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Why is your software called "vTask"?

Originally the company was called "Vista Software, Inc", so version 1.0 of the product was named "VistaTask". Then Microsoft Windows Vista© came out, and due to the confusion, the product name was shortened to vTask. A whole bunch of pre-printed DVDs had to be scrapped...

My automation script cannot identify some windows / controls / webpage items.

Items that are not actual WinAPI windows or controls cannot be seen by vTask, since it doesn't have access to the DOM or things like .NET controls. You can determine if something is an actual window by going to the menu Tools > Display All Windows & Controls.

If the item is not a window, then use Image Recognition instead. That should always work for all apps & platforms (be sure to set the Pixel Color Tolerance and Match Percentage for consistent recognition). Visual Image Recognition is a unique vTask feature and is the preferred method for finding and interacting with screen elements.Backup plan: Keyboard navigation and activation also usually works.

Can I sell a program I made with vTask?

Absolutely! Anything you make with vTask is 100% yours to use as you wish.

vTask (or a program it compiled) was flagged by a virus scanner.Does it have a virus/trojan/malware?

This topic comes up with amazing regularity. No, vTask does not contain any malware, and is created on a standalone, unconnected PC with a fresh OS installation that has no other software installed. What you are seeing is a "false positive", and you can safely ignore the invalid warnings. For reassurance, you can check vTask's integrity with the Virus Total free online scanner (a majority of scanners mark vTask as clean).

It is not surprising that vTask gets flagged, since it contains advanced capabilities such as automated keyboard input and direct hardware access. These can appear as a "keylogger" to paranoid scanners. If you are compiling an EXE, it sometimes helps to turn off the option Compress for smallest size since that can look suspicious to scanners.

There is nothing that we can fix, take out, or modify to avoid false positives. See here, here, and here to see how this has been a constant problem for over a decade.

Can vTask be purchased with a Corporate Check / Purchase Order / (something that's not a credit card)?

Sorry, only credit cards.

Can I install vTask on my home PC, and also on another PC, if I promise to only use one at a time?

Sure. We're pretty lenient about legitimate uses of vTask, and we don't lock licenses to a single PC or anything like that.

Can I reinstall vTask over and over again, for example, if I reinstall Windows?

Yes. vTask license keys do not expire. It's yours forever. Just use your key again as normal when reinstalling vTask.

Help! I lost my License Key!

No problem, email [email protected] and we'll resend it ASAP. Include the email you used for purchase, or your name, or the purchase date, or anything else you can think of to help us locate your record. (Note: we don't have a web-based key lookup in order to protect your privacy.)

Do I need an internet connection to use vTask?

No, an internet connection is not necessary to run vTask (you can prove it by just unplugging your network cable, vTask runs fine). Of course, vTask includes web commands for your automation scripts, and naturally those need a working connection to function properly.

Does vTask have a "portable" mode?

Tools > Options > General > "Store Settings in text file (.ini)"   Short answer: Sufficient resources are not available to provide individualized technical assistance. Longer answer: Historically, we used to have instant email response time, unlimited support tickets for all customers, and even a free 1-800 dedicated customer service number. Eventually, it became completely unsustainable (workdays became mostly just handling support; and in some cases questions kept coming 12 years after purchase). Switching to an alternative business model, the price was substantially lowered for software licenses (1/3 of previous cost), the online Forum has community advice, and there are resources such as the User's Help Guide and hundreds of example automation scripts. Experience has shown that a small subset of users will use any possible means to demand assistance, and persist indefinitely and sometimes threateningly, so regrettably no exceptions can be made for direct contact links. If you absolutely must communicate for other reasons, [email protected] is the administrative inbox. Note: Obviously, any topic unrelated to administration (such as tech support and bug reports) are unlikely to receive responses from the Admin email.

What is the future of vTask Studio?

vTask has reached a point of stability/maturity where it doesn't make sense to introduce dramatic changes; the risk is too high for companies who depend on it, and sales probably wouldn't benefit from a large code refactoring. vTask is considered to be in "maintenance mode" at this point with minor bug fixes rolled out on a periodic basis. It's highly tested software and works great, and continues to be available to handle new automation projects! There are other special projects under development ("TinyTask" for example), however it's been difficult to estimate any release dates. These other projects have a direct benefit for vTask, and in many cases have already added extra features to vTask.


vTask Studio 7.912 Portable :: NoNaMe

vTask Studio 7.912 Portable|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|15.7 mbvTask Studio — сборник системных инструментов, для автоматизации действий пользователя.


vTask Studio — это набор мощных и простых в использовании инструментов, с помощью которых пользователь ПК сможет автоматизировать выполнение большинства стандартных операций.

