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vTask Studio - FAQ

Why is your software called "vTask"?

Originally the company was called "Vista Software, Inc", so version 1.0 of the product was named "VistaTask". Then Microsoft Windows Vista© came out, and due to the confusion, the product name was shortened to vTask. A whole bunch of pre-printed DVDs had to be scrapped...

My automation script cannot identify some windows / controls / webpage items.

Items that are not actual WinAPI windows or controls cannot be seen by vTask, since it doesn't have access to the DOM or things like .NET controls. You can determine if something is an actual window by going to the menu Tools > Display All Windows & Controls.

If the item is not a window, then use Image Recognition instead. That should always work for all apps & platforms (be sure to set the Pixel Color Tolerance and Match Percentage for consistent recognition). Visual Image Recognition is a unique vTask feature and is the preferred method for finding and interacting with screen elements.Backup plan: Keyboard navigation and activation also usually works.

Can I sell a program I made with vTask?

Absolutely! Anything you make with vTask is 100% yours to use as you wish.

vTask (or a program it compiled) was flagged by a virus scanner.Does it have a virus/trojan/malware?

This topic comes up with amazing regularity. No, vTask does not contain any malware, and is created on a standalone, unconnected PC with a fresh OS installation that has no other software installed. What you are seeing is a "false positive", and you can safely ignore the invalid warnings. For reassurance, you can check vTask's integrity with the Virus Total free online scanner (a majority of scanners mark vTask as clean).

It is not surprising that vTask gets flagged, since it contains advanced capabilities such as automated keyboard input and direct hardware access. These can appear as a "keylogger" to paranoid scanners. If you are compiling an EXE, it sometimes helps to turn off the option Compress for smallest size since that can look suspicious to scanners.

There is nothing that we can fix, take out, or modify to avoid false positives. See here, here, and here to see how this has been a constant problem for over a decade.

Can vTask be purchased with a Corporate Check / Purchase Order / (something that's not a credit card)?

Sorry, only credit cards.

Can I install vTask on my home PC, and also on another PC, if I promise to only use one at a time?

Sure. We're pretty lenient about legitimate uses of vTask, and we don't lock licenses to a single PC or anything like that.

Can I reinstall vTask over and over again, for example, if I reinstall Windows?

Yes. vTask license keys do not expire. It's yours forever. Just use your key again as normal when reinstalling vTask.

Help! I lost my License Key!

No problem, email [email protected] and we'll resend it ASAP. Include the email you used for purchase, or your name, or the purchase date, or anything else you can think of to help us locate your record. (Note: we don't have a web-based key lookup in order to protect your privacy.)

Do I need an internet connection to use vTask?

No, an internet connection is not necessary to run vTask (you can prove it by just unplugging your network cable, vTask runs fine). Of course, vTask includes web commands for your automation scripts, and naturally those need a working connection to function properly.

Does vTask have a "portable" mode?

Tools > Options > General > "Store Settings in text file (.ini)"   Short answer: Sufficient resources are not available to provide individualized technical assistance. Longer answer: Historically, we used to have instant email response time, unlimited support tickets for all customers, and even a free 1-800 dedicated customer service number. Eventually, it became completely unsustainable (workdays became mostly just handling support; and in some cases questions kept coming 12 years after purchase). Switching to an alternative business model, the price was substantially lowered for software licenses (1/3 of previous cost), the online Forum has community advice, and there are resources such as the User's Help Guide and hundreds of example automation scripts. Experience has shown that a small subset of users will use any possible means to demand assistance, and persist indefinitely and sometimes threateningly, so regrettably no exceptions can be made for direct contact links. If you absolutely must communicate for other reasons, [email protected] is the administrative inbox. Note: Obviously, any topic unrelated to administration (such as tech support and bug reports) are unlikely to receive responses from the Admin email.

What is the future of vTask Studio?

vTask has reached a point of stability/maturity where it doesn't make sense to introduce dramatic changes; the risk is too high for companies who depend on it, and sales probably wouldn't benefit from a large code refactoring. vTask is considered to be in "maintenance mode" at this point with minor bug fixes rolled out on a periodic basis. It's highly tested software and works great, and continues to be available to handle new automation projects! There are other special projects under development ("TinyTask" for example), however it's been difficult to estimate any release dates. These other projects have a direct benefit for vTask, and in many cases have already added extra features to vTask.


vTask Studio 7.912 Portable :: NoNaMe

vTask Studio 7.912 Portable|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|15.7 mbvTask Studio — сборник системных инструментов, для автоматизации действий пользователя.


vTask Studio — это набор мощных и простых в использовании инструментов, с помощью которых пользователь ПК сможет автоматизировать выполнение большинства стандартных операций.

Приложение способно «запомнить» любое действие, выполняемое пользователем, и впоследствии аккуратно воспроизвести его без постороннего вмешательства. vTask Studio — раньше известная как VistaTask, интересная программа, для записи любых действий пользователя с последующим точным воспроизведением. Достаточно запустить программу и выбрать пункт "HardWare -> Recording", после чего, если в окне Properties нажать "Click to start new Recording", она будет отслеживать все нажатия клавиш и любое движение курсора мыши, записывая происходящее в аналоговом формате. Все зафиксированные действия можно воспроизвести в любое удобное время. Кроме этого, VTask может создать исполняемый файл .EXE, при запуске которого будут повторяться записанные пользователем действия. Такую программу очень удобно использовать для упрощения повседневной работы. Если вам каждый день приходится открывать одни и те же программы и проделывать в них одни и те же действия, VTask будет просто незаменима. Например, с ее помощью можно запускать почтовую программу и проверять почту, открывать определенные страницы в браузере и т.д. VTask будет удобна и при переустановке системы, когда необходимо устанавливать программы заново. Запишите последовательность действий при установке, и в следующий раз VTask установит нужную программу за вас.Ключевые возможности: • Более 200 действий vTask Studio может выполнять действия, доступные для автоматизации всех аспектов окружающей среды Windows. Действия сгруппированы в четкие категории, такие как: клавиатура, меню, папки и файлы и т.д. Просто перетащите необходимые действия в окно командного списка программы, для того, чтобы быстро создавать сценарии автоматизации. Задача создания сценариев автоматизации с vTask Studio легче и быстрее , чем в любой другой похожей программе. • Формат файла XML vTask использует текстовый формат XML для своих файлов. Вы можете легко изменить XML-текст с помощью любого редактора. • Компиляция результата в EXE vTask позволяет из файла автоматизации сценария создать автономную программу. Такая программа для Windows будет полностью автономной и не требует для себя запуска каких-либо библиотек .NET, плагинов, или наличия самого vTask. Созданная таким образом программа может свободно распространяться по всему миру, без каких-либо лицензионных ограничений. • Функции WinAPI Возможность WinAPI является отличительной особенностью vTask, обеспечивая вам прямое взаимодействие с операционной системой Windows. С помощью всего одного шага, и без каких-либо библиотек, кода или надстроек, вы можете получить доступ к более чем 2000 низкоуровневых функций Windows. В сочетании с возможностью компиляции программ в vTask, возможны некоторые действительно замечательные сценарии автоматизации. • Опознавание изображений vTask имеет возможность манипулировать управлением различных объектов, например, кнопками в любой программе. Однако, во многих ситуациях, легче автоматизированно управлять на основе изображений на экране. Ссылки, веб-изображения, являются хорошим примером ситуации, где автоматизация на основе изображений является предпочтительной. С расширенными функциями для изображений, например, нечеткого логического соответствия изображений (найти похожие изображения), vTask легко обрабатывает скрипты управления изображениями.Название: vTask StudioГод выпуска: 2015Версия: 7.912Страница программы :HomepageSystem RequirementsIBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)Windows Vista all SPWindows 7Язык: Английский

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vTask Studio 7.88 Full + Crack

vTask Studio 7.88 come with size (7.11 Mb) is support including Internet actions, database queries, file operations, window controls, mouse gestures, keyboard input, and other activities, including the activities of more than 160 different automation tools with features. You can only attract wants Activities way to define new tasks automatic control, and configuration details for each step of the operation.

The software includes a wide range of dynamic variables can be internal task (dates, system commands, etc.) are used, as well as for ongoing support can prompt the user before the function of pushing the task dialog box. You can also enter a query result, existing files, math, visualization and all the IF statement conditions many other factors to create a high-level mission statement Other features include direct access to the Win32 API, checkpoints, loops, jumps, recording and playback, and so on. VistaTask can even compile the entire task to even appear on other computers can be used to perform a single task can be an executable file (EXE file) that, although the software supports a very complex task, but the software is easy to use and do not need to learn a new scripting language.

vTask Studio is an automation program for Microsoft Windows that can control every aspect of your computer, such as the mouse, keyboard, and other programs, without requiring programming. vTask Studio provides significant productivity gains in areas such as software quality assurance (QA) testing, IT administration, repetitive data jobs, or creating simple interfaces for PC tasks.

Automate your PC with vTask StudiovTask Studio is software which allows you to automate jobs on your computer. You can use vTask Studio to control the mouse, keyboard, and other programs. This is done by simple drag & drop task design — No programming is required!

Popular uses for vTask Studio include software quality assurance (“QA testing”), administrative tasks, or any repetitive job. Put your computer to work for you!

vTask FeaturesvTask Studio includes all the features you need to automate your computer, such as launching apps, mouse actions, and loops. Of course, it goes beyond the basics, and also includes advanced automation capabilities such as checkpoints and database queries.

However, what really sets vTask apart are its unique features like image matching and an integrated EXE compiler. And all of that functionality is contained inside of a program that is only 1 megabyte in size! vTask is very efficiently written, something we’re proud of.

Over 200 ActionsvTask Studio has actions available to automate all aspects of the Windows environment. The actions are grouped into clear categories, such as Keyboard, Menu, and Files. Drag and Drop the actions to quickly create automation scripts. Task creation is easier and quicker with vTask Studio than in any competing product.

XML File FormatvTask uses the text XML format for its files. You can easily modify the XML text-based format with any editor. Also, XML files provide a level of safety – no proprietary binary file formats that can’t be read with other programs. Finally, it is easy to query XML files to create reports of your automation scripts for management or documentation.

EXE CompilervTask allows you to take an automation script file and create a standalone program. The native Windows program will be completely self-contained, and will not require any libraries to run — no .NET, no plugins, not even vTask itself. The compiled program can be distributed freely worldwide, with no royalties.

Native WinAPIWinAPI capability is a distinguishing feature of vTask that provides you direct entry into the Windows operating system. With a just single step, and without any libraries, code, or add-ins, you can gain access to over 2,000 low-level Windows functions. When combined with vTask’s ability to compile programs, some truly remarkable automation scripts are possible.

Image RecognitionvTask has the ability to manipulate controls such as buttons in any program, however in many situations, it is easier to drive automation based on screen images. Web image links are a good example of a scenario where image-based automation is preferable. With advanced image features such as fuzzy logic image matching (find images that are similar), vTask handles image-driven scripts easily.

