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Visual Studio 2010 Support Windows Presentation Foundation Controls – Waveform Graph, Scatter Graph, Intensity Graph, Polar Graph, Digital Graph, Legend, Graph Interaction Palette, LED, Slide, Meter, Gauge, Knob, Numeric Text Box, TimeStamp Text Box, Tank, Switch, Arrow Button, Power Button and Boolean Content Button Windows Forms Controls—Waveform Graph, Scatter Graph, Digital Graph, Complex Graph, Intensity Graph, Property Editor, Legend, LED, Slide, Meter, Gauge, Knob, Numeric Edit, Tank, Switch, Thermometer, LED Array, Switch Array, and Numeric Array Standard Analysis Class Library for Basic Signal Generation¹ NI-488.2 Class Library² NI-VISA Class Library² NI-DAQmx Class Library² Instrument Driver .NET Wizard Project Wizards Installer Builder — ASP.NET Web Form Controls—Waveform Graph, Scatter Graph, Digital Graph, Complex Graph, Legend, LED, Slide, Meter, Gauge, Knob, Numeric Edit, Tank, Switch, Thermometer, and Auto Refresh. — Professional Analysis Class Libraries for Array Operations, Signal Generation, Windowing, Filters, and Signal Processing¹ — 3D Graph ActiveX Control — Windows Presentation Foundation Mixed Graph Control — Windows Presentation Foundation Writeable Graph Control — User Interface Network Variable Binding — Network Variable Class Library — Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) Class Library — The Parameter Assistant — The Data Acquisition Assistant — DataSocket API — Enterprise Analysis Class Libraries for Spectral Measurements, Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Curve Fitting¹ — —

New Features in Measurement Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2013 Support


          Visual Studio 2012 Support



        Visual Studio 2010 Support





    Visual Studio 2008 Support







Visual Studio 2005 Support 1 1





Visual Studio 2003 Support 1 1 1 1



Visual Studio 6.0 1 1 1 1



Windows and Web Forms Support







Digital Waveform Graph Control







Complex Graph Control







Property Editor Control







Digital Waveform Data Type







Error Bands on Waveform and Scatter Graphs







Complex Graph Cursors and Annotations







Instrument Control Strip Control







Legend Control Scrollbars







Mouse Cursor Customization







64-Bit Support for UI Controls






  Automatic Plot Line Color Generation






  Intensity Graph Control





    UI Control Code Snippets





    Date Time Display for Windows & Web Forms Controls




      Windows Presentation Foundation Support




      ASP.NET AJAX Compatibility







AutoRefresh Callback Improvements







64-Bit Support






  500+ Signal Processing and Generation Functions







Curve Fitting Functions







Linear Algebra Functions







Transform Functions







Analysis Code Snippets







High-Resolution Timing Classes







Various New Analysis Functions







64-Bit Support for All Classes






  Various New Analysis Functions






  Expanded Tone Information Classes





    New Analysis Functions for Complex Datatypes




      Network Variable .NET Class Library







Increased Performance With Network Variables







Explicitly Creating Network Variables







Browsing Network Variables







Network Variable Buffer Flushing







64-Bit Support for Network Variable Libraries






  TDMS .NET Support







TDM Excel Add-In







64-Bit Support for TDMS Libraries






  TDMS 2.0 Support






  NI-DAQmx .NET Support







NI-VISA .NET Support







Measurement and Automation API Enhancements







NI-SCOPE .NET Driver Support







Memory-Optimized Analog Waveform Read Methods







NI-DAQmx 64-Bit Support






  NI-VISA 64-Bit Support






  MAX API 64-Bit Support






  NI Vision .NET Class Library






  NI CompactDAQ Support





    Wi-Fi DAQ Support





    Improved RF Support



National Instruments .NET Support - National Instruments

For .NET application development, National Instruments provides a Visual Studio add-on for test and measurement, Measurement Studio, and .NET driver APIs for use with National Instruments data acquisition, PXI instrumentation and third party instrumentation using serial, USB, Ethernet, and GPIB for communication.

1. Tools for .NET Developers

Measurement Studio for System Design in Visual Studio

In addition to native .NET APIs, National Instruments offers NI Measurement Studio for .NET developers. NI Measurement Studio is a suite of .NET tools designed for building professional engineering applications in Visual Studio to acquire, analyze, and display measurement data. 