Приложение способно «запомнить» любое действие, выполняемое пользователем, и впоследствии аккуратно воспроизвести его без постороннего вмешательства. vTask Studio — раньше известная как VistaTask, интересная программа, для записи любых действий пользователя с последующим точным воспроизведением. Достаточно запустить программу и выбрать пункт "HardWare -> Recording", после чего, если в окне Properties нажать "Click to start new Recording", она будет отслеживать все нажатия клавиш и любое движение курсора мыши, записывая происходящее в аналоговом формате. Все зафиксированные действия можно воспроизвести в любое удобное время. Кроме этого, VTask может создать исполняемый файл .EXE, при запуске которого будут повторяться записанные пользователем действия. Такую программу очень удобно использовать для упрощения повседневной работы. Если вам каждый день приходится открывать одни и те же программы и проделывать в них одни и те же действия, VTask будет просто незаменима. Например, с ее помощью можно запускать почтовую программу и проверять почту, открывать определенные страницы в браузере и т.д. VTask будет удобна и при переустановке системы, когда необходимо устанавливать программы заново. Запишите последовательность действий при установке, и в следующий раз VTask установит нужную программу за вас.Ключевые возможности: • Более 200 действий vTask Studio может выполнять действия, доступные для автоматизации всех аспектов окружающей среды Windows. Действия сгруппированы в четкие категории, такие как: клавиатура, меню, папки и файлы и т.д. Просто перетащите необходимые действия в окно командного списка программы, для того, чтобы быстро создавать сценарии автоматизации. Задача создания сценариев автоматизации с vTask Studio легче и быстрее , чем в любой другой похожей программе. • Формат файла XML vTask использует текстовый формат XML для своих файлов. Вы можете легко изменить XML-текст с помощью любого редактора. • Компиляция результата в EXE vTask позволяет из файла автоматизации сценария создать автономную программу. Такая программа для Windows будет полностью автономной и не требует для себя запуска каких-либо библиотек .NET, плагинов, или наличия самого vTask. Созданная таким образом программа может свободно распространяться по всему миру, без каких-либо лицензионных ограничений. • Функции WinAPI Возможность WinAPI является отличительной особенностью vTask, обеспечивая вам прямое взаимодействие с операционной системой Windows. С помощью всего одного шага, и без каких-либо библиотек, кода или надстроек, вы можете получить доступ к более чем 2000 низкоуровневых функций Windows. В сочетании с возможностью компиляции программ в vTask, возможны некоторые действительно замечательные сценарии автоматизации. • Опознавание изображений vTask имеет возможность манипулировать управлением различных объектов, например, кнопками в любой программе. Однако, во многих ситуациях, легче автоматизированно управлять на основе изображений на экране. Ссылки, веб-изображения, являются хорошим примером ситуации, где автоматизация на основе изображений является предпочтительной. С расширенными функциями для изображений, например, нечеткого логического соответствия изображений (найти похожие изображения), vTask легко обрабатывает скрипты управления изображениями.Название: vTask StudioГод выпуска: 2015Версия: 7.912Страница программы :HomepageSystem RequirementsIBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)Windows Vista all SPWindows 7Язык: Английский

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vTask Studio 7.88 Full + Crack

vTask Studio 7.88 come with size (7.11 Mb) is support including Internet actions, database queries, file operations, window controls, mouse gestures, keyboard input, and other activities, including the activities of more than 160 different automation tools with features. You can only attract wants Activities way to define new tasks automatic control, and configuration details for each step of the operation.

The software includes a wide range of dynamic variables can be internal task (dates, system commands, etc.) are used, as well as for ongoing support can prompt the user before the function of pushing the task dialog box. You can also enter a query result, existing files, math, visualization and all the IF statement conditions many other factors to create a high-level mission statement Other features include direct access to the Win32 API, checkpoints, loops, jumps, recording and playback, and so on. VistaTask can even compile the entire task to even appear on other computers can be used to perform a single task can be an executable file (EXE file) that, although the software supports a very complex task, but the software is easy to use and do not need to learn a new scripting language.

vTask Studio is an automation program for Microsoft Windows that can control every aspect of your computer, such as the mouse, keyboard, and other programs, without requiring programming. vTask Studio provides significant productivity gains in areas such as software quality assurance (QA) testing, IT administration, repetitive data jobs, or creating simple interfaces for PC tasks.