OS : Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/7/8

Download: Uploaded + Baidu

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vTask Studio - Revision History

Version 7.912
  • New Feature:  New "Extra Delay" added for Serial communications (to accomodate Arduino board transfers)
Version 7.90
  • New Feature:  Added LOG( ) and LOG10( ) functions to Math category
Version 7.89
  • Fix:  Fixed issue of the Run command failing with MSCONFIG.EXE from the C:\Windows\System32 directory on 64-bit Windows 7.
Version 7.88
  • Fix:  Mouse clicks altered to correctly handle "Switch Primary and Secondary Button" settings in Control Panel
Version 7.87
  • New Feature:  Web commands (such as "Download" and "Extract") now support setting the USER AGENT text string for the connection
Version 7.86
  • Fix:  "Check for Update" was not updating correctly
Version 7.85
  • Fix:  Incorrect calculation for trial period countdown (only affected August 2013)
  • Fix:  Change to recent file list cleaning related to memory allocation safety
Version 7.84
  • Fix:  Patch for file name tooltips causing faults on some systems
  • Fix:  MaxFieldSize was being incorrectly retrieved if .INI settings were used
Version 7.83
  • Fix:  MID function was returning incorrect text strings
Version 7.82
  • New Feature:  Added "Stop Run Key" setting to System:vTask Setting Change command, which allows altering settings in compiled scripts
Version 7.81
  • Fix:  Correction to the RTRIM function
  • Fix:  Minor changes to the math preprocessor
Version 7.80
  • New Feature:  Option to save vTask configuration to .INI file instead of Registry
  • New Feature:  New Failure Mode: "Jump to Label" can be done as a relative step from the failed step
  • New Feature:  COM5: - COM8: ports available in Serial Port Send/Receive command
  • Fix:  "File Line Loop" optimizations that more than double performance
  • Fix:  TEXT( ) function was not correctly formatting "YYYY" in certain circumstances
Version 7.78
  • Fix:  LTRIM will perform string matching (rather than usual character set matching) if duplicate letters are used for match parameter
  • Fix:  {failstep} should not be saved if "Jump to Label" is the failure mode
  • Fix:  Minor internal memory optimizations
Version 7.77
  • Fix:  Calling external scripts with a starting label could incorrectly use Gosub labels
Version 7.76
  • Fix:  {tempdir} was not working after multiple runs
  • Fix:  Get Sub String returned incorrect values if quoted delimiters preceded the last item, when used in a loop
Version 7.75
  • New Feature:  Added support for Folders (directories) in the "Get File Time" command
  • New Feature:  New option for "Return only base name in Property lookups" under Tools-Options-Files
  • Fix:  Corrected non-functional links in the Help File
  • Fix:  {timezone} and {ticks} were not populating correctly from the system menu
  • Fix:  Fixed "minute" formatting in TEXT( ) function when ambiguous with month tags (and no colon present)
Version 7.74
  • New Feature:  Added "Large" format to the main icon, which is better utilized in Windows 7
  • Fix:  Settings were not being saved correctly on Windows 2000 due to earlier registry fix
  • Fix:  Removed EMAIL actions due to server security requirements (backwards compatibility retained)
Version 7.73
  • New Feature:  New system variable: {tempdir}
  • Fix:  Minor modifications to system variables lookup menu
Version 7.72
  • New Feature:  New system variables: {desktop}, {documents}, {appdata}
  • Fix:  Increased the number of nested calculations that can be done for formulas/expressions
  • Fix:  Included additional warning message when stack limit is exceeded
Version 7.71
  • Fix:  Various Math functions were not appearing in the lookup menu
  • Fix:  The Status Popup command was creating duplicate instances when dismissed if the "Always on Top" option included
  • Fix:  New default for log file on fresh installations for better accessibility/user rights: the "My Documents" folder (typically "C:\Users\username\Documents\vTaskLog.txt")
  • Fix:  Changed menu from "Open Logfile" to "View Log File"
  • Fix:  If file association for log files (.txt) is invalid, attempts are made to load with alternative viewers
  • Fix:  Updated lookup button for "Run" command to include pinned start menu entries on Windows 7
  • Fix:  Enabled the Read Registry command to read registry keys created with RegEdit on x64 systems
  • Fix:  Copy File was incorrect creating a new directory for files that did not include an extension
  • Fix:  Added comments to the run tracking window
  • Fix:  If a command has no text, run tracking will show comment (if any)
  • Fix:  IF check was not logging "ELSE", "NOT", and "(checkpoint)" options
  • Fix:  Minor correction to report file access after creation
Version 7.70
  • New Feature:  New X,Y location for "Display Image" command
  • New Feature:  New Zoom option for "Display Image" command
  • New Feature:  Window commands now allow hexadecimal handle numbers such as 0x64037C or #64037C
  • New Feature:  Added support for ListView/TreeView controls for "Get Text" command
  • New Feature:  "Call Script" command can execute scripts at a specified step or Label name (allows external subroutines)
  • Fix:  Modified evaluation order so that {clipboard} is substituted before formulas
  • Fix:  Fixed RANDBETWEEN() function to be inclusive of upper limit parameter
  • Fix:  Start/Stop Service command now allows editing for adding services that are not yet installed
  • Fix:  "Get Text" command allowed invalid option combinations such as "Get Selected Text" + "WM_GETTEXT"
  • Fix:  Combined "Get Selected Text" + "Control-Specific" methods as both are required to work properly
  • Fix:  Updates to how vTask determines the type of control, which now allows many .NET controls to be correctly identified
  • Fix:  Fixes to Get Text + "selected" option for controls that have no selected text
  • Fix:  Run tracking now refreshes before WAIT commands (if not in a loop)
  • Fix:  Fixed an obscure parsing error where decrement operators ("1--") could be confused with subtraction of negative ("1--1")
  • Fix:  Corrected major problem which could corrupt VXM files and crash vTask when pasting full steps into a step data field
  • Fix:  Additional safety checks for steps embedded within steps (to avoid corruption)
  • Fix:  Calling scripts with "-s" was running last step if step number was beyond script size
  • Fix:  Compiled EXEs could not accept "?" on the command line due to a conflict with vTask's "-help" switch
  • Fix:  Added significant performance enhancements to the Excel "Get Cell" command
  • Fix:  Many extra verifications for UAC blocking and file locking while compiling EXEs as non-Admin
  • Fix:  The concatenation operator "&" will combine different data types if a text string output is intended
  • Fix:  Display image command with "Always on Top" + "Required Response" options would prohibit closing the image
Version 7.65
  • Fix:  Added ability to read registry keys with embedded backslashes
  • Fix:  Top-level registry keys now handle "KEY_" in addition to "HKEY_"
  • Fix:  "Reset User Interface" was resetting all configurations, even non-UI settings
Version 7.64
  • New Feature:  "Single Variable Expansion" for 1-pass substitution
  • Fix:  Right-click menu was showing incorrect icon for Block Favorites
  • Fix:  Minor internal change to allow single characters inside a system variable (such as "{n}")
  • Fix:  Child EXE were not inheriting the logging of the parent EXE when run on a PC with no vTask installed
  • Fix:  Fix to prevent collisions while packaging files in compiled EXE (embedding)
  • Fix:  New logging for Serial Port communications
Version 7.63
  • New Feature:  New Function: CHOOSE()
  • New Feature:  Added options to Extract Web Tag/Link command: "Raw Inner Tag" and "Outer HREF Tag"
  • Fix:  Corrections to the "Extract Web Tag/Link" command
  • Fix:  Fixed handling of the <img> tags for the "Extract Web Tag/Link" command
  • Fix:  Added new script samples to the "Extract Web Tag/Link" help entry
Version 7.62
  • New Feature:  "Extract Web Tag/Link" which provides web page parsing capabilities
  • Fix:  Minor change for parsing unquoted parameters in Excel functions
  • Fix:  "Reset Usage Stats" were not resetting the System category
  • Fix:  TYPE command was incorrectly formatting certain characters on international keyboards
  • Fix:  Delete File command could cause a crash under certain security configurations
  • Fix:  Extra safety code to Delete File command to prevent buffer overruns
  • Fix:  Web commands now auto-correct when URLs begin with "www." instead of "http://"
Version 7.61
  • New Feature:  Get Window Info (under Window category) includes new options: New "Process EXE", "Process EXE Path", and "Process EXE Base"
  • New Feature:  Added "Platform ID," "Product Type," and "Suite Mask" options to Operating System Details command
  • New Feature:  Additional support for Server 2008 operating system
  • Fix:  The {NOW} system variable was returning incorrect data
  • Fix:  Invalid characters could be used for variable names; now restricted to A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and "_", "."
  • Fix:  Corrections while loading deprecated Hardware commands for operating system information
  • Fix:  Slight lightening of docked palettes for enhanced readability on Windows 7
  • Fix:  Minor updates to the installation program
  • Fix:  The minimize during run option now also works for the "Run from Here" command
Version 7.60
  • New Feature:  New "IF Internet" action, which includes multiple options to check connections and verify URL links
  • New Feature:  Added binary search capability to Count Items (under Data category)
  • New Feature:  Added "Case Sensitive" option to Count Items (under Data category)
  • New Feature:  New "Total Rows" and "Total Columns" options for the "EXCEL: Get Cell Format" command
  • New Feature:  The Status Message command (under User Prompts) now includes width and height adjustments
  • New Feature:  New statistics for using vTask (app launches, steps added, etc). Available in the Tools menu as "Show vTask Usage Stats"
  • New Feature:  Title bar displays version number when no file is loaded
  • New Feature:  Enhanced RGB capture cursors with precision center
  • New Feature:  Added 48 x 48 quick snapshot capture
  • New Feature:  New "Paste to End" in Edit menu (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • Fix:  Major performance enhancements during variable substitution processing: up to 2x speed increase for large data manipulation
  • Fix:  Minor modifications to resource string storage in the IDE program
  • Fix:  Multiple corrections and speed enhancements to "Count Items" (under Data category)
  • Fix:  "Count Items" now accepts binary input
  • Fix:  TYPE( ) function was returning "numeric" for numbers that contained whitespace; corrected to match Excel results
  • Fix:  Comment editing was misplaced if the "Comment" column was hidden in the grid
  • Fix:  Additional compatibility for functions that use unquoted variables, such as =COUNTIF(%foo, {1})
  • Fix:  TEXT( ) function was returning incorrect values if variable was numeric and included commas (123,456)
  • Fix:  Changed "RunCount" registry setting to "stats_total_uses"
  • Fix:  Minor correction to splash screen display if not disabled
  • Fix:  Extra safety code to avoid step modification during runs
  • Fix:  Renamed "Close Current Window" to "Close Active File" for consistency between the File and Window menus
  • Fix:  Completely rewritten "Wait for Mouse" and "Wait for Typed Text" commands for compatibility with Windows 7
  • Fix:  Corrections to the Unicode 8859 codepages for the Type command

    Recording Fixes:

  • Fix:  Certain punctuation keys were not saved correctly with the Recording command
  • Fix:  Recording speed increased when using Hardware method + Fast mode
  • Fix:  Enhanced accuracy for stopping a Recording during mid-payback
  • Fix:  Recordings were incorrectly resetting the Num Lock key during playback
  • Fix:  Initial (pre-recording) toggle key states were not correctly saved
  • Fix:  On Win Vista and Win 7, software-method recordings now show OS system messages during errors
Version 7.57
  • Fix:  The recent file list was incorrectly loading in menus
  • Fix:  While switching between file tabs, previous top row was not reset correctly
  • Fix:  Logging data added for the While Loop
  • Fix:  Data Loops were incorrectly returning columns 2-x
Version 7.56
  • New Feature:  New drop area below grid: Permits appending commands without needing space below last step
  • New Feature:  New Math Function: GCD (Greatest Common Denominator)
  • New Feature:  New Math Function: LCM (Least Common Multiple)
  • New Feature:  New Text Function: TYPE (returns data type)
  • New Feature:  Added "Get File Info" option: CRC-32 calculation
  • New Feature:  Replaced % modulus division with MOD() function (avoids variable conflicts and provides Excel compatibility)
  • New Feature:  Added recent file list maximum to Tools -> Options-> Files
  • New Feature:  Added "RecentFileCount" setting to registry
  • New Feature:  Increased upper limit of recent file list to 32
  • Fix:  Major upgrades to variable parsing when used as function parameters, such as LEN(%foo) (quotes no longer required)
  • Fix:  Comment entries could not be edited in the grid if the "Comment" column was hidden
  • Fix:  Variables no longer need to be quoted when used as function parameters: UPPER(%var)
  • Fix:  Changes to main grid to not show quotes around strings unless actually present
  • Fix:  Fixes to text functions like UPPER() when a number parameter is used
  • Fix:  Changed values returned by function INFO("osversion") to single-digit decimals to conform to industry standards (5.1 not 5.01)
  • Fix:  Resetting all configurations will now initialize the recently used file list
  • Fix:  Correction to parsing for concatenated variables when used as parameters in formulas
  • Fix:  Modified REPLACE( ) function to match Excel output
  • Fix:  Conflicting data sets prevented "Start Dataset Loop" from containing additional internal (embedded) SQL queries
Version 7.55
  • Version 7.55 was a Beta release.
Version 7.54
  • New Feature:  New "Count Files/Folders" command (under Files category)
  • New Feature:  Added "Grid Snapshot to Clipboard" option (in Tools, context menu, and column menu)
  • New Feature:  Added new report format: "Image Report (.BMP)"
  • New Feature:  Internal step comments are drawn with the same font color as the Comment command
  • New Feature:  Screen coordinates for mouse actions can now contain embedded calculations without requiring a formula or equals sign, such as (%X+10,%Y-30)
  • New Feature:  New "Image Capture" with "Area (Rectangle)" option for partial screen snapshots
  • New Feature:  Added "Child Controls" option for "Loop Windows" command
  • Fix:  <custom> column in main grid was not updating after right-click column selections
  • Fix:  Tools->Options selection for "Edit <custom> tag" now dynamically updates
  • Fix:  Combined "Window Image Capture" into single "Screen Image Capture" command
  • Fix:  Hardware: Display Settings was not showing options in Properties
  • Fix:  Precedence error between the constants "WS_MINIMIZEBOX" and "WS_MINIMIZE"
  • Fix:  Highlighted "Comment" rows were staying focused even if listview was not focused
  • Fix:  Removed support for "Alternate Lines" and "Blank" grid display options
  • Fix:  Increased "Replace" functionality (in Edit menu) string limit to 256 characters
  • Fix:  Updated recent file list to purge duplicate and invalid entries
  • Fix:  Corrected width calculation for editing last column when a scrollbar is present
  • Fix:  Added the Failure Mode setting for the "Clear Clipboard" command
  • Fix:  Removed Ctrl+Home/End grid shortcut, since it conflicts with group selections
  • Fix:  Corrections to main window display when using portrait-oriented monitors
  • Fix:  Fix for "Find Image" if multiple monitors are used, and monitor #1 is portrait-oriented
  • Fix:  Added logging for successful image identification if logging is set to HIGH
  • Fix:  Minor correction for the Run command when file associations contain spaces without quotes
  • Fix:  Increased speed of "Capture RGB" tool for image identification commands (especially on Win 7 platform)
  • Fix:  New high-color icons and other minor UI enhancements
  • Fix:  Added {winver} back into system variables
  • Fix:  Extra logging for IF Expression and other IF checks
  • Fix:  Edit->Replace dialog retains focus after processing for further jobs or easy dismissal
Version 7.53
  • New Feature:  Added "Retrieval Method" to window Get Text command
  • Fix:  Minor fix for Windows 7 systems that have no Personalization selected
  • Fix:  "(let vTask decide)" options are stored as empty values rather than actual text
Version 7.52
  • New Feature:  New <custom> XML tag for user-defined data
  • New Feature:  Added <custom> column to main grid; fully editable
  • New Feature:  Added <custom> color option in Tools => Options
  • New Feature:  New Tools => Options setting: "Edit <custom> in Properties"
  • New Feature:  Added <custom> data field to Properties (when option enabled)
  • New Feature:  Added internal data field choices to lookup menu under "vTask Variables"
  • New Feature:  Control+Home/End will jump to the top/bottom line on the current screen
  • New Feature:  Added 2 new "Start" internal methods, specifically for programs with included command lines (such as opening documents)
  • Fix:  "Default Output" and "Default Failure Mode" in Tools-Options were not correctly enabling sub-option choices
  • Fix:  Added "Track Mouse" menu item to keyboard mappings
  • Fix:  Replace function was not saving binary data correctly if it contained NULLs
  • Fix:  "Set Variable" was not saving correct length with binary data
  • Fix:  Allowed access to internal data fields via memory variables: {step[{1}].comment}
  • Fix:  Updated palette and font colors based on 7.51 test windows (for Win7 and WinVista Aero themes)
  • Fix:  "Set Variable" command was only retaining Binary escape code {\00}
  • Fix:  Minor change to refresh during "Track Mouse" tool
  • Fix:  "Scan Last Window" option was not working if only "stop at" coordinates provided
Version 7.51
  • New Feature:  Due to popular demand, reintroduced all Text Functions back into vTask (under "Data")
  • New Feature:  Exposed internal data structure, allowing all fields to be read, via {step[1].action}
  • New Feature:  Added "Stop Position" option for Find String
  • New Feature:  Added "Binary Search" option for Find String
  • New Feature:  New Function: TOPWINDOW()
  • New Feature:  New steps are automatically selected and loaded into Properties
  • New Feature:  New "Track Mouse" utility under the Tools menu
  • Fix:  Excel cell formatting options in Get/Set were not compatible
  • Fix:  Close buttons on docked windows were not displaying correctly on Windows 7
  • Fix:  Updated CPU count method (Hardware category)
  • Fix:  Minor rounding correction to system memory display (Hardware category)
  • Fix:  Added previous code for "Output To" properties for superseded functions
  • Fix:  Removed failure mode options for text functions (no failures possible for text functions)
  • Fix:  Combined "Find Text" and "Contains" into a single function
  • Fix:  Replaced "Find Text" with "Find String", which returns the position rather than the source string (new name so both can coexist)
  • Fix:  Mouse move actions were off by 1 pixel during movement (final position was accurate)
  • Fix:  "Get Length" now works with binary data and embedded nulls
  • Fix:  "Replace" now works with binary data and embedded nulls
  • Fix:  In formulas, system functions such as RUN() were always executed when used as parameters inside the IF() function
  • Fix:  Correction to 16x16 and 32x32 image capture (slowdowns were possible on Windows 7)
  • Fix:  During image location, the stop coordinates were not used if "Scan Last Window" was also chosen
  • Fix:  Updated all the sample script with new functions
  • Fix:  Excel "Set Cell" command was not working with dates that contained 2-digit years
  • Fix:  Fixed close button for docked palettes
  • Fix:  Docked palettes now use correct colorization from Personalization settings with WinVista/Win7
  • Fix:  Updates to the Windows 7 Aero Glass theme
  • Fix:  The Tools-Options dialog now appears correctly under the main app if multiple monitors are used
  • Fix:  Utilizing most recent SDK framework
  • Fix:  A few minor performance enhancements and UI changes
Version 7.50
  • New Feature:  New Hardware commands:
    • Processor (CPU) Details:

              * Manufacturer        * Architecture        * Description        * Stepping        * Model        * Family        * Extended Model        * Extended Family        * Revision        * Number of Processors        * Speed        * Speed (CPU Test)        * Supported Instructions

    • Memory Details:

              * Total Memory        * Free Memory        * Used Memory

    • Video Details:

              * Video Card Memory        * Color Depth        * Maximum Colors        * Number of Monitors        * Resolution (monitor #1)        * Resolution (monitor #2)

    • Drive Details:

              * List of Drives        * Total Size        * Free Space        * Used Space

    • Operating System Details:

              * Description        * Version        * Major Version        * Minor Version        * Build Number        * Service Packs        * Computer Name        * Installation Folder

  • New Feature:  New "System Functions" under lookup menu:




  • New Feature:  New function under the TEXT category:


  • New Feature:  Excel "Get Cell Format" command, which includes the options:

    • Data Format
    • Is Bold
    • Is Italic
    • Font Name
    • Font Size
    • Font Color
    • Background Color
    • Horizontal Alignment
    • Vertical Alignment
    • Column Width
    • Row Height

  • New Feature:  In-grid editing of "Save Result" and "Failure Mode"
  • New Feature:  Added support for Windows 7 for version queries
  • New Feature:  Ability to set the default "Save Output To" selection for new steps (in Tools-Options-Run Options; However not performed for flow-type commands)
  • New Feature:  "Press Cancel to Stop" option for display message output
  • New Feature:  Switched to 2-digit version numbers for simplicity and clarity
  • New Feature:  Window searches now allow wildcards in the CLASS name, which will match dynamic .NET controls
  • New Feature:  Added keyboard lookup menu for "Wait for Keypress" and "Wait for Typed Text" actions
  • New Feature:  New Log Levels: Off / Low / High
  • New Feature:  New additional information and formatting for Logging
  • New Feature:  Non-editable grid cells are indicated with a light gray background (set via "NonEditableFill" in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\vTask\Colors)
  • New Feature:  Added new failure option: "Run Program"
  • New Feature:  Find now wraps if search string is not found
  • New Feature:  Enhanced Find dialog includes history of past searches
  • New Feature:  Find dialog remembers its previous screen position
  • Fix:  "Run Program" and "Call Script" could cause crash on certain PCs
  • Fix:  Snapshot tool for 16x16 and 32x32 would only work on first screen if there are multiple monitors
  • Fix:  TEXT() function was incorrectly formatting month instead of minutes if time string did not include colon delimiter
  • Fix:  Reordered lookup Function menu to better match common formulas
  • Fix:  Small layout modifications to the Tools => Options => Logging dialog
  • Fix:  "Wait for Date/Time" command was incorrectly parsing date strings if non-standard format was used
  • Fix:  Stop Run key was incorrectly mapping during startup
  • Fix:  Stop Run key could be pressed before run, resulting in an undesired script stop
  • Fix:  "Show System Variables" was not appearing in the main grid lookup menu
  • Fix:  Changed "Show System Variables" menu text to "Show Lookup Menu"
  • Fix:  Removed "Show System Variables" from Options (redundant interface)
  • Fix:  Removed support for Global vs. Local variables due to frequent conflicts and minimal advantages
  • Fix:  In-grid file lookup would error if filename was part of a formula
  • Fix:  Changes to log output for "Wait for Date/Time"
  • Fix:  Date/Time functions were interpreting certain month names as format codes
  • Fix:  vTask already included full support for the Excel/Lotus 1900 leap year issue, however additional adjustment needed for Windows weekday name functions
  • Fix:  Renamed "Video Display Mode" to "Change Display Settings" to avoid conflicts with new Hardware commands  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Changed "Format Cell" to "Set Cell Format" to allow for new Excel commands  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Moved Cell Format options from >value3< to >options< for consistency, and to allow viewing in main grid  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Moved Cell Format values from >value3< to >value2< for consistency  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Modified internal data structure storage for results, output, and failure flags
  • Fix:  Corrected default action so that "Failure Mode" will not be set if command doesn't use it
  • Fix:  Changing the output to "(do not save)" would still show previous variables in the main grid
  • Fix:  FTP commands now allow a variable for passwords
  • Fix:  Result is not returned for RUN commands that do not wait for program exit (as the return code means nothing at that point)
  • Fix:  Loop counts modified to show the actual integer repetition, however to not break any scripts the previous decimal value remains for the {loop} variable
  • Fix:  Fixed option for "generate output even if window is closed"
  • Fix:  Improved execution speed when processing user variables
  • Fix:  Delete variable was not working properly when used for arrays
  • Fix:  Calling Windows API with null parameters could crash certain functions
  • Fix:  Run Program was not always reporting failures correctly
  • Fix:  Grid selection would also select unwanted rows after using Edit-Find
  • Version 7.425
    • Fix:  Calling WinAPI functions that required 0 parameters (VOID) would crash
    Version 7.424
    • New Feature:  Extended "Start Program" to search common locations such as the Desktop, Start Menu, and Favorites
    • New Feature:  "Start Program" now also checks entire PATH for executable
    • Fix:  Fixed crash when IF evaluates a variable with double backslashes
    Version 7.423
    • New Feature:  Added the DAYSINMONTH(), DAYSINYEAR() functions
    • New Feature:  Now allows embedded backslashes to appear in registry key names (in addition to branches and data values)
    • Fix:  Changed "MONTHLEN()" function to DAYSINMONTH to match industry standards (backwards compatible, no modification required)
    • Fix:  Modifications to the DATEVALUE() function to support additional date string formats
    Version 7.422
    • Fix:  Context menu help link in the Actions tree was not working properly
    • Fix:  Favorites were not showing the right-click context menu
    • Fix:  Rearranging Favorites shows an Up/Down cursor while dragging
    • Fix:  Long unquoted strings would cause crash during evaluation with LEN()
    • Fix:  Unquoted strings with trailing spaces would incorrectly return cumulative length, such as LEN( abc )
    • Fix:  Extra check in functions for unquoted parameters that are numeric but intended to be strings
    • Fix:  Updated the Recording playback with the same upgrades from Tasker (shared library)
    Version 7.421
    • Fix:  Moved Trigonometric Functions to a submenu, since trig math is infrequently used for GUI automation
    • Fix:  Moved "Conditionals" group to a new submenu, to avoid overcrowding the Text Functions group
    • Fix:  Previous version's fix for logging accidentally removed line returns from "Write to Log" command
    Version 7.420 Version 7.401
    • New Feature:  Added Date/Time Functions: DATE(), DATEVALUE(), TIMEVALUE(), etc.
    • New Feature:  Moved old Functions to "Data" category (backwards compatible, no modification required)
    • New Feature:  Added "Select Folder" for Custom Dialogs
    • New Feature:  Added keyboard lookup menu to main grid
    • Fix:  Scrolling main grid while editing fields would cause edit field to float around
    • Fix:  Extra confirmation when removing Favorites
    Version 7.350
    • New Feature:  Added dozens of new expression functions, including SUBSTITUTE(), TRUNC(), FIND(), LEN(), CHAR(), DECIMAL(), TEXT(), and many more
    • New Feature:  Added IF() math function to math expressions, matching same feature in Excel
    • New Feature:  Added "&&" and "||" logical comparison operators in math expressions
    • New Feature:  Included support for text string parameters for operators "<, >, ==, !=, <=, >=, &" and the "IF( )" function
    • New Feature:  Reworked the math expressions to more closely match functionality of Microsoft Excel
    • Fix:  Fixed a few obscure order-of-precedence issues when using scalar types (prefix decrement operators) in math expressions
    • Fix:  Internal enhancements for postfix evaluation stack when using nested parenthesis
    • Fix:  Enhanced math parameter management to allow new IF() feature
    • Fix:  Fixed problem evaluating logical NOT operator ("=!0")
    • Fix:  Corrected ROUND() function return when using negative floating point values
    • Fix:  Changed CEIL() function to CEILING()  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
    • Fix:  Separated math operators and functions into separate menus
    • Fix:  Changed order of math functions to alphabetical (like Excel)
    • Fix:  REG_MULTI_SZ now supported for both reading and writing during Registry commands
    • Fix:  Newlines were not appearing correctly in log if previously displayed in MessageBox
    • Fix:  Adding new Favorites would overwrite a name that was a subset of the new one
    • Fix:  Favorites defragging was inconsistent, which allowed Favorites to get out of sequence
    • Fix:  Favorites with similar names could select the wrong item during dragging
    • Fix:  Editing cells in the main grid would not remember the previously edited column
    • Fix:  Windows constants such as "IDOK" were not being interpreted correctly
    • Fix:  Compile EXE was not remembering last icon selection in certain situations
    • Fix:  Compile EXE will remember the previously chosen output file (if it shares the same base name)
    • Fix:  Multiple inline RGB images were jumbled together during preview; now correctly displays first image
    • Fix:  New RLE compression for inline RGB images (previously had problems with dark color RGB pixels)
    Version 7.341
    • New Feature:  Output window entries (logging) are now redirected from child scripts to the main vTask window
    • New Feature:  Modifications to Logging so that all script output is sequential and in real-time ("Block-Logging")
    • New Feature:  Added nearly all of the lookup icons to the "Set Variable" command, since variables can be used for any action
    • Fix:  Inline RGB images that contained high compression caused problems during compile EXE
    • Fix:  Embedding RGB images during compile EXE caused a "file not found" error
    • Fix:  Embedding image files had a flaw which tried to embed any external file
    Version 7.340
    • New Feature:  "Copy File" action can extract embedded data and image files from compiled EXEs
    • New Feature:  Moved "Keyboard" lookup from the variables menu into a new lookup icon
    • New Feature:  Added "Operating System" details to "Get Computer Info" command in the Hardware category
    • New Feature:  Added "MB" memory option for "Get Computer Info" command
    • New Feature:  Added "High" option level to "vTask Setting Change"
    • New Feature:  Separated {WinKeyDown} and {WinKeyUp} from previous "{WinKey}" for greater control
    • New Feature:  New generic RLE compression for inline RGB image colors (vTask supports binary compression, but RGB source needs to remain in ASCII)
    • Fix:  Completely redesigned "Embed Image" option for compile EXE (increased limits, performance, and fixes)
    • Fix:  Embedding image files into compiled EXE would fail if multiple images were used in a single step (each separated by ';')
    • Fix:  Repaint UI update during compile EXE
    • Fix:  Popup menu command did not work in compiled EXEs
    • Fix:  Various minor fixes for compile EXE functionality
    • Fix:  "Select File/Folder" command was returning an error when compiled into EXE
    • Fix:  Changed Math Expressions lookup menu to use capitalized function names to match industry standards (both upper and lowercase is acceptable)
    • Fix:  Internal change: combined mouse coordinate lookup + window coordinate lookup into a single function
    • Fix:  Internal delete registry command could hang in some situations when converting from old versions
    • Fix:  Cut/Copy/Paste editing commands in Replace dialog were incorrectly routed to the main window
    • Fix:  Using an undefined variable for "Select File" (and other prompts) would show the variable name as a default value
    • Fix:  Got rid of small GDI handle leak in Tools-Options screen
    • Fix:  ".bmp" extension automatically added for screen/window captures when omitted
    • Fix:  Embedding images into compiled EXE was failing if inline RGB was used
    • Fix:  Removed "{file_loop}" variables in favor of user variables, which were deprecated in April 2008
    • Fix:  Automatic translation of {file_loop} to "%file_loop" when loading older scripts
    • Fix:  Added performance increase in the File Read command for binary file types
    • Fix:  Minor change to auto indent when previous steps are skipped
    • Fix:  Validity check for Memory Variable in Properties, must conform to "{1}"
    • Fix:  Increment/Decrement Variable was converting value to integral if originally floating point
    • Fix:  Renamed all "Choose..." actions in User Prompt category to "Select..." (no change required; backwards compatible)
    • Fix:  Additional debug trace information for slow "Use Window" situations
    • Fix:  Small change to logging for partial image matches
    Version 7.331
    • New Feature:  New "ToolTips" for floating lookup buttons
    • New Feature:  Added "EXE,ID" and "ID,EXE" as output options for "Start Process Loop"
    • New Feature:  Additional lookup menu "Math Expression" in Properties
    • New Feature:  Reordered lookup menu to properly group variables together
    • New Feature:  New "Floating Balloon" option in the User Prompt category
    • Fix:  WinAPI functions would incorrectly output data to parameters that contained undefined user variables in a math formula
    • Fix:  Minor change to parameter parsing with NULL types for WinAPI functions
    • Fix:  The "dropper" lookup tool locks specific pixel coordinates during selection for the "Wait for Pixel" and "IF Pixel Equals" commands
    • Fix:  Removed invalid "Masked" option from "Wait for Pixel" command
    • Fix:  Single-pixel optimizations for "Wait for Pixel" and "IF Pixel Equals" commands
    • Fix:  Tools => Display Windows was creating a temp file in the "C:\Program Files\vTask Studio" directory; changed to the TEMP path
    • Fix:  Separated "Run Tracking" alpha setting from on/off setting
    • Fix:  New icons for Tools => Options => Run Tracking that more closely match actual displays
    • Fix:  Updated compiled EXEs to use correct values for Run Tracking (off if no vTask installed; correct colors if turned on mid-run)
    • Fix:  Changed "Slow Pixel Scan" checkbox to a new "Scan Method" drop down list to be more descriptive (no script change required)
    • Fix:  Adding new "IF ELSE" step was not auto-indenting correctly
    • Fix:  "Reset Original Settings" was not updating every configuration
    • Fix:  Changed vTask registry settings "Left", "Top", etc to "window_left", "window_height", etc (backwards compatible)
    • Fix:  Math expressions with a double equals "==" now supported for equality checks
    • Fix:  Opening a file that was 0 bytes long resulted in an error message
    Version 7.330
    • New Feature:  Enhanced Windows API functionality:
    • New Feature:        Moved "WinAPI" to Function category; renamed to "Windows API" (automatically backwards compatible; no change necessary)
    • New Feature:        New lookup tool for common WinAPI functions
    • New Feature:        API functions can now return data directly into parameter variables, such as "GetCursorPos( %location )"
    • New Feature:        Windows API able to return result to a variable, such as "%ticks = GetTickCount()" (in addition to standard "Save Output" in Properties)
    • New Feature:        API Functions can include math evaluations inline for each parameter, such as "SetCursorPos( %x+100, %y-50 )"
    • New Feature:        Various corrections to Windows API calls, including better recognition of embedded quoted parameters
    • New Feature:        Changes to memory management during API calls, to minimize allocations
    • New Feature:        Multiple new safety checks for Windows API calls
    • New Feature:  "Replace" functionality (in the Edit menu)
    • New Feature:  "Manage AutoRuns" command in the Run category
    • New Feature:  "Window with Focus" option added for the Use Window command
    • New Feature:  "Get Text" option added for the "Get Window Info" command
    • New Feature:  Added "Hardware" method to Recording command
    • Fix:  Floating-point support was not being loaded at program startup due to format string variables
    • Fix:  Internal modifications to UI-thread execution for "User Prompt" and "Run Process" commands
    • Fix:  "Always on top" option for Display Image was supposed to prevent dismissal by user
    • Fix:  "Wait for Window" will now save the handle if no "Use Window" is included; this permits immediate activation after waiting for a window
    • Fix:  Minor change to typing in comment steps (first character was delayed and sometimes out of sequence)
    • Fix:  Multiple internal fixes to Recordings
    Version 7.324
    • Fix:  Compiling EXE with a "display image" step that used a JPEG image would crash (over-agressive compiler optimization)
    • Fix:  Modifications to the compile EXE optimization strategy
    • Fix:  Minor improvements for the internal compression capabilities
    • Fix:  Edit => Find was crashing if "%" was used and no results were found (crashed during status update)
    • Fix:  Small change to logging to make Call Script block more apparent
    Version 7.322
    • Fix:  "Select Menu" action was not included in compiled EXE due to invalid optimization
    • Fix:  Added extra spacing in Output window during "Call Script"
    Version 7.321
    • Fix:  The 7.320 upgrade lost support for the {WinKey} type command; added back in
    • Fix:  Corrected problem with "Single Instance" option for compiled EXEs
    • Fix:  "Click to Open" feature was not translating variables such as %WINDIR%
    • Fix:  Fixed "Wait for Idle" functionality
    Version 7.320
    • New Feature:  New 3-Year Subscription licensing that includes all major and minor revisions
    • New Feature:  "Call Script" files can be opened in vTask via the right-click menu or in Properties
    • Fix:  Many internal extra safety checks for variable parsing
    • Fix:  Additional debug tracking when using logging with compiled EXEs
    • Fix:  Code base now using SDK update KB945140 from Microsoft
    • Fix:  "Search in File" should not fail if nothing found, rather returns empty result
    • Fix:  "View Source XML" was not displaying the right step #
    • Fix:  Deprecated BASIC code due to: 1) infrequently used; 2) maintenance required; 3) duplication/redundancy of core vTask features; 4) overlap with Tasker features
    • Fix:  The corner gripper in Properties was not displaying/updating correctly
    • Fix:  "Choose a File" and "Choose a Folder" were not using requested default folders
    • Fix:  Corrections to image preview when using multiple files and relative paths
    • Fix:  Moved "Call DLL", "Post WM_COMMAND", and "Win32 API" to Run Program category; eliminated the External category
    • Fix:  Renamed "Post WM_COMMAND" to "Send Command", and "Win32 API" to "WinAPI"
    • Fix:  A bit of reordering of actions to accommodate the changes listed above
    Version 7.314
    • New Feature:  "Search in File" action (under the File category)
    • New Feature:  New 64-bit support for file operations; allows read/write up to 16 Exabytes
    • New Feature:  "Set File Size" has new option for setting fill byte
    • New Feature:  IF Clipboard displays contents in Output window
    • Fix:  The "On Failure" mode for Jump to Label, Increment Variable, and Retry display their values in the main grid
    • Fix:  Minor display change to the Comment steps (tabs were shown as boxes)
    • Fix:  For the FILE commands, file sizes and offsets can safely contain commas
    Version 7.313
    • Fix:  Run Tracking was not closing when using the "vTask Setting Change" action + long timeout values
    • Fix:  Property box was showing a gripper in the upper right corner when started as docked
    • Fix:  Status bar text is limited to 127 due to a Microsoft restriction (this limitation has been removed in Windows Vista)
    • Fix:  "%%" was correctly identified due to v7.312 fix, but not translating into a single "%"
    Version 7.312
    • New Feature:  For "Chop" function, added "Chop Before and Including", "Chop After and Including"
    • New Feature:  Added "vTask Setting Change" command under System category
    • New Feature:  Added "RunTrackingShow" setting instead of requiring alpha transparency to be 0
    • New Feature:  Added the {TODAY}, {TIME}, and {NOW} system variables
    • Fix:  Additional sanity checks inside of compiled EXE loader
    • Fix:  Moved memory variable order precedence above user variables; this prevented using mem vars inside of arrays
    • Fix:  Double "%%" were not being interpreted correctly
    • Fix:  Recordings were chopping off last keypress if Stop key was used to end recording
    Version 7.311
    • Fix:  Relocated "Registry" commands under Database category
    • Fix:  Relocated "Recording" command under System category
    • Fix:  "Excel: Set Cell" command was not updating cell data if value was integer 0
    • Fix:  Additional safety checks to avoid conflicts between recordings
    • Fix:  Sequential recordings were overwriting each other
    • Fix:  Export All Favorites was not saving favorites correctly
    Version 7.310
    • Fix:  Recording modes relocated into Tasker product
    • Fix:  Keyboard mapping relocated into Tasker product
    • Fix:  Removed "Event Message" method from TYPE options (due to removal of recording functionality)
    • Fix:  The TYPE command was significantly updated to eliminate the need for dedicated OEM, ANSI, and ASCII modes. A single mode now types all characters on all language keyboards.
    • Fix:  Removed ECS Character Set from TYPE action to avoid overriding the standard ISO-8859 codes
    • Fix:  Various low-level updates to the SendKeys functionality
    • Fix:  "Display Image" was not working with inline RGB images
    • Fix:  "IF Pixel Equals" was always returning true regardless of result
    • Fix:  File-Open dialog was not remembering the last opened folder
    • Fix:  The select file dialog for "Screen Image Capture" was not allowing nonexistent files
    • Fix:  Minor corrections to "Get Web Page Text"
    • Fix:  "Save to Output" was not displaying data correctly if it contained line returns
    • Fix:  "Save to Output" was not displaying sending data to Debug window
    • Fix:  Additional minor corrections to "Save to Output"
    • Fix:  Image searching was not freeing all GDI handles correctly; could result in crash if script run for hours
    • Fix:  Minor correction to list item parsing for "Choose from a List"
    • Fix:  Variable fields were displaying an empty "%" holder even if no variable was used
    • Fix:  Certain printf formatting options like "%.02f" and "%04d" were not being interpreted correctly
    • Fix:  Write/Create File now includes "Erase Previous Contents" option
    Version 7.301 - 7.305 (Beta versions)
    • New Feature:  Compile EXE Enhancements:
    • New Feature:        In addition to EXE, now has Console and DLL output capability
    • New Feature:        Extra optimizations for compiling programs (fewer dependencies, smaller EXE than previous)
    • New Feature:        Compile EXE now shows progress in the Output window
    • New Feature:        Many small corrections to Compile EXE functionality
    • New Feature:        Significantly lowered dependencies for import libraries
    • New Feature:        Command-line compiler now supports single letter switches ("-package" or "-p")
    • New Feature:        Comment text is stripped from EXE output during optimization
    • New Feature:        Compile Options remember what was last selected for all items
    • New Feature:        Compile Options can be set inside a comment step, which provides script-based settings
    • New Feature:        16-bit .com output available for message-only console scripts
    • New Feature:        New "-quiet" (or -q) command switch for no output unless error
    • New Feature:        New internal Deflate algorithm for better compression (LZSS + statistical entropy encoder)
    • New Feature:  Win32 API Enhancements:
    • New Feature:        Completely rewritten "Win API" and "Call DLL" and functionality
    • New Feature:        "Win API" and "Call DLL" are much more tolerant about missing parameters and incorrect data types
    • New Feature:        "Calling Convention" option included (stdcall, cdecl) to prevent crashes due to invalid stack initialization
    • New Feature:        Inline evaluation and flag OR'ing of Win32 constants such as "MB_OK | MB_ICONINFORMATION"
    • Fix:  Further corrections to prevent Run Tracking from stealing focus from other windows
    • Fix:  Run Tracking will not wrap multiple lines that are not visible in box
    • Fix:  Mouse location coordinate of 1,1 was not being interpreted correctly
    • Fix:  Changed mouse actions to all use 0-based coordinates (some were using 0-based, some were 1-based, for historical reasons)
    • Fix:  "Binary Function" was incorrectly calculating memory allocations which could cause crash with large substitutions
    • Fix:  Visual updates to the Aero theme
    • Fix:  The TYPE command was conflicting with Excel formulas (like "SUM") when automating a spreadsheet
    • Fix:  The "Check Email: POP3" was not starting the socket I/O at the right point, and chopped characters off the end due to the POP3 response string from the server
    • Fix:  "Read Registry" was not returning "(Default)" value if one existed, but only verifing existence
    • Fix:  Removed WinAPI reference from User's Guide into a separate download
    • Fix:  Removed older Revision History entries (change log) from User's Guide
    • Fix:  Set Environment Variable was interpreted prior to being set, thus making the data the variable name
    • Fix:  Modified "Custom Dialog" fields to be multi-line edit
    • Fix:  Custom Dialog "LIST" controls can now have list entries as separate lines, as well as semicolons
    Version 7.214
    • New Feature:  Added support for Currency values in Excel spreadsheets
    • New Feature:  Validation command checks for duplicate LABELS
    • New Feature:  Added a gripper to the Properties box for easier resizing
    • New Feature:  Added "Show Statusbar" and "Show Run Tracking" to Keyboard Mappings in Options screen
    • New Feature:  Added support for non-printable keys such as {Left} for the "Event Message" type method
    • New Feature:  Added "Computer Name" to Hardware category
    • Fix:  Externally loaded VXM files would try to re-open if error occurred during open
    • Fix:  Correction to recent file name storage, so that the same file is not stored twice if opened with quoted and unquoted paths
    • Fix:  Various minor changes to toolbar gradient color blends to more closely match Microsoft Office
    • Fix:  Default height of docked palettes no longer uses title bar height value (it was too tall)
    • Fix:  Added variable substitution for Wait for Keypress command
    • Fix:  Logging would not happen if "Generate Output when Output Closed" was disabled + the Output window closed + Logging enabled
    • Fix:  "Display Image" no longer shows an icon for image display
    • Fix:  Changes to prevent crash during thread mutual-exclusion synchronization in system variable expansion
    • Fix:  Custom Dialog will now show labels correctly aligned when shown alone (without another control)
    • Fix:  Default values for Custom Dialog were not loading correctly if memory variables were used
    • Fix:  Fixes to memory allocations that are done during Environment Variables expansion
    • Fix:  Use Window was not reporting errors for multiple matches
    • Fix:  Show Tips option deprecated
    • Fix:  Reordered option screen #1 due to removal of settings
    • Fix:  Complete redesign of internal management of variables that contain binary data
    • Fix:  Correction for possible buffer overrun when using Read File
    • Fix:  Undefined (or empty) variables will work correctly with IF Expression when compared to 0 (%foo=0)
    • Fix:  If "On Failure" type is Increment Variable, variable name is verified to contain a preceding %
    • Fix:  File Open does extra variable name verification for Save Output and On Failure fields
    • Fix:  Tray Icon action was not showing the requested title
    • Fix:  Tray Icon popup menu was not showing correct filename
    • Fix:  Tray Icon were not being dismissed automatically at end of script
    • Fix:  Tray Icon and Balloon Icon could not be both used at the same time
    • Fix:  "Scan Last Window" option was not working with windows located on multiple monitors
    • Fix:  Pixel color tolerance field had an extra comma when importing older scripts
    • Fix:  Run Tracking was making vTask lose focus after a run
    • Fix:  A few minor tweaks to Run Tracking performance
    • Fix:  Correction to prevent "Use Top Window" from retrieving hidden or non-popup windows
    Version 7.213
    • New Feature:  Added support for "Show Run Tracking" in View menu
    • Fix:  Some GDI handles for docked palettes were not being correctly initialized, causing problems on some systems
    • Fix:  Grippers on toolbars no longer have different color background than the rest of the toolbar
    • Fix:  Various minor changes to toolbar transparency settings to fix display issues on certain monitors
    Version 7.212
    • New Feature:  Run Tracking box which shows script, step, loops, and command
    • New Feature:  Run Tracking box includes transparency (alpha channel) setting
    • New Feature:  "Close All" option for Close Window action
    • New Feature:  Reset All Columns in Tools-Options
    • New Feature:  Right mouse click in column headers allows show/hide of individual columns
    • New Feature:  Column visibility can be chosen by right-clicking on the column headers
    • New Feature:  Ability to reset column layout without needing to reset entire user interface
    • New Feature:  Increased max BASIC lines/strings from 256 bytes to 1024
    • Fix:  Tools > Options > Main Grid now sets default column widths correctly
    • Fix:  Extra safety check for buffer overruns with "Slow Pixel Scan" image recognition (buffer insufficient for dual monitors)
    • Fix:  File/Folder user prompt was closing if visible Status Popup message timed out
    • Fix:  Additional safety checks for string limits in BASIC
    • Fix:  Externally loading multiple VXM files into a running vTask (such as by hitting Enter in Explorer with multiple files selected) would incorrectly show the File Open box
    • Fix:  International keyboards were having problems with {AltDown} combos; additional tracking added
    • Fix:  A few minor changes to step Output text for consistency "[STEP 1]: (Skipped)"
    • Fix:  Reloading previous files could get out of sequence with aborted file saves
    • Fix:  Memory variables such as {1} would appear undefined if they contained an empty value
    • Fix:  Save Output with a memory variable in the disabled output data field would not save to correct destination
    • Fix:  Fixed extremely obscure error where memory variables like "{1}" would not clear the allocation buffers when a shorter value was saved to it by using another memory variable's value; required a sequence of 5 specific steps to get in right situation to cause it to happen
    Version 7.211
    • Fix:  Additional safety checks during memory allocations
    • Fix:  Rewritten Drag and Drop for script reordering
    • Fix:  "Wait for Mouse Click" was not working when used after a "Show Popup Menu" command
    • Fix:  Correction to memory allocation for SQL Query data results
    • Fix:  Undo in the Properties fields was invalidating the Undo in the main script
    • Fix:  Special Request: User variables can be hidden from view in lookup menu and variables palette
    Version 7.210
    • Fix:  Added additional items to display cache
    • Fix:  Crash was possible when using long ODBC connection-strings to login to a database
    • Fix:  Rewritten Undo and Redo functionality
    • Fix:  Undo now restores previous step (row) selections
    Version 7.209
    • New Feature:  File Open now remembers last file filter opened
    • New Feature:  Added "Text Files (*.txt)" as a vTask file filter
    • Fix:  "Excel: Set Cell" command would incorrectly try to set cell data to a date if the text contained a date string, causing an overflow
    • Fix:  "Reset User Interface" in the View menu was not resetting the default border size
    • Fix:  Minor color corrections for the "Office XP" user interface option (to more accurately match MS Office)
    • Fix:  Extra safety and sanity checks during memory reallocations
    Version 7.208
    • New Feature:  WinNT 4.0 compatible version download from http://www.vtaskstudio.com/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1203080776
    • New Feature:  Added "Include Column Names" option for SQL Queries
    • New Feature:  Tooltips in the toolbar now always show the current keyboard mappings
    • Fix:  Keyboard tracking INI only created if installation is complete
    • Fix:  The TYPE command was not correctly using OEM codes with {AltDown} combos on non-EN keyboards
    • Fix:  Changed image capture menu from "Capture 16x16 Area" to "Capture 16x16 (RGB)" for clarity
    • Fix:  If the "Hide vTask during find" option was ON, vTask would remain hidden when capturing RGB
    • Fix:  Corrections to the "Data Source" edit control under the SQL actions (copy, paste, and delete were not working)
    Version 7.207
    • New Feature:  Number of changes made displayed in status bar during editing
    • New Feature:  "Reload Files" now opens all files that were open at last shutdown
    • New Feature:  Pad String function includes new "Front" and "End" options
    • Fix:  Few minor changes to Undo/Redo for more standard functionality
    • Fix:  File modified flag only happens when data actually changed, instead of on every edit
    • Fix:  When closing vTask, choosing "Save File" and then "Cancel" will return to the program (like Excel)
    • Fix:  IF NOT option now displayed in Output window
    • Fix:  Simplified "Reload Files" option internally
    • Fix:  Changed "Wait for Window to Appear/Disappear" to "Open/Close" to avoid confusion
    • Fix:  Fixed Data Administrator link in Properties
    • Fix:  Fixed Data Source max edit field entry (auto horizontal scroll)
    Version 7.206
    • New Feature:  Rewritten Undo/Redo functionality (Redo is a new capability)
    • New Feature:  Compiled EXE's will read the "StopKey" registry value (if available) for PC's without vTask installed
    • Fix:  Previewing an image in Properties will not mark the file as modified
    Version 7.205
    • New Feature:  Use Window: "Child at Parent-Relative X/Y" option for going to controls inside of an app window
    • Fix:  Recording failures were not restoring the interface correctly
    • Fix:  Corrections to Mode 5 recordings
    • Fix:  Moved the "Snap to Position" option from <value1> to <options> for consistency across all Mouse actions
    • Fix:  Fixed recordings on Windows Vista platform
    • Fix:  BASIC's "FOR" stack was not getting reset correctly between runs
    • Fix:  Multiple changes to Help hotlinks on various dialogs
    Version 7.204
    • New Feature:  Added File selection dialog lookup while editing in the main list
    • New Feature:  BASIC string comparisons with IF now support <, >, <=, >= (string "abc" is less than "def")
    • New Feature:  New ASC() function for BASIC code
    • Fix:  Extra check for "EnableBalloonTips" registry setting when using Balloon tips (see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms940877.aspx)
    • Fix:  Progress bar change for parsing percentages in text
    • Fix:  "Excel: Create Workbook" will create sub-folders if they do not exist (previously required path to exist)
    • Fix:  Delete file would not delete filenames that contained more than 1 semicolon
    • Fix:  Added missing "Save Result" option for the WHILE and FOR Loops (current loop number also available in {loop} variable)
    • Fix:  Modified internal comparisons and warning messages for the Tools>Options>Keyboard Mappings
    • Fix:  BASIC: comparisons with IF keyword was failing inside of multiple embedded loops
    • Fix:  BASIC: "IF-THEN-ELSE" would fail if GOSUB were used on true result
    • Fix:  BASIC: Changed PRINT OUTPUT to PRINT RESULT to better match the vTask UI (both keywords are fully supported)
    • Fix:  BASIC: Fix for MID$() order-of-precedence
    • Fix:  BASIC: IF check would fail if comparison contained a decimal without any numbers
    • Fix:  BASIC: Setting a variable would incorrectly be numeric if operators without numbers were used
    Version 7.203
    • New Feature:  Added 64-bit support Get Size, Set Size, and Divide File (for files larger than 4 GB)
    • New Feature:  Image matching now permits "Scan Last Window" + "Start Search at X,Y" settings together, allowing coordinate-based, window-relative image matches
    • New Feature:  Added "Column List Output" for the Sort Function
    • Fix:  "Binary Function" was not allocating enough memory for large hex conversions
    • Fix:  Renamed "Divide File" into "Split File" (automatically backwards compatible)
    • Fix:  Additional safety code for the new memory manager
    • Fix:  Balloon Popup and Screen Message could not appear at the same time due to conflict
    • Fix:  Balloon Popup and Screen Message were not appearing on Win2000 machines due to IE version problems
    • Fix:  Balloon Popup default changed from "Required Response," which will not show the popup
    • Fix:  "Choose a File" was incorrectly showing filters in the output edit field
    • Fix:  "Choose a File" will now include "All Files (*.*)" if not provided by the user
    • Fix:  "Get Web Page Text" rewritten to correctly return visible text similar to "Edit>Select All" in browsers
    • Fix:  Undo saved when new steps are added (previously only saved during modifications)
    • Fix:  Sort Function will not include empty values from sorted list (such as strings of spaces)
    • Fix:  Fixed memory error in Sort Function
    Version 7.202
    • Fix:  Memory allocation change to prevent runaway memory consumption
    Version 7.201
    • New Feature:  Reduced the total Actions from 230 to 220, by combining multiple actions together. This decreased complexity, while at the same time added more features than previous versions.
    • New Feature:  New Recording system:
    • New Feature:        Single top-level Record/Playback feature, with 5 different modes:
    • New Feature:        1) Rec Mode 1: Simple Record & Playback
    • New Feature:        2) Rec Mode 2: Compile Recording into EXE
    • New Feature:        3) Rec Mode 3: Generate vTask Step (Analog Method)
    • New Feature:        4) Rec Mode 4: Generate vTask Script (Event Method)
    • New Feature:        5) Rec Mode 5: Generate vTask Script (Hardware Method)
    • New Feature:        Two Recording Options: Coordinate-based and Image-based
    • New Feature:        Removed old Recording action in favor of single global Record mode (Recording Properties can still be accessed)
    • New Feature:        Added playback speed option to Recordings action (Slow, Normal, Fast, Instantaneous)
    • New Feature:  New Keyboard Mappings system:
    • New Feature:        1) New Keyboard Mapping trigger methods (using combinations of Control, Shift and Alt)
    • New Feature:        2) New Recording map actions: Start, Stop, Play, Play Fast, and Run Program
    • New Feature:        3) New Recording palette, including list editing controls
    • New Feature:        4) New Mapping Edit Dialog
    • New Feature:  TYPE command updates:
    • New Feature:        1) Combined Buffered + Simulated methods into single action
    • New Feature:        2) TYPE command: New SendKeys method
    • New Feature:        3) TYPE command: New Inter-Character Delay property (moved speed management to script)
    • New Feature:        4) TYPE command: Added "Auto Speed Control" option
    • New Feature:  Combined all Mouse Click actions into a single step, which provides additional control for left/right/middle button actions
    • New Feature:  FTP LIST command
    • New Feature:  FTP download command can now cache connections, which allow fast downloads for large file counts
    • New Feature:  LOOP commands now save current iteration into a user variable, instead of a hard-coded system variable
    • New Feature:  Window Loop can choose between Text or Handle data returns
    • New Feature:  Process Loop can choose between EXE or ID data returns
    • New Feature:  CHANGE CASE Function: Combined Upper, Lower, and Title case options
    • New Feature:  New Image capture options, including inline RGB:
    • New Feature:  New "Result" and "On Failure" columns in main grid
    • New Feature:  New Tools>Options layout, including new "Main List" settings tab
    • New Feature:  Ability to select columns to show/hide in main grid
    • New Feature:  Columns can also now be hidden by resizing to 0 width
    • New Feature:  Added {PAGE} system variable for page breaks in PDF documents (in addition to the existing {\p} variable)
    • New Feature:  New diagnostic information in Help>About box
    • New Feature:  Find File action under Files category
    • New Feature:  {loopcount} system variable now allows up to 32 for padding: "{loop1}" - "{loop32}"
    • New Feature:  {CtrlDown} / {CtrlUp} combo entries now available in Keyboard lookup menu
    • New Feature:  IF Expression can now do multiple math calculations for each && and || part
    • New Feature:  Excel: Get Cell includes option to return current cell Formatting
    • New Feature:  New color display for pixels in Properties
    • Fix:  Check for new version online was not working correctly
    • Fix:  Minor change to pre-calculation parsing of numeric values that contained regional-specific decimals
    • Fix:  Auto-indent new steps would indent for IF Quick Checks, which should not be indented because they don't use END IF statements
    • Fix:  Modified method for Recording playback to be OS-independent
    • Fix:  Removed "Recording Playback Accuracy" report from output since Recordings are no longer OS-specific
    • Fix:  Combined run recording and test recording functionality into the same section
    • Fix:  Editing column data in the main grid would fail if a column was hidden
    • Fix:  Redesigned Tools>Options screen to accommodate more settings
    • Fix:  Read-only edit field in User Input now correctly receives focus when shown
    • Fix:  Modified error reporting to be asynchronous for Buffered Keys and certain Wait For commands
    • Fix:  Minor change to logging for compiled EXEs
    • Fix:  IF Expression was incorrectly performing math calculation for "%variable = 1" if %variable contained whitespace
    • Fix:  Change to expression evaluations to return True for "(empty) = 0"
    • Fix:  A rare combination of Call Script + Set Current Directory + File Re-open caused the {filepath} variable to be incorrect
    • Fix:  Enhancement in Read/Write INI Data to handle invalid [Key] formatting
    • Fix:  Fix that checks for overflow for GetFileAttributes
    • Fix:  Safety additions to avoid overflows during directory parsing
    • Fix:  Safety checks for unexpected inserts with OS format message calls
    • Fix:  New diagnostics for Type command
    • Fix:  Type now maintains OEM mode for all keyboard formats if Alt/Control/Shift is pressed
    • Fix:  Type command was not handling VK_SHIFT the same way as Alt and Control were
    • Fix:  Numerous FTP command fixes
    • Fix:  Updated FTP details during download
    • Fix:  Internal change for File and Folder Loops to use newlines as delimiters, which allows semicolons in file names
    • Fix:  "Most Recent SQL Query step" instructions added to Data Loop properties
    • Fix:  The Resize Window command would hide windows that omitted the width or height value (now allows setting one part)
    • Fix:  Corrected problem with ++ and -- operators when used with memory variables
    • Fix:  Moved the User Variables to the top of the lookup menu
    • Fix:  Many minor keyboard tracking fixes (especially memory management changes)
    • Fix:  Custom Dialog was showing unexpanded variables instead of blank defaults
    • Fix:  Minor modifications to default value parsing for User Prompt actions
    • Fix:  Removed XOR Mask as an option for encryption since it does not work with text (still supported but not documented)
    • Fix:  Progress Bar would not disappear when displayed with no text
    • Fix:  Progress Bar was incorrectly displaying decimal values
    • Fix:  "No Image" displayed for graphics when installation is invalid
    • Fix:  Tools > Log file selection dialog was only accepted existing files
    • Fix:  Memory variables like "{1}" were not working properly when incremented by Failure Modes
    • Fix:  Updated error message for failed recordings depending on the OS
    • Fix:  Removed minimize during Recording due to redesign of recordings, plus new keyboard tracking allows minimize at any point, prior to recording
    • Fix:  Excel: Leading-zeros for Set Cell would incorrectly convert into an integer
    • Fix:  Excel: Data with embedded "-" would incorrectly convert into an integer
    • Fix:  Excel: Changed "Cell Display Format" option to "Cell Formatting"
    • Fix:  Excel: When setting cell data that contains only numbers, the existing cell formatting is verified for "Text" before changing to numeric
    • Fix:  Excel: a few memory cleanup corrections during "Create Workbook"
    • Fix:  In Properties, changing a drop-down list entry was not selecting the current option
    • Fix:  Renamed "IF Pixel Color" to "IF Pixel Equals"
    • Fix:  Various low-level memory management changes to improve performance and maintainability
    • Fix:  <value> fields would be used for new Action entries if added to same spot as previous deleted entry
    • Fix:  Changes to delete step functionality with memory management
    • Fix:  Save Result would show old-school ugly Message Box when used in a Call Script
    • Fix:  Added support for {Delay=250} in Event Typing method
    • Fix:  Fixed issue with Call Script with a expired trial period installation
    • Fix:  Calling an external script with "-L" (log) would not work due to internal flag conflict
    • Fix:  Added safety check so that a script cannot call itself (it would cause an endless loop, with a new process for each child)
    Version 7.192
    • Fix:  Switched to 3-digit Minor Version numbering to keep update increments reasonable
    • Fix:  Changed TYPE options wording for clarity (backwards compatible; automatic transition done for existing scripts)
    • Fix:  Additional corrections to the TYPE command to ensure that bracket variables always use OEM codes
    • Fix:  User Prompt progress bar was not displaying percentages correctly if other numbers appeared in the text
    • Fix:  Changes to internal management of popup windows to avoid multiples and/or flashing updates
    • Fix:  Math evaluations that contain decimals now correctly use regional formatting
    Version 7.19
    • Fix:  Custom Dialog fields are all returned; previously, static labels were not returned, which required parsing of field order
    • Fix:  Fix for timing issue when system keys such as {Control} are pressed
    • Fix:  "Screen Message" action now allows dismissal with mouse click
    • Fix:  Changes to internal cursor and font resource creation
    • Fix:  Various modifications to "On Failure" reporting, including more information in notification message
    • Fix:  Changed failure notifications from MB_ICONSTOP to MB_ICONWARNING
    • Fix:  International keyboards were having conflicts with {Alt} and {Ctrl} system keys due to new TYPE features introduced in 7.16
    Version 7.18
    • New Feature:  New validation check for step options during load, save, and validate tool
    • New Feature:  All jump to Label actions (including Failure modes) can now use "{STEPx}" as a destination instead of a Label name
    • New Feature:  Completely rewritten "Auto-Indent new steps" functionality that intelligently indents blocks as steps are added
    • Fix:  Compile EXE will remove partially compiled files if an error occurs
    • Fix:  "Remove Pending Restarts" changed to "Clean Restart Entries Now" and will now remove both VXM and EXE restarts
    • Fix:  The date (month) selection calendar used different windows procedures between Properties and "Choose Date"; combined WndProc
    • Fix:  Due to above fix (single wndproc), year selection now works for month calendar control
    • Fix:  "Max Lines in Properties Fields" would not allow below 3 lines (now allows 1)
    • Fix:  Jump to Label would not work if the label step was a breakpoint
    • Fix:  Jump to Label using {STEPx} would not work using calculated values
    • Fix:  Change to Variables Watch window and Lookup ribbon to not show system variables for loops
    • Fix:  Variables Watch window fixed to show numeric icon when currency values are displayed
    Version 7.17
    • New Feature:  Added "Parent HWND" property to "Use Window" command which now allows searching a subset of child controls
    • New Feature:  Added "Remove Pending Restarts Now" link to Wait properties
    • New Feature:  Moved "Open Data Administrator" from sources list to new link in properties
    • New Feature:  New help icon in Properties window
    • New Feature:  New method for uniquely naming captured images: "Basefile-Image001.BMP", etc.
    • Fix:  Calendar dialog was not returning the selection when double clicked
    • Fix:  Property box Help was not being updated correctly on row changes
    • Fix:  Custom Dialog would show "Label not found" in Output window when user button pressed (only a display problem)
    • Fix:  Corrected Properties help update
    • Fix:  Additional error trapping during Compile EXE
    • Fix:  Added option "Never (remove pending)" to Wait for Restart action
    • Fix:  Fixed Undo in edit fields inside of main script list (was not working if main undo was disabled)
    • Fix:  More corrections to date selection calendar when double-clicked (due to differences in COMMCTRL versions)
    • Fix:  "Date Add" calculations were incorrect for {month} and {year} parts; Modified to match Excel's results
    • Fix:  Environment variables were causing binary data to be incorrectly stored in user variables
    • Fix:  Read-only, single-line input dialog was not correctly placing the "OK" button
    • Fix:  Modified process (thread) messages to handle rare combinations of Custom Dialog steps (dialog would not come to top)
    Version 7.16
    • New Feature:  Added Start, Stop, and Step properties for LOOP action (existing scripts require no modification, since '1' is the default for both)
    • New Feature:  Loop increment supports decimal numbers, to allow fractional increments
    • New Feature:  "Start File Loop" now supports nested loops with separate file lists
    • New Feature:  Added {weekday1} system variable
    • New Feature:  New "Get File Info" options: Drive Total Space, Drive Free Space, Drive Used Space, Drive Name, Drive Type
    • New Feature:  Added new options for the TYPE command: Normal Mode, Always Use ASCII Codes, Always Use ANSI Codes, Never use any codes
    • Fix:  {loop} and {repeats} can be used in place of {loopcount} and {repeatcount} (all will continue to be supported)
    • Fix:  Reordered check type options in "IF Text" to put more common entries first
    • Fix:  Many minor updates to Loop internal management and status display
    • Fix:  Increased speed of Loops during evaluation by caching FROM, TO, and STEP
    • Fix:  {loop} system variable now retains its value based on last loop completed, even outside of loop block, to allow it to be checked upon completion
    • Fix:  GOTO was only closing the innermost IF block that it encountered if nested
    • Fix:  Break out of Loop now closes nested IF blocks
    • Fix:  Changed name of "Contains Only" to "Contains Only Characters from List" for clarity (IF Text action)
    • Fix:  Changed name of "Contains Any" to "Contains Any Characters from List" for clarity (IF Text action)
    • Fix:  Fixed Text Loop bug if no delimiter was present in source
    • Fix:  "Set Environment Variable" was not being set correctly
    • Fix:  Pipe character was not being allowed in lists due to old functionality; removed restriction
    • Fix:  Added safety check and warnings for Keyboard actions if no text provided
    • Fix:  Corrections to main list keyboard handling, step selections, and Cut/Paste functionality
    • Fix:  Moved <comment> storage to bottom for individual records in VXM to match screen representation (updated during Save)
    • Fix:  Enhanced international keyboard recognition for the TYPE command
    • Fix:  Maximum logging to Output window is now only performed during script run (and not during vTask UI actions)
    • Fix:  {dayofyear} system variable was 0-based; changed it to be 1-based so January 1 = day 1
    • Fix:  Removed extra wait time for Type command; added different method to avoid overwhelming the keyboard buffer
    • Fix:  Toolbar buttons were not updating the accelerator key combinations from the default settings
    • Fix:  Updated BASIC script to interpret Environment Variables if compiled without supporting libraries
    • Fix:  Compare Files action had a memory problem if one of the files could not be opened
    • Fix:  Fixed Undo in Properties edit fields, which did not work if main undo was disabled
    • Fix:  New message if watcher thread is prevented from starting by another program
    • Fix:  Added new Sample scripts, and removed a few old ones
    Version 7.15
    • Fix:  Excel: Set Cell would not allow integer values above MAX_INT size
    • Fix:  Correction to random number generation (incorrect bit shift during seed creation)
    • Fix:  Long command lines were not sanity checked when setting variable data
    • Fix:  Excel spreadsheets are no longer auto-closed if the "Close Workbook" action is not used
    • Fix:  Excel spreadsheets will be auto-closed if the workbook was opened hidden
    • Fix:  New warnings when Excel spreadsheets are modified without being saved
    • Fix:  A few minor changes to Output window messages for Excel actions
    • Fix:  Double-clicking a step with "Edit Grid Fields" off would not show the Property box
    • Fix:  "Steps Run" value was off by 1 in Output window
    • Fix:  Custom Dialogs: File Open button did not have correct bitmap in compiled EXEs
    • Fix:  Custom Dialogs: now use current path when displaying the "Select File" box
    • Fix:  Pasting steps when multiple steps are already selected will display confirmation message (previously appended)
    • Fix:  Get File Info was not consistent with decimal values when size in MB was requested
    • Fix:  Using failure mode "Window Image Capture" could cause crash with invalid paths
    • Fix:  Internal modifications and optimizations for low-level file access
    • Fix:  Edit > Paste now replaces when multiple rows are selected
    • Fix:  User Variables were being deleted upon startup with certain registry configurations
    • Fix:  Fixes for Delete File so a nonexistent file won't stop processing of a list of files
    • Fix:  Fast repeated "Find" command would incorrectly simulate a double-click in the main list
    Version 7.14
    • New Feature:  Divide File command (under File category)
    • Fix:  Dozens of internal changes to Compiling EXEs
    • Fix:  Compile EXE shows error in results if unable to embed external files
    • Fix:  Corrections for embedded files in Compile EXE that use quotes or spaces
    • Fix:  "Get File Info" failed if file name contained quotes
    • Fix:  "Get File Info" with get file size option + MB would show bytes instead of fractions if less than 1 MB
    • Fix:  Modified "Create/Set Variable" to simply "Set Variable" for brevity; Full backwards compatiblity maintained (you can leave "Create/Set Variable" in your scripts)
    • Fix:  Combined "Find" and "Select All that Contain" into a single "Find All" dialog box (under Edit menu)
    • Fix:  Compiling a single BASIC step would create an invalid EXE
    • Fix:  Double-clicking a VXM file would also load a blank Untitled document
    • Fix:  Editing Comments steps in the grid now uses the Tools > Options max line size
    • Fix:  Potential fix for rare stop when executing script via -V or -R and it stops on first line
    • Fix:  A few minor changes to startup execution housekeeping for compiled EXEs
    • Fix:  "Excel: Get Cell" would return an error if no data was in the cell
    • Fix:  Read File action would produce a "insufficient memory" error if file didn't exist
    • Fix:  Multiple changes to file name parsing when name contains quotes or spaces (affects multiple actions)
    • Fix:  Corrected file path parsing when using a UNC name instead of a local path
    Version 7.13
    • Fix:  "Get File Info" was not returning the correct drive if the filename didn't exist yet
    • Fix:  "Get File Info" would return different results depending on current working directory
    • Fix:  Compiling from the command line would display status in popup instead of to console
    • Fix:  At startup, Recent File list now auto-cleans itself to avoid keeping invalid and out-of-sequence filenames
    • Fix:  "IF Process is Running" action was not working correctly unless logging was enabled
    • Fix:  A few minor internal changes to the Functions category commands
    • Fix:  "Save Output: To File" no longer requires file to exist during lookup button selection
    • Fix:  Fixed selection when Shift+Arrow follows a Find, Goto, or Bookmark jump in the main script (used to start from top due to listview problem)
    • Fix:  Redesigned "Reload Last File" to use the last file that was worked on (either Open or Saved)
    • Fix:  Minor correction to "Number to Words" for decimal values
    • Fix:  Removed "Math Functions" command since expressions are now accessible in any field with the "=" sign (like Excel)
    • Fix:  "Math Functions" will convert into "Create/Set Variable" if variable output is used, other types will run correctly for backwards compatibility
    Version 7.12
    • New Feature:  "Show Global Variables / Local Variables" option in System Variables lookup button
    • Fix:  The default failure mode was not being applied for new steps
    • Fix:  Display Image + Always on Top would not allow user to close image
    • Fix:  A few minor changes to "Exit vTask Studio" when running with the "-r" switch
    • Fix:  Standardization of sequential menu IDs and control IDs for common commands
    • Fix:  Excel actions would not allow variables for Cell reference
    • Fix:  The Excel section was omitted from the PDF version of the help file
    • Fix:  Enhanced the Excel error reporting in the Output window
    • Fix:  Compile EXE when using an external icon was not working with long path names
    • Fix:  Progress bar user prompts were not showing correct percentage due to invalid number conversion
    • Fix:  "Shutdown" action was closing vTask before it had a chance to complete full shutdown
    Version 7.1
    • New Feature:  Added "%H" (convert Hex to Decimal) in Format Number action
    • New Feature:  Added "Convert Binary -> ASCII (text)" option for Binary Function
    • New Feature:  Undocumented "vTask.INI" file support for changing the main Registry key for settings
    • Fix:  Fixed major bug with floating point decimals when doing integer conversions
    • Fix:  {Delay} entries in TYPE were not working correctly
    • Fix:  If the CapsLock key was pressed, the TYPE command would incorrectly invert case of letters
    • Fix:  A few minor corrections to Read File action in cases where file does not exist
    • Fix:  Changes to "Binary" functions so that they don't remove characters in normal ASCII range
    • Fix:  Modifications to compiler EXE optimizations
    • Fix:  A few extra backwards compatibility modes for older versions
    • Fix:  Pressing Enter key on a non-editable step did not display the Properties dialog
    • Fix:  Timeout was not working with fractions of a second for Custom Dialog
    • Fix:  {vTask_ver} system variable was not working correctly
    • Fix:  Altered "Unable to start AutoType" message to not display after success
    • Fix:  Modified all User Input dialog boxes to match Windows standards (buttons on bottom)
    • Fix:  By virtue of the new modified User Input dialogs, there is additional room for static labels (prompts)
    Version 7.0
      New Excel Category:
    • New Feature:  Create Workbook
    • New Feature:  Open Workbook
    • New Feature:  Close Workbook
    • New Feature:  Save Workbook
    • New Feature:  Get Cell
    • New Feature:  Set Cell
    • New Feature:  Select Cell
    • New Feature:  Format Cell

      New Hardware Category:

    • New Feature:  Get Computer Information
    • New Feature:  Serial Port Send
    • New Feature:  Serial Port Receive

      Other New Actions:

    • New Feature:  BASIC Script
    • New Feature:  AutoType feature
    • New Feature:  Custom Dialog
    • New Feature:  Text Loop
    • New Feature:  Get Window Info
    • New Feature:  Child Control Action
    • New Feature:  GOSUB Label
    • New Feature:  Return from GOSUB
    • New Feature:  Create Adobe PDF
    • New Feature:  Create Shortcut
    • New Feature:  Binary Function
    • New Feature:  Read INI Data
    • New Feature:  Write INI Data
    • New Feature:  Delete INI Data
    • New Feature:  Compare Files
    • New Feature:  IF Key is Pressed
    • New Feature:  New Save Output list with icons for easy identification
    • New Feature:  New Save Output options: Excel Spreadsheet, Adobe PDF Document, Memory Variables
    • New Feature:  New Memory storage, which works like variables, provides fast access, and is not physically stored on the PC. Accessed via {1} - {9}
    • New Feature:  New Reporting functionality, with 4 new formats: Text (.txt), Comma (.csv), Web (.html), and Excel (.xls)
    • New Feature:  Simplified Report generation, without any XSLT/XPath programming required
    • New Feature:  Completely new Compile EXE functionality
    • New Feature:  "Encrypt Script Source" option, which prohibits decompiling EXE's
    • New Feature:  Compile EXE includes "Package Images" which can embed Image files and Data files into Compiled EXE
    • New Feature:  "Package Images" will reuse links if common images are used in multiple steps
    • New Feature:  Compile EXE now optimizes based on specific actions
    • New Feature:  Compile EXE has new verbose output (including optimization report)
    • New Feature:  Compile EXE can connect to running debug EXE process (tech support feature)
    • New Feature:  Compile EXE optimization can create an EXE as small as 21k when BASIC code is compiled
    • New Feature:  Support for Multiple Monitors
    • New Feature:  Added {HTTP_STATUS} system variable for accessing returned web status codes (200=OK, 404=Not Found, etc)
    • New Feature:  Added {DESKTOP} and {STARTMENU} system variables
    • New Feature:  Right-click menu in Favorites includes "Customize XML" for directly modifying the action's XML
    • New Feature:  Double-clicking on an item in the Output window will display the full text in a popup
    • New Feature:  New Chop options: Everything After, Everything Before, First Character, Last Character
    • New Feature:  Additional formatting in main grid to show multiple data fields in the Command Text column (for better readability)
    • New Feature:  Added the {language} system variable
    • New Feature:  Added <>, !=, <=, and >= operators for all math calculations
    • New Feature:  Added support for min, max, abs, ceil, floor, sin, cos, tan, atan, and round intrinsic functions directly inside of math calculations
    • New Feature:  New "Default Formatting" for the Format Number command, which utilizes regional settings
    • New Feature:  Added "View" to right-click menu in Output window
    • New Feature:  BASIC action includes a color-coded syntax editor in Properties
    • Fix:  Major changes to main grid data display, which now allows editing of all actions directly in the grid
    • Fix:  "Get Sub Text" includes new performance optimizations when used inside of a loop (500+ PDF pages printed per second)
    • Fix:  Additional memory safety check for large text fields that are combined with large option counts
    • Fix:  "Highlight current step during playback" would select last step even if turned off
    • Fix:  Corrections to the internals of WM_HELP functionality
    • Fix:  Modified Favorites to be single Registry entries; also now ties directly to main Actions list for icons
    • Fix:  Favorite actions from v6 that only had a partial record are not imported into v7
    • Fix:  Favorites no longer duplicate themselves if they get out of sequence in the registry
    • Fix:  When new Favorites are added, other categories will not automatically close
    • Fix:  More accurate drag and drop for Favorites reordering
    • Fix:  Replaced "Add to Favorites as Group" in favor of a single "Add to Favorites" command
    • Fix:  Additional error messages when compiled EXE does not execute properly
    • Fix:  Faster load time for very large files; better load progress updates
    • Fix:  Removed "Start and Wait for Program to Exit" and "Start Hidden" since they mapped to normal "Start" command
    • Fix:  Additional "File-Save" changes to allow saving an empty file
    • Fix:  Significant changes to internal memory management, especially with step blocks
    • Fix:  Fixes to the "-L" command switch: it now works correctly, and only sets the log for the current instance
    • Fix:  Changes to temp file creation to avoid unnecessary files
    • Fix:  Modified "Start Browser" action to launch browser with default start page (configured in browser)
    • Fix:  Added support for "-?" to compiled EXEs, which shows switch reference
    • Fix:  Compiled EXEs were incorrectly trying to locate installed vTask on blank PC's (a problem if older versions were around)
    • Fix:  The -L command line switch was not working for compiled EXEs
    • Fix:  "Run Single Instance" compile option was preventing launching new processes / calling external scripts
    • Fix:  Changes to how Properties window refreshes when main grid is clicked
    • Fix:  Enhanced binary variables to accept lowercase as well as uppercase {\ff} and {\FF}
    • Fix:  Reordered "User Prompt" properties for consistency across all actions
    • Fix:  Starting a script run while editing Properties will save the changes before run begins
    • Fix:  Login user prompt was not saving data into requested variable
    • Fix:  Deprecated {login_username} and {login_password} in favor of single user variable return; still supported for backward compatibility
    • Fix:  Login user prompt can now set both the default username and password prior to showing dialog
    • Fix:  "Service Startup Type" was not showing the dropdown list of startup options
    • Fix:  Mouse actions would not close the "Relative To" property list
    • Fix:  Internal changes to Skip/Breakpoint toggling
    • Fix:  Additional warnings if keypresses and Excel Workbooks are not correctly closed before script ends
    • Fix:  Changes to the /? help display output, especially for command-line references
    • Fix:  Remembers placement and sizes of various input dialogs between sessions
    • Fix:  Changed "Custom Message Box" to "Custom Message"
    • Fix:  Made User Prompt buttons language-specific to match the current regional settings
    • Fix:  Loosened restrictions for VXM files: no <vTask> or <?xml version...> tags required
    • Fix:  Updated Custom XML tags to include any non-VXM type tags, including <?xml version...> tags
    • Fix:  Changed result message window to "topmost" so it wouldn't be hidden behind other windows during a run
    • Fix:  Improvements to internal floating point number management
    • Fix:  Encoding embedded XML entries inside of a script would fail if buffer was too small
    • Fix:  CALL Script action would behave incorrectly if a compiled EXE was called
    • Fix:  Deprecated the "Math Calculation" action in favor of allowing full expressions in any field. "Math Calculation" will remain fully supported for existing scripts.
    • Fix:  Enhanced the "Wait for Window" action in situations where the window is already visible - no waiting is performed
    • Fix:  Removed "Use local settings for number formats" option due to new math formula parser (now accepts intrinsic math functions, so commas in a numeric value are not valid)
    • Fix:  A few minor changes to Call DLL parameter parsing, especially when using number constants
    • Fix:  "Text via Clipboard" was incorrectly changing CRLF combinations into plain CR
    • Fix:  Removed "Run Hidden" as an option with Call Script, as it is not possible to run the steps of vTask script hidden
    • Fix:  The -r switch was not case insensitive to filename extensions
    • Fix:  "Reset User Interface" would lock window size if the app was maximized
    • Fix:  Modified Run Program lookup menu to read the Start Menu, not the Desktop
    • Fix:  Removed dozens of old registry settings from historical versions that are no longer supported
    • Fix:  The Output window will show strings with newlines as separate entries
    • Fix:  The Exit vTask Studio action did not have a property for setting the return code like Exit Run
    • Fix:  Modifications to the PE header information for compiled EXE's
    • Fix:  Status text "Run Completed on [STEP n]" was showing +1 for the step number and steps run
    • Fix:  Modifications to the automatic release of keys that were pressed during a run
    • Fix:  Changed "Move Window" from 1-based coordinates to 0-based coordinates of Windows (0,0 is upper left). This was necessary to remove discrepancies between different actions.
    • Fix:  Format Number was not correctly changing negatives from -1 to (1) when requested
    • Fix:  "Use Window" would not activate window if it target had an owner (parent) and was a popup type
    • Fix:  Forcing a running script to stop while a User Input message was still showing could crash vTask
    • Fix:  Save Output would repeatedly display/store the same output until the action's timeout was reached
    • Fix:  Variables that contained characters above 128 would give the warning "contains binary data, and cannot be edited"
    • Fix:  Many minor interface changes (such as icon refreshes) and help file fixes


    vTask Studio 7.89 | ЛЕГИОН.net

    Vista Software vTask Studio 7.89 – интересная программа (извсетная как VistaTask) для записи любых действий пользователя с последующим точным воспроизведением. Достаточно запустить программу и щелкнуть по кнопке Start Recording, после чего она будет отслеживать все нажатия клавиш и любое движение курсора мыши. Все зафиксированные действия воспроизводятся в любое удобное время, в том числе установленное в планировщике задач. В настройках программы можно управлять скоростью воспроизведения запротоколированных действий. Кроме этого, VTask может создать исполняемый файл .EXE, при запуске которого будут повторяться записанные пользователем действия. Такую программу очень удобно использовать для упрощения повседневной работы. Если Вам каждый день приходится открывать одни и те же программы и проделывать в них одни и те же действия, VTask будет просто незаменима. Например, с ее помощью можно запускать почтовую программу и проверять почту, открывать определенные страницы в браузере и т.д. VTask будет удобна и при переустановке системы, когда необходимо устанавливать программы заново. Запишите последовательность действий при установке, и в следующий раз VTask установит нужную программу за Вас. Скачать программу можно по прямой ссылке (с облака) внизу страницы. Основные возможности программы vTask Studio:
    • Полный Контроль ПК: мышь, клавиатура, меню.
    • Доступ к файлам, реестру и базам данных .
    • Запись и воспроизведение.
    • Пользовательские переменные и списки массива.
    • Автоматизации электронных таблиц Excel.
    • Создание XLS и PDF файлы без Excel / Adobe.
    • Компиляция скриптов в отдельные программы.


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    Системные требования:
    Операционная система:Windows XP,Vista,7,8 (x86,x64)
    Процессор:1 ГГц
    Оперативная память:512 МБ
    Место на жестком диске: 10 МБ
    Язык интерфейса:английский
    Размер: 7 МБ
    апте4ка:в комплекте
    *архив БЕЗ пароля

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