To help programmers deliver an end-to-end engineering system, Measurement Studio provides libraries for data processing and storage, as well as customizable WPF, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET UI components uniquely optimized for test, measurement, and automation applications.  

NI Measurement Studio provides extensive example code, templates, and code-generating assistants integrated directly into Microsoft Visual Studio. C# and Visual Basic .NET developers can reduce the cost and development time required to build professional engineering applications by using Measurement Studio classes and controls.


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Native .NET APIs

Compared to .NET wrappers around C DLLs or COM drivers, native .NET APIs provide a better programming experience through the following features:

  • Compiled and versioned assemblies
  • Fully managed data types with garbage collection and compatibility with other NI software
  • Object-oriented design
  • Asynchronous methods for long-running operations
  • Exceptions for error handling
  • IntelliSense help
  • Examples
  • Easy addition of references to a project


.NET Source Code Wrapper APIs

.NET source code wrapper APIs are C# and VB.NET source files that provide a thin .NET interface to a C API. National Instruments created source code wrapper APIs to quickly provide rudimentary .NET support before native .NET APIs could be developed. In the future, National Instruments plans to discontinue updates to wrapper APIs.


Choosing Between Native .NET APIs and .NET Source Code Wrapper APIs

National Instruments recommends you use native .NET APIs when they are available because they are easier to program against, provide better documentation, provide better examples, and provide a better installation, maintenance, versioning, and configuration management experience. Choose source code wrapper APIs only when a native .NET API is not available or when you have already built a system using source code wrappers before native .NET APIs were available.

National Instruments plans to continue to support and maintain native .NET APIs, while source code wrapper APIs might be deprecated in the future.


The following table provides a feature comparison between NI native .NET APIs and .NET source code wrapper APIs.


Feature Native .NET API .NET Source Code Wrapper API
Class hierarchy Object-oriented hierarchy Flat, single-layer, C-like
Naming Method and property names follow Measurement Studio and IVI guidelines Method and property names are mapped from C names
Documentation Detailed IntelliSense help. .NET function reference, concept topics, and .NET to C mapping topic Limited IntelliSense help, with text copied directly from the C function reference
Module Type Compiled .NET assembly (DLL)  targeting specific .NET framework C# and VB.NET source code
Installer Installer installs assemblies, help files, and examples into Program Files for development and assemblies into Global Assembly Cache for execution No installer; source code in .zip file
Examples Several examples demonstrating key concepts Limited examples
Warning and exception handling   Raises events for warnings. Throws appropriate IVI and .NET Framework exceptions. Returns warning code from functions.  Throws a single exception.
Compatibility with Measurement Studio Measurement Studio defined .NET datatypes, such as waveforms and precision timing Basic datatypes, directly translated from C API



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3. Download NI .NET APIs

Use the following table to locate the NI .NET API resource page for the hardware driver for your NI hardware or visit to search more than 10,000 free instrument drivers from more than 350 third-party vendors.




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4. Download .NET Source Code Wrapper APIs

Use the following table to locate the .NET wrapper API for your NI software or unmanaged NI hardware driver API.



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5. Additional Resources

Measurement Studio Legacy Support - National Instruments

Legacy Environments and Languages

The following environments and languages are currently considered to be legacy:

  • Visual Studio 6.0—All languages: Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual C++ 6.0
  • Visual Studio 2003—All languages: Visual C++ MFC, Visual C#, and Visual Basic .NET
  • Visual Studio 2005—All languages: Visual C++ MFC, Visual C#, and Visual Basic .NET
  • Visual Studio 2008—All languages: Visual C++ MFC, Visual C#, and Visual Basic .NET
  • Visual Studio 2010—Visual C++ MFC
  • Visual Studio 2012—Visual C++ MFC

Measurement Studio Support Policy for Legacy Environments and Languages

Although the current version of Measurement Studio does not support the environments and languages listed above, NI understands that your application development may require this technology.

As a result, legacy Measurement Studio products are available upon request for qualifying customers. Requests are handled differently depending on which environment or language is required. Please use the guidelines below to proceed with your request.


How to Request Legacy Measurement Studio Products

1.  Determine Whether You Qualify to Receive Legacy Support

To qualify for Measurement Studio legacy support, you must do one of the following:

    1. Maintain an active Measurement Studio Standard Service Program (SSP) contract.
    2. Purchase the most recent version of Measurement Studio.

2.  Determine Which Legacy Support Package You Require and Follow the Request Instructions

Use the following table to determine which legacy version of Measurement Studio works with your development language and environment. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the table to request a specific Measurement Studio legacy product.


Visual Studio 6.0 Visual Basic 6.0 8.1.21
Visual C++ 6.0
Visual Studio 2003 Visual C++ MFC 2009
Visual C#
Visual Basic .NET
Visual Studio 2005 Visual C++ MFC 2009
Visual C#
Visual Basic .NET
Visual Studio 2008 Visual C++ MFC 2009
Visual C# 2013
Visual Basic .NET
Visual Studio 2010 Visual C++ MFC Measurement Studio C++ MFC 10
Visual Studio 2012 Visual C++ MFC Measurement Studio C++ MFC 11
Visual Studio 2013 Visual C++ MFC No version available

1Measurement Studio 8.1.2 comes in two editions: Base and Full. Measurement Studio Professional licenses qualify for Base edition and Enterprise licenses qualify for Full edition.

Note: Measurement Studio C++ MFC does not provide 64-bit support. National Instruments no longer develops the Measurement Studio C++ MFC libraries. For further questions, email [email protected]


Instructions for Obtaining Legacy Support

If you have an active Measurement Studio SSP contract, you can download legacy versions of Measurement Studio from


Where Can I Go for Technical Support?

Technical support for Measurement Studio C++ MFC 10 and C++ MFC 11 operates under the same guidelines set by the life cycle policy for Measurement Studio 2010 and Measurement Studio 2013, respectively. Visit the Measurement Studio Life Cycle Policy page for version-specific information.

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National Instruments Measurement Studio 2009

National Instruments launched Measurement Studio 2009 earlier in the week. NI Measurement Studio 2009 decreases development time for engineers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005, or Visual Studio .NET 2003 to create test and measurement applications. Measurement Studio 2009 simplifies data acquisition, analysis and visualization by providing integrated I/O support, native libraries and user interface updates. The software introduces support for the latest advancements in PC technologies, including increased memory in 64-bit .NET application development and Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems. Measurement Studio 2009 also provides increased I/O capabilities with integrated support for new NI data acquisition (DAQ) hardware on PC buses such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, PCI Express and PXI.

NI Measurement Studio 2009 Pricing Information

  • NI Measurement Studio 2009 Standard EditionVisual Studio 2008/2005/2003 Support Only19 Windows Forms controlsData acquisition APIsInstrument control APIs.NET instrument driver generationVisual C++ support for MFC 9.0Priced from $499; €499; ¥74,000 ($599; €599; ¥89,000 with 1 year SSP)
  • NI Measurement Studio 2009 Professional Edition with 1 year SSPVisual Studio 2008/2005/2003 and Visual Studio 6.0 Support15 ASP.NET controlsMeasurement assistants and code generationNetwork communicationArray operations and signal generationPriced from $1,249; €1,249; ¥184,000
  • NI Measurement Studio 2009 Enterprise EditionVisual Studio 2008/2005/2003 and Visual Studio 6.0 Support400+ math/analysis functionsNI LabWindows/CVIDebug .NET code modules from NI TestStandProfessional Edition includedPriced from $2,599; €2,599; ¥383,000

Measurement Studio supports the latest enhancements in PC technologies, such as Windows 7 operating systems, and improves performance of memory-intensive applications with support for 64-bit .NET development and deployment and integration with 64-bit drivers. Visual Studio developers who have adopted a 64-bit operating system, such as Windows 7, can start taking full advantage of increased processing power and memory capabilities with Measurement Studio 2009.

The software integrates I/O support for new DAQ hardware from NI, such as NI CompactDAQ, Wi-Fi DAQ and X Series DAQ devices. Measurement Studio seamlessly integrates with NI-DAQmx driver software to take advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of NI hardware including faster stream-to-disk rates of up to 1.2 gigabytes per second, multiple timing engines and advanced counter/timer functionality. The new I/O capabilities and provided measurement analysis class libraries also help engineers more efficiently obtain measurements from physical sensors.

Measurement Studio 2009 also simplifies the setup of streaming high-speed data to disk for .NET developers using Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) . With the TDMS file format and NI-DAQmx driver, engineers can stream directly to disk up to 12 times faster than with previous versions of Measurement Studio. The TDMS integration removes the burden of designing and maintaining custom file formats to achieve sustained data streaming in high-speed measurement applications. Measurement Studio 2009 also provides developers with faster file access and improved compatibility between TDMS applications.

In addition, Measurement Studio 2009 also includes incremental user interface improvements to graphically display data. With a new and easy way to set a configuration property to the waveform and complex graphs, Measurement Studio can automatically generate different colors for each plot, eliminating the need to explicitly assign colors to plots. The software also features updates to the Network Variable Class Library, which helps engineers perform cross-platform communication among several Windows applications. This library now provides engineers with the ability to immediately publish an update to network variables and configure descriptions and types for explicitly created network variables.

More info: National Instruments

Archived: Distributing Measurement Studio ActiveX Applications

13 ratings:  3.23 out of 5  &nbsp
This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 6.0Primary Software Fixed Version: N/ASecondary Software: N/A

Problem: How do I redistribute Measurement Studio ActiveX applications?

Solution: After you have created applications with Measurement Studio, you might want to distribute those applications to other computers as an executable file of some type. Depending on the programming environment in which you created your application, you might be able to automatically create an installer that contains the necessary files for distribution. However, in some cases, you will need to manually copy and register all of the files on which your application depends.

Automatic Creation of InstallerTo distribute applications, you must create an installer that installs the application on the target computer. The installer you create must include support files for your Measurement Studio application. These files are located in the \Redist directory on the Measurement Studio installation CD or at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merge Modules on a computer with Measurement Studio installed.. This directory includes merge modules, run-time files, and National Instruments installers. Some or all of these files may be required for the application to run on the target computer. Refer to the Distribution Status column in the NI Installers table for more information about which files you can freely distribute.

When choosing which files to include in your installer, consider the following questions:

  • Are you creating an MSI or non-MSI-based installer?
  • What components does your Measurement Studio application use?
  • What third-party files do you need to distribute, and where do you need to install them on your user's machine?
MSI and Non-MSI-Based InstallersIf you use an MSI-based installer application, you must include the appropriate merge modules in your installer package. If you use a non-MSI-based installer application, you must include the run-time files in your installer and register the appropriate .ocx or .dll file. You must also design your installer to check the version numbers of the .ocx and .dll files to ensure that you do not overwrite a newer version with an older version.

Measurement Studio ComponentsAfter you have determined what type of installer you want to create, determine what components your Measurement Studio application uses. Include the necessary support files for those components in your installer. The following tables list the Measurement Studio components and their related MSI and non-MSI-based files. Refer to the appropriate table for the type of installer you are creating.

MSI-Based InstallersThe following table lists the Measurement Studio and third-party merge modules that may be needed in your MSI installer.

Measurement Studio Component Measurement Studio Merge Module1 Dependent Merge Modules2
3D Graph MStudio3DGraph.msmopengl32.msmglu32.msm Comcat.msmComctl32.msmMfc42.msmMsvcp60.msmMsvcrt.msmOleaut32.msm






Common User Interface




LabVIEW Real-Time Interface



NI-Reports3 NIReports.msmNiPaths.msm Comcat.msmMsvcp60.msmMsvcrt.msmOleaut32.msm
User Interface MStudioUI.msmNIMesaDLL.msmNiPaths.msm Comcat.msmComctl32.msmMfc42.msmMsvcp60.msmMsvcrt.msmOleaut32.msm





1The .msm files are located n the \Redist\MeasurementStudio\MSMs directory on the Measurement Studio CD or at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merge Modules.2The third-party merge modules are installed with the application you are using to create an MSI-based installer. These are also available in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merge Modules .3NI-Reports requires DCOM 1.2 or later on Windows 95 machines.

Non-MSI-Based InstallersThe following table lists the individual Measurement Studio and third-party files that may be needed for a non-MSI-based installer.

Measurement Studio Component Measurement Studio Unpackaged Files1 Installation Location2 Third-Party Files3
3D Graph cw3dgraph.ocx windows\system[32] mfc42.dllmsvcrt.dlloleaut32.dllolepro32.dllstdole.tlbmsvcp60.dllopengl32.dll4glu32.dll4









Common User Interface






LabVIEW Real-Time Interface




NI-Reports5 NIReports.dll NI-Reports under theNational Instrumentsshared directory.6 Msvcp60.dllmsvcrt.dll
User Interface cwui.ocxmesa.dll7 install cwui.ocx to windows\system[32]

Install mesa.dll to the mesa directory under the National Instrumentsshared directory








1The Measurement Studio unpackaged files are located in the \Redist\MeasurementStudio\UnpackagedFiles\ on the Measurement Studio CD. Look in the appropriate component folder for each component's unpackaged files.2windows\system[32]represents the directory you set up to contain all system files on your particular operating system.3Search in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for article 259403 for more information about redistributing the third-party files listed in the Third-Party Files column in the Non-MSI-Based Installer table.4opengl32.dll is required for Windows95 Retail only. glu32.dll is required for Windows95 Retail only. Do not install opengl32.dll or glu32.dll if they already exist on the target computer.5NI-Reports requires DCOM 1.2 or later on Windows 95 machines.6The National Instruments shared directory is stored in the NISHAREDDIR value under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\Common\Installer registry key.7Do not register this file.

National Instruments InstallersSeveral of the Measurement Studio components that you might include in your applications are stand-alone run-time systems for which National Instruments provides an installer. The following table lists these installers and information regarding the redistribution status of each. When you distribute these installers, you must include them with your installer and instruct your users to run them separately from your installer. These installers are located in the \Redist\NiInstallers\ directory on the Measurement Studio CD. Look in the appropriate folder for each component installer. You must distribute the entire contents of the appropriate component folder. 

NI Installers Distribution Status
NI-DAQ2 Freely distributable
DataSocket Freely distributable
GPIB Freely distributable
  • IVIEngineSetup
  • BICDSetup3
  • IVI-specific driver installers4
Freely distributable
NI-VISA Not freely distributable1

1These installers are not freely redistributable. Before you include these installers in your application, you must either verify that each target machine for your application already has a valid license for the associated National Instruments application, or you must get written distribution authorization from National Instruments. You can freely distribute the VISA runtime engine which can be found on the NI Drivers and Updates.2This NI-DAQ installer is valid only for Measurement Studio features. You can get the full NI-DAQ installer from National Instruments or from the NI-DAQ hardware installation.3You run this installer only if your application uses any of the following IVI class drivers:

  • IviDCPwr
  • IviDMM
  • IviFGen
  • IviScope
  • IviSwitch
4Visit IDNET to get the most up-to-date driver installers for each driver you use in your application.

Additional InformationThe following list includes additional considerations you must make as you create an installer to distribute your Measurement Studio applications to other computers.

  • User's system requirements
    • Windows 95: DCOM 1.2 or later
    • Windows NT: Service Pack 3 or later
  • End user post-installation tips
    • If the program is not able to find a .ocx file or is not able to create a control, verify the following items:
      • The correct .ocx and support files are on the target computer.
      • The control is properly registered on the computer. Make sure you run the registration utility (regsvr32.exe) and ensure that it registers the control.
    • If the controls in the program run in evaluation (demo) mode, the program does contain the correct run-time license. When developing your program, verify that the controls are running in a fully licensed mode. Although most programming environments include a run-time license for the controls in the executable, some do not. If you are developing a program in Visual C++ using single document interface (SDI) or multiple document interface (MDI), you must include the run-time license in the program code for each control you create. Consult NI Technical Support if you are not familiar with this operation.

Related Links: Drivers & Updates: NI-VISA Run-Time Enginer 4.3 for WindowsDeveloper Zone: Instrument Driver NetworkProduct & Services: Interchangeable Virtual Instruments (IVI)Support: NI Technical Support


Report Date: 04/04/2003Last Updated: 08/12/2015Document ID: 2W3G520Q

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