Automate your PC with vTask StudiovTask Studio is software which allows you to automate jobs on your computer. You can use vTask Studio to control the mouse, keyboard, and other programs. This is done by simple drag & drop task design — No programming is required!

Popular uses for vTask Studio include software quality assurance (“QA testing”), administrative tasks, or any repetitive job. Put your computer to work for you!

vTask FeaturesvTask Studio includes all the features you need to automate your computer, such as launching apps, mouse actions, and loops. Of course, it goes beyond the basics, and also includes advanced automation capabilities such as checkpoints and database queries.

However, what really sets vTask apart are its unique features like image matching and an integrated EXE compiler. And all of that functionality is contained inside of a program that is only 1 megabyte in size! vTask is very efficiently written, something we’re proud of.

Over 200 ActionsvTask Studio has actions available to automate all aspects of the Windows environment. The actions are grouped into clear categories, such as Keyboard, Menu, and Files. Drag and Drop the actions to quickly create automation scripts. Task creation is easier and quicker with vTask Studio than in any competing product.

XML File FormatvTask uses the text XML format for its files. You can easily modify the XML text-based format with any editor. Also, XML files provide a level of safety – no proprietary binary file formats that can’t be read with other programs. Finally, it is easy to query XML files to create reports of your automation scripts for management or documentation.

EXE CompilervTask allows you to take an automation script file and create a standalone program. The native Windows program will be completely self-contained, and will not require any libraries to run — no .NET, no plugins, not even vTask itself. The compiled program can be distributed freely worldwide, with no royalties.

Native WinAPIWinAPI capability is a distinguishing feature of vTask that provides you direct entry into the Windows operating system. With a just single step, and without any libraries, code, or add-ins, you can gain access to over 2,000 low-level Windows functions. When combined with vTask’s ability to compile programs, some truly remarkable automation scripts are possible.

Image RecognitionvTask has the ability to manipulate controls such as buttons in any program, however in many situations, it is easier to drive automation based on screen images. Web image links are a good example of a scenario where image-based automation is preferable. With advanced image features such as fuzzy logic image matching (find images that are similar), vTask handles image-driven scripts easily.

OS : Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/7/8

Download: Uploaded + Baidu

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vTask Studio - Revision History

Version 7.912 Version 7.90 Version 7.89 Version 7.88 Version 7.87 Version 7.86 Version 7.85 Version 7.84 Version 7.83 Version 7.82 Version 7.81 Version 7.80 Version 7.78 Version 7.77 Version 7.76 Version 7.75 Version 7.74 Version 7.73 Version 7.72 Version 7.71 Version 7.70 Version 7.65 Version 7.64 Version 7.63 Version 7.62 Version 7.61 Version 7.60 Version 7.57 Version 7.56 Version 7.55 Version 7.54 Version 7.53 Version 7.52 Version 7.51 Version 7.50
  • New Feature:  New function under the TEXT category:


  • New Feature:  Excel "Get Cell Format" command, which includes the options:

  • New Feature:  In-grid editing of "Save Result" and "Failure Mode"
  • New Feature:  Added support for Windows 7 for version queries
  • New Feature:  Ability to set the default "Save Output To" selection for new steps (in Tools-Options-Run Options; However not performed for flow-type commands)
  • New Feature:  "Press Cancel to Stop" option for display message output
  • New Feature:  Switched to 2-digit version numbers for simplicity and clarity
  • New Feature:  Window searches now allow wildcards in the CLASS name, which will match dynamic .NET controls
  • New Feature:  Added keyboard lookup menu for "Wait for Keypress" and "Wait for Typed Text" actions
  • New Feature:  New Log Levels: Off / Low / High
  • New Feature:  New additional information and formatting for Logging
  • New Feature:  Non-editable grid cells are indicated with a light gray background (set via "NonEditableFill" in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\vTask\Colors)
  • New Feature:  Added new failure option: "Run Program"
  • New Feature:  Find now wraps if search string is not found
  • New Feature:  Enhanced Find dialog includes history of past searches
  • New Feature:  Find dialog remembers its previous screen position
  • Fix:  "Run Program" and "Call Script" could cause crash on certain PCs
  • Fix:  Snapshot tool for 16x16 and 32x32 would only work on first screen if there are multiple monitors
  • Fix:  TEXT() function was incorrectly formatting month instead of minutes if time string did not include colon delimiter
  • Fix:  Reordered lookup Function menu to better match common formulas
  • Fix:  Small layout modifications to the Tools => Options => Logging dialog
  • Fix:  "Wait for Date/Time" command was incorrectly parsing date strings if non-standard format was used
  • Fix:  Stop Run key was incorrectly mapping during startup
  • Fix:  Stop Run key could be pressed before run, resulting in an undesired script stop
  • Fix:  "Show System Variables" was not appearing in the main grid lookup menu
  • Fix:  Changed "Show System Variables" menu text to "Show Lookup Menu"
  • Fix:  Removed "Show System Variables" from Options (redundant interface)
  • Fix:  Removed support for Global vs. Local variables due to frequent conflicts and minimal advantages
  • Fix:  In-grid file lookup would error if filename was part of a formula
  • Fix:  Changes to log output for "Wait for Date/Time"
  • Fix:  Date/Time functions were interpreting certain month names as format codes
  • Fix:  vTask already included full support for the Excel/Lotus 1900 leap year issue, however additional adjustment needed for Windows weekday name functions
  • Fix:  Renamed "Video Display Mode" to "Change Display Settings" to avoid conflicts with new Hardware commands  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Changed "Format Cell" to "Set Cell Format" to allow for new Excel commands  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Moved Cell Format options from >value3< to >options< for consistency, and to allow viewing in main grid  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Moved Cell Format values from >value3< to >value2< for consistency  (backwards compatible, no modification required)
  • Fix:  Modified internal data structure storage for results, output, and failure flags
  • Fix:  Corrected default action so that "Failure Mode" will not be set if command doesn't use it
  • Fix:  Changing the output to "(do not save)" would still show previous variables in the main grid
  • Fix:  FTP commands now allow a variable for passwords
  • Fix:  Result is not returned for RUN commands that do not wait for program exit (as the return code means nothing at that point)
  • Fix:  Loop counts modified to show the actual integer repetition, however to not break any scripts the previous decimal value remains for the {loop} variable
  • Fix:  Fixed option for "generate output even if window is closed"
  • Fix:  Improved execution speed when processing user variables
  • Fix:  Delete variable was not working properly when used for arrays
  • Fix:  Calling Windows API with null parameters could crash certain functions
  • Fix:  Run Program was not always reporting failures correctly
  • Fix:  Grid selection would also select unwanted rows after using Edit-Find
  • Version 7.425 Version 7.424 Version 7.423 Version 7.422 Version 7.421 Version 7.420 Version 7.401 Version 7.350 Version 7.341 Version 7.340 Version 7.331 Version 7.330 Version 7.324 Version 7.322 Version 7.321 Version 7.320 Version 7.314 Version 7.313 Version 7.312 Version 7.311 Version 7.310 Version 7.301 - 7.305 (Beta versions) Version 7.214 Version 7.213 Version 7.212 Version 7.211 Version 7.210 Version 7.209 Version 7.208 Version 7.207 Version 7.206 Version 7.205 Version 7.204 Version 7.203 Version 7.202 Version 7.201 Version 7.192 Version 7.19 Version 7.18 Version 7.17 Version 7.16 Version 7.15 Version 7.14 Version 7.13 Version 7.12 Version 7.1 Version 7.0


    vTask Studio 7.89 | ЛЕГИОН.net

    Vista Software vTask Studio 7.89 – интересная программа (извсетная как VistaTask) для записи любых действий пользователя с последующим точным воспроизведением. Достаточно запустить программу и щелкнуть по кнопке Start Recording, после чего она будет отслеживать все нажатия клавиш и любое движение курсора мыши. Все зафиксированные действия воспроизводятся в любое удобное время, в том числе установленное в планировщике задач. В настройках программы можно управлять скоростью воспроизведения запротоколированных действий. Кроме этого, VTask может создать исполняемый файл .EXE, при запуске которого будут повторяться записанные пользователем действия. Такую программу очень удобно использовать для упрощения повседневной работы. Если Вам каждый день приходится открывать одни и те же программы и проделывать в них одни и те же действия, VTask будет просто незаменима. Например, с ее помощью можