design feedback in this forum thread. I’m especially interested in play stories around the new world system. Bugs should please be reported in the Bugs forum.

Modders can use this opportunity to prep their mods for the new update! Translators can use it to translate (there is a new translations tool; access it by turning on dev mode and hitting / in the main menu).

I’m also requesting that video makers, YouTubers and streamers please not make videos of this release. I don’t want to leave false impressions with a buggy and unbalanced unstable version.

There’s no change list yet; I plan to release that with the stable Alpha 16 release. Note that not all player content is included yet.

Thanks to all those who test and give feedback!

(I am deliberately not announcing this everywhere at once because I want to be able to draw in more fresh testers later as needed.)

Currently bugfixing and tuning Alpha 16. Here’s a new teaser!

Hey all, just some quick teasers for you! (Edit: new ice planet shot added!)

I’ll be releasing more information about this soon-ish. I just wanted to give you all an image so you know we are still working at full steam, on many different features.

A16 will probably be the biggest update ever in terms of the amount of work we’ve done adding and refining things, so it’s taking a while.

RimWorld - Wikipedia

RimWorld is a top-down construction and management simulation computer game currently being developed by Ludeon Studios. It was initially released as alpha software for Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, by Ludeon Studios, on November 4, 2013. On July 15, 2016, the game was released as Alpha version 14 on Steam early access.[2][3]

The futuristic plot originally revolved around three characters being stranded on a planet located in the frontiers of known space (a "rim world"), where their space liner crashed.[4]The background plot of the game's universe is that of a universe where faster-than-light travel and superluminal communication is so far impossible, thus making large galactic empires inherently unfeasible.

However, with its release on Steam, the game came with the addition, among others, of a scenario editor, allowing users to choose and modify different starting plots, with different numbers of characters, starting items and map effects available. However, these plots still revolve around a futuristic sci-fi universe with, characters being stranded on a planet located in the frontiers of known space.[5]

Combat and psychology of the characters is very detailed; similar to Dwarf Fortress,[6] every colonist has a different personality. Initially, the player starts with three in-game characters.If the player does not like one of their character's attributes, they can keep generating new characters until they find a character they like. The initial starting characters can be renamed if the player wishes.

As time goes on, more colonists will join the colony. They can either join of their own free will, or they can be taken prisoner and talked into joining the colony.

The game ends when at least one colonist has escaped the planet on a spaceship, or when they are all dead. However, players are given the choice to continue to play, as it's possible to wait for a wanderer to take residence in the ruins of the colony and continue the game.


The main objective of the game is to expand a settlement of people in a futuristic setting, on a non-Earth planet. When enough resources are procured, the colonists can, by using a spaceship, escape the planet. The game has a top-down, two-dimensional view. In-game events in the game are randomly generated by an AI storyteller.


The AI storyteller game mechanic is central to gameplay; game difficulty, event difficulty and difficulty progression depending on its setting. The different variations of this mechanic come under the form of different AI storytellers. The game ships with three preconfigured AI storytellers, all of which have changeable difficulty settings:

While the game is being played, an AI storyteller will throw random events at the player, which are announced by a message icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Such events can be good (for example, a wanderer joins the colony), neutral (travelers passing through the area) or bad (pirate raid, solar flare, etc.).

Each of these random events affect gameplay; for example, during a pirate attack, the player will have to defend the colony by either drafting the colonists or by preparing for such eventualities by building defense mechanisms around the colony. Such defensive measures may include traps and automated turrets.


The characters have different backgrounds depending on random professions divided into two stages- childhood and adulthood. These have a very strong influence on the capabilities of the character. They also have needs that must be satisfied to keep them mentally stable; these needs go from basic ones such as food, rest and shelter, to the more complex, which include having a place to sit to eat, well made and undamaged clothes on, or enough time to increase their joy through various activities such as stargazing, cloud watching or playing chess. There are two different points at which result in a mentally broken character, these are the soft and hard breaking points. While going past a soft break for two can make them go into a broken daze and be incapacitated for a period of time, going past the hard breaking point can cause a character to go berserk and attack other colonists.

In Alpha 13 build, a new social aspect to the game was introduced. Characters were given the ability to have social relationships to each other. These relationships can benefit or detract from the needs and joys of a character.


Another large aspect of game-play is electricity, which is central to the colony; almost all devices, from gun turrets to cooking stoves to heaters require electricity to function. It can be generated by various means, for example a wind turbine, a solar panel, or a geothermal power station. Electricity is distributed using conduits. If more electricity is produced than is currently required, the player can build a battery to store the excess energy. In addition, new features have been implemented which include less effective alternatives to electricity. For example, there is the wood fueled stove, which is less effective than the electric stove.

Animal husbandry[edit]

On August 21, 2015 Alpha version 12 was released which introduced animal taming, trading, training and reproduction. Animals can be lured and tamed with food, but will attack the tamer in the small amount of cases where the taming fails. Pets will "nuzzle" their master, giving them a mood boost. Intelligence was added as a factor and determines which skills the animal is able to learn. These skills vary from carrying and storing items to rescuing and defending its master. Eleven animals have been added including elephants, two breeds of dog, cows, chickens, boomrats (which are small animals that "explode and sets fires on death"), and others. Reproduction, a feature that was highly requested by players, was also added, allowing the player much more freedom in managing their animal populations.[8]

Map change[edit]

On December 20, 2016, Alpha version 16 was released. It introduced a wide variety of features to accompany a map change from a 2D world made of hex tiles to 3D spherical one. Added with this update was also the ability to make caravans that travel from one location to another, the ability to have multiple colonies and a new victory condition, the Travel Victory, where an event offers a ship, but it is far away from the colony on the map. Travelling there completes the game by allowing the colonists to escape the planet.[9][10]

On May 24, 2017, Alpha version 17 was released. It introduced rivers and roads. Both come in different types, and are seen both on the world map as well as on the player-map. Roads have a significantly faster traveling speed for caravans, rivers have a delay when crossing.[11]

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Ludeon Studios

And, the last of the lineup, Phoebe Friendly!

In other news, I’ve been working hard on the January release, which is healthy and on track. To see what I’ve been up to, check out the changelog.

Here’s the second portrait of the lineup, Randy Random!

Portuguese digital painter Ricardo Tomé has been working on key art for RimWorld. Here’s his portrait of Cassandra Classic (click to expand).

These portraits will appear in the menus. We’re also looking at having them pop up in-game when the storyteller takes certain actions, to remind players just who they’re dealing with. I’ll post Randy Random later.

Hey, all you people who got the name-in-game or backstory-in-game rewards! We’re finally ready to accept your wild and wacky creations! Web wizard Hypolite has created an online system that will allow you to add your character names and backstories into a database. Each time we release a new version of the game, I’ll pull the data from the database and put it in the game itself.

RimWorld Creative Rewards System

As a reminder, you should keep the Creative Rewards Guidelines in mind while coming up with your creations. I can’t wait to see all the wild ideas you put in.

Also, I’m still looking for creative rewards moderators. If you’re a solid, clear writer and interested in helping, please contact me. Thank you!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve got eminent pixel and game artist Rhopunzel working on the in-game art for RimWorld!

Rho has worked on several awesome indie games. The most recent was Starbound, with pieces like this scary skeltal dragon or this crunchy mech. Before that, Rho did pretty much everything for Gnomoria.

Some people have asked how much the final art will change. Up until now, I’ve done all the art in a simple, iconic style. Rho will be working in a similar style (though at a much higher level of ability).  We’re sticking with the vector look because it satisfies RimWorld’s design constraints very well. The goal with this art isn’t just to look good – it must satisfy a specific set of design goals as well.

First, it has to convey a lot of complex gameplay information in a really intuitive way, even when compressed to a tiny space on-screen. For example, looking at a character will tell you:

Packing that all into a space as small as 32×32 pixels and making it look good is tough!

Second, it has to balance abstraction with specificity. If it’s too abstract, people can’t intuitively understand what’s going on. If it’s too specific, it fills in too many gaps so players have no room to subconsciously interpret what’s happening. We need to leave room for players to interpret, because player intepretation is the real engine of game-driven story generation.

Third, it has to be lightweight in content, so it runs and loads quickly, can be iterated quickly, can be modded easily, and can be expanded to a wide variety of objects and characters. We’d rather have 100 kinds of characters with 3 frames of animation each than 3 characters with a hundred frames each. Because what matters is the final experience of the game, which in the case of RimWorld is best served by variety, not detail.

I’m happy to say Rho has been rising to the challenge. We’ve already been passing pieces back and forth and watching the style develop. Here are a couple shots of random colonists in various mixed outfits. Yes, one of them may be naked.

Hey all, just a quick update on what I’ve been doing. In short: audio and modding.

I’ve been working on the system that our audiopath Alistair Lindsay is going to use to define the sounds for the game. Up until now I’ve created simple sounds myself from free source files found at The code would then just play the appropriate sound file directly when triggered. This filled the gap enough for my own pre-alpha purposes, but now that we’re getting serious about audio it’s clear something much more is needed.

Al wrote me an awesome document describing the kinds of features he needs in an audio authoring system and I’ve been working on getting it done for him. He’ll be able to define sound containers that the game will randomly choose between (like creating several sounds for a punch hitting someone). It’ll avoid repeating sounds frequently, if desired. Loopers can now define a maximum number of voices, so if there are 40 fires near the camera, Al can choose to have the player only hear the closest three of them, fading between sources as the camera moves around. Soon I’ll be doing a loop-shuffle system where he can define sounds in a container and the game will crossfade between them to create one long sustained sound. So, there might be several short samples of fire burning that the game will shuffle up into a never-repeating fire mixture.

After that will be the really fun and hardcore stuff – tying sounds to game parameters. So we might tie a fire size parameter to some processing in the fire sound. It might fade from a small fire sound to a big fire sound, or change EQ settings or volume as it gets larger. I’ve created an editor to define these things while the game is running, even adding and changing sound files without stopping play.

This progress isn’t just about the audio, either. This editor generalizes to anything you can define in the game. It is the in-game mod editor. Some day it’ll be usable to creating new weapons, configuring them, creating audiovisual content for them, and playing with it all while editing it without ever closing the game. I’m hoping that a really powerful modding interface will encourage modders to create lots of new content. Here’s what it looks like now after a week of development:

Another fun detail is that this interface with line-by-line editing and collapsible objects is really modeled after the property editor in UnrealEd, which I used for many years at Irrational and before. It’s funny how some things stick with you and you end up using them where you might not expect.

I don’t know when the next public content update will be. There is some pretty heavy technical lifting to do over here – I’m doing this audio/modding system and planning to switch the game to use Dwarf Fortress-style on-map stockpiles. It could be a little while.


Build 254 is out!

This is a small update on 250, but it has some important fixes. Most importantly, the storytellers are balanced out and fixed. They won’t send advanced raiders with sniper rifles and charged-shot weapons so early any more. I’ve also resolved a bug that caused story events to stop coming in long games.

There’s also a new storyteller called Chill Callie Classic. She runs the same algorithm as her more uptight sister Cassandra, but at a more relaxed pace for players who don’t want the intensity of Cassandra but don’t want to go all the way down to Phoebe.

Here’s the full changelog.

Everyone who has the game should be getting an email update about the new release. Alternatively, you can just re-use the private SendOwl download link you already have.

All right! It’s out!

Backers whose payments succeeded in the first day should be getting emails with links to download the first public pre-alpha, build 250.

There is one bug you should know about – sometimes the game starts and the screen is black. To work around this, just move the window a bit.

If your payment was not successful the first time around, you have two options:

If you want to read the changelog, find it here. Discussions, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome at the Ludeon forums. I’m also on Twitter.

The Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight pages are live! I’ve talked about these at length in previous posts, so for now I’ll just give you the links.

If you want to back the project but can’t do Kickstarter, there are some PayPal widgets here: RimWorld Main Page.

We’re also on IndieDB, with the new trailer: RimWorld on IndieDB

I’m hoping to have the Kickstarter up this Thursday.

The community has hit a minor milestone. On our forums, we just hit our thousandth post today. It’s great to see people coming back and participating over time. Some of the forumgoers are testers, others are interested YouTubers, and some are just players looking forward to the game. It’s a nice mix and we have some really fruitful discussion there. It’s also heartening to see testers playing the game, and playing again, and again. Even in its unbalanced and content-light state the game is proving entertaining. Hopefully we’ll see this a lot more when the Kickstarter opens.

Alistair is just finishing up his awesome sound treatment for our hot new trailer. It’s got a really cool sci-fi/Western mix that makes you think of old Clint Eastwood westerns and Mass Effect at the same time. The guy’s a genius. I put him in our Studio page too.

We’ll also hopefully have a new title logo by the time the Kickstarter opens. I’m working with a (currently unnamed) artist on this, as well as getting the AI Storytellers some portraiture to help characterize them.

On my end, I’ve been fixing up all the odds and ends that have to be handled to run a Kickstarter. There are a lot of them, in the game and out. However, today, for the first time in a while, I got to add a serious new feature to the game: wall-off response. Now, if you wall yourself off, raiders will burn the colony and smash it up wherever they can reach it. It looks sort of like this:

Ludeon Studios

At the last local Dirty Rectangles meeting, I met a fellow named Jim Woolley who is running a nonprofit community-building organization for Ottawa game devs. He was kind enough to interview me about getting into games, RimWorld, and my book, Designing Games. Check it out:

I’m working on assembling a Kickstarter campaign. I just shot all the video for the trailer and sent it to Alistair Lindsay for the audio treatment. It’s going to show a number of things that the first look video missed, and be much better-shot and better-edited. Now it’s time to write the description, get artists to do supplemental art, and ensure financial details are all in order. There’s a lot to do, unfortunately, so progress on the game itself has stalled a bit.

The good news is that if the Kickstarter is successful, I’ll be able to get some help with the game. Al Lindsay is a real find, he’s done audio for DEFCON and Prison Architect, so he knows this kind of game. I’m also in talks with several really pro artists about developing the look of the game and getting past my janky pseudo-placeholder art (especially the characters).

The email form on has collected over 750 emails, who I’ll message when the Kickstarter opens. I hoping to get a good amount of momentum on the first day or two from that.

Finally, thanks for the supportive comments from everyone on our forums, Reddit, and YouTube. The first look video was created to gauge interest more than anything. Now that it’s apparent that people are really into the idea, I can make some real investments in it and get the game the professional work it needs to reach its potential.

I discovered some interesting emergent behavior in the game ecology today.

These Muffalo had been grazing in that closed-off area the whole game. So they’d largely denuded the area of grass. This left a lot of open space for the Saguaro cactus (which they don’t eat) to reproduce into, leading to a cactus boom. This isn’t something I ever thought of while creating the ecology, but it’s really interesting to see.

Well, now you know it’s a real game. User BRTD_Y just put up a subreddit for discussions on RimWorld.

Redditors, check it out.

I could use some help on the art for RimWorld. If you are a 2D artist, or you know one who you think could do good work on this game, please email me at [email protected]

Yesterday I put out our first look video of RimWorld and put it up on a nice little landing page. So now all the stuff we’ve been talking about might start to make a little bit more sense.

This video highlights a few key features.

First, pirate raids. Pirates drop from the sky when the AI storyteller wants, hang around at a random area of the map, then come to get you. The staging delay provides time for the player to go out and pre-emptively attack the pirates, or prepare defenses. In the video, the first pirate is shot and then captured. He’s later recruited; you can see him working for the colony later in the video. Out in the RimWorlds, allegiances are pretty weak – people will tend to join with whatever group or community will offer them some safety and shelter.

The second group of pirates is much larger, but the player has time to buy some weapons from a passing trader before they attack.

Second, look for weather. You’ll see overcast days, thunderstorms with lightning, fog, and overcast days. The weather is, like most other things, controlled by the storyteller. If she wants to make a really dramatic fight, watch her kick up a thunderstorm while the pirates bear down on you. Then she’ll strike one of them with lightning just for fun.

Beyond those two, you can also see the day/night cycle and fires on display, as well as colonist work settings, prisoner treatment settings, and the core building/mining gameplay.

In other news, the video has attracted some attention. There’s a great thread going on the Dwarf Fortress forums where I’ve answered a number of questions about the game. Also, testers are  starting discussions in our forums, so there’s more info there if you’d like to look.

Now, a screenshot of a lightning bolt striking a raider. Thanks mother nature!

Here’s just a quick shot of the title screen as it stands. I still need to get an artist to do a real logo treatment for the title. Though straight Tahoma has its charm, I suppose.

I’ve been working on this screen as well as the selection of AI storyteller and starting colonists.

Now you can actually choose your AI storyteller. The starting options are Cassandra Consistent, who tries to keep you on a pre-defined tension curve, Randy Random, who just does crazy stuff, and Phoebe Friendly, who basically makes sure nothing bad happens. Possibilities for expansion are Harry High-Population, who gives you lots of colonists, Negative Nancy, who just starves you, and many others.

The AI storytellers have some new events to play with too: passing travelers, and animal-goes-psychotic. The travelers are cool because you can ignore them, capture them, enslave them, recruit them, or sell them into slavery. Or just kill them and take their stuff (it is still a video game, I suppose). The psychotic animal is more amusing than anything – especially when it’s a squirrel or a boomrat (that is, a weaponized genetically engineered rat that explodes and ignites fires on death).

Starting colonists won’t be created by players any more. The number of options available is becoming too much; it slows down the start of the game to an unacceptable degree. Instead, you’ll just roll up characters until you get one you like. Some of their traits may be hidden, too. Your only direct control over them will be in changing their names.

The game previously known as Eclipse Colony is now known as RimWorld. It turned out eclipses weren’t a big part of the game, and the frontier edge-of-civilization thing is.

Just a quick post here to show you a fun screenshot. I resurrected the ancient (dating back to when this was a zombie tactics game) fire system, rebalanced and redesigned it, and tightened up the graphics. It turns out that the muffalo, with their shaggy coats, burn rather well! I wonder how much damage a herd of burning muffalo could do to your colonists… or any pirate raiders unfortunate enough to meet them.

I’m happy to announce that Ludeon Studios is now a federally registered corporation in my home country of Canada! This new ephemeral paperwork status should allow us to actually manage money properly to make deals with contractors and such, avoid some taxes, and learn entirely new kinds of paperwork.

Work on the game continues. Recently I’ve added a whole ecosystem of plants and animals, enhanced various graphical features, and made colonist behaviors even more robust so they’ll sleep and eat outside if needed.

I decided to remove the old breathability system. For a long time, various actions couldn’t be undertaken outdoors because the air wasn’t breathable. This system was a holdover from when the game was called Starship Architect and was basically a mix of Dwarf Fortress and FTL.

The original idea was that being left without air would kill colonists, as it does in FTL. Later, the game was moved to a planet’s surface and became about exploring and going outside to do things. So I weakened the air system so that lacking air merely prevented eating and sleeping and made people unhappy.

Unfortunately, this arrangement proved to be rather annoying. It wasn’t dramatic like vacuum deaths in FTL. It wasn’t interesting to work with or construct. It was mostly just an obstruction and a chore. Players would pressurize their rooms and then forget about them. When a wall was damaged or destroyed, colonists would become unable to sleep in their rooms and players had trouble understanding why. And it created really brutal failure spirals where a colony would be damaged in a fight or something and the lack of pressurization would leave them unable to eat, leading to their insanity or starvation. I’d rather colonies be able to recover from hits and soldier on – the game makes much more interesting stories this way.

I’m working on weather next.

Ludeon Studios

We’ve worked out the kinks since the last update, so now all purchasers buying the game off can immediately register their copy on Steam through

This is better than buying on Steam for a few reasons:

The way the new system works is that it doesn’t give Steam keys. It registers the game directly on your Steam account. I’m hoping this will make scamming infeasible. But, we’ll be watching in any case and will be invalidating any keys or accounts that were bought using stolen credit cards or through other chicanery.

I’ve always wanted to give Steam keys to all players who buy the game on our website. Unfortunately we had to disable that after scammers attacked the site and started harvesting thousands of dollars in games using stolen credit cards.

But no more! Web dev Hypolite has developed a new Steam registry system that directly connects to Valve’s servers and registers the game directly to your Steam account. This makes it impossible for scammers to harvest Steam keys they can re-sell.

The system is currently in testing, and will work only for users who bought up to the end of September 29, 2016 UTC. So, if you bought the game DRM-free before today, I invite you to go to the new Steam registry page and register your game on your Steam account.

Once testing is complete, we’ll be able to offer Steam access to all buyers of the DRM-free version.

You can now buy the creative content rewards separately from the base game! This has been requested a few times, and now it’s possible.

Creative content rewards are things like Name in Game or Pirate King that allow you to put your own character content into the game through our automated Creative Rewards System. Previously these could only be purchased in packs with the main game. Now, you can purchase them separately, on Steam. They are:

Name in Game Access

Backstory in Game Access

Pirate King Access

Hope you like them!

Note: These upgrades are only available on Steam for now, DRM-free sales are still by package only.

Alpha 15c is live on both Steam and non-Steam downloads. Non-Steam users can get it, as usual, by re-downloading from their existing download link.

The details for this update can be found on the unstable testing announcement post.

Many thanks to all the testers who made this possible!

Alpha15c is currently on Steam’s ‘unstable’ branch for public testing. This update fixes some important bugs and yield significant CPU usage optimizations. It also adjusts a few balance points for a better experience. I invite everyone willing to choose the unstable branch and test it out! I invite feedback in this forum thread and in the comments here.

Save compatibility: Savegames from the unmodded game will be compatible from earlier Alpha 15 versions.

Mods compatibility: Data and XML mods will be 100% compatible from earlier Alpha 15 version. The API for code mods is also unchanged, and so should remain compatible. However, since the core game has been recompiled, some mods may need to be recompiled as well before they work again. Mod authors may want to look at Alpha15c to check and prepare compatibility. (This shouldn’t require any actual code or data changes, but may require recompiling your code).

Once Alpha15c is confirmed stable, I will release it to all users. Hopefully within a day or two.

Detailed change list:

A tiny update to Alpha15b has been released that fixes a small bug with Cassandra Classic and Phoebe Chillax.

DRM-free players can update by simply re-downloading from their existing download link. It always carries the latest version. (Don’t worry about running out of downloads, you can always email support for a reset. We just have that limit to stop automated abuse.)

These storytellers were miscounting the days since game start, and so were sometimes incorrectly sending a several raids in the 5-10 day range, making this crucial part of the early game far too hard.

This update is tiny (two lines of code) so it shouldn’t affect compatibility with saves or mods.

However, because it will shift the storyteller’s timer, it may cause some players to get a string of raids in a row, or a long peaceful period. This will only happen once.


I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released RimWorld Alpha 15! This version adds a rich tutorial, an intelligent learning helper to help you pick up the game, a new drug system, deep drilling to provide resources in the end game, and a giant pile of other smaller improvements and fixes. A full change log and detailed info is below.

For Steam players, if you want to continue with Alpha 14 for any reason, you can get on the ‘alpha14’ beta branch in Steam. In the Steam Library, right click RimWorld, click Properties, go to the Betas tab, select alpha14 in the drop-down list, and restart Steam.

Non-Steam players who wish to update can simply download from the same download link as before; it has been updated to the new version. They should install the new version in a clean empty folder.

Save compatibility: As usual, Alpha 15 will not load Alpha 14 save games by default. However, a user did put together a guide that allows you to manually update save files with some text editing. Check it out here if you really want to try to continue that Alpha 14 colony.

Mod compatibility: Some purely XML mods will be compatible between versions. However, most significant mods will need to be adjusted and recompiled. Beware: If a mod author updates their existing mod to the new version, it’ll stop updating on the old version. You may wish to turn off Steam auto-updates if you really want to avoid this.

Change list:


Learning helper

Drugs system

Deep drilling


I’ve set the development version of Alpha 15 on the ‘unstable’ branch in Steam. If you’re willing to risk some bugs and imbalances you can give it a shot! Just right-click RimWorld in the Steam library, open Properties, go to the Betas tab, select the ‘unstable’ branch, and restart Steam.

The final version will be different from this. Language and player creative content still need to be updated, problems will be fixed, and the build will be compiled in the non-development way (which will make it run faster). However, all the main changes are there now!

Note that this version isn’t compatible with Alpha 14 saves or mods. You’ll want to deactivate your old mods, and you can’t load your old saves.

Modders can/should use this opportunity to prep for the new update!

I’m soliciting all feedback about the new version in this forum thread. I’m especially interested in balance/play feedback about the drugs system and tutorial. Bugs should please be reported in the Bugs forum.

I could also really use some savegames for recording the release video on! I’m really just looking for natural colonies – not some weird fancy artwork. Ideally, with a drug production operation. If you’ve got a savegame like this, please zip it, put it on Dropbox or another file hosting service, and drop the link in the feedback thread. Thanks all.

EDIT: Unstable branch updated to fix an issue that made treatments useless on various diseases (causing infections to be 100% deadly).

Hey everyone! We’re currently finishing up Alpha 15. Since it’s basically feature complete, I thought it’d be nice to put up a quick upcoming features list for your perusal. So – here you go!

I don’t know when the new update will come out. It really depends on how many bugs and other issues come up, which is almost unknowable. We may do a public unstable branch test.

EDIT: This list is being updated as features change in response to feedback from the unstable build public testing.


Learning helper

Drugs system

Deep drilling


Backstory in Game and Pirate King tiers have seen a ton of sales, which is great, except it’s taking a lot of time to edit all the content that’s coming in.

Before the Steam release, I had a good balance of work time between editing player content and working on game features and bugs. With the influx of new players from Steam, that’s been thrown off. In order to balance my time more like it used to be (back towards working on the game features and bugs), I’m planning on increasing the prices for these higher tiers. I do love player content, but I don’t want to impoverish the game development itself to add more and more backstory characters. Let’s let them be  special.

This will take effect in the upcoming days – I’m not sure exactly when. Just a heads up for anyone considering one of these tiers.

Ludeon Studios · GitHub

Ludeon Studios · GitHub
  • Russian Localization for RimWorld

    41 49 Updated Oct 30, 2017
  • 81 34 1 issue needs help Updated Oct 30, 2017
  • French translation for RimWorld.

    19 32 Updated Oct 30, 2017
  • 10 6 1 issue needs help Updated Oct 30, 2017
  • Hungarian translation of RimWorld.

  • Catalan language translation of RimWorld.

  • German translation for RimWorld.

    13 32 Updated Oct 27, 2017
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation of RimWorld.

    12 15 Updated Oct 13, 2017
  • Korean translation of RimWorld.

    C# 11 12 Updated Oct 8, 2017
  • Italian translation of RimWorld.

    10 25 Updated Oct 7, 2017
  • Turkish language translation of RimWorld.

    17 34 Updated Sep 6, 2017
  • Polish translation of RimWorld.

    10 19 Updated Sep 3, 2017
  • Estonian translation of RimWorld.

  • Swedish translation of RimWorld.

  • Pirate translation of RimWorld.

  • Ukrainian translation of RimWorld.

  • Spanish translation of RimWorld.

    9 15 Updated Jul 24, 2017
  • Czech language translation of RimWorld.

    7 14 Updated Jul 18, 2017
  • Arabic translation of RimWorld.

  • Japanese translation of RimWorld.

  • Traditional Chinese translation of RimWorld.

  • Updated Jun 27, 2017

  • Greek translation of RimWorld.

  • Finnish translation of RimWorld.

  • Updated May 26, 2017

  • Danish translation of RimWorld.

  • Dutch translation of RimWorld.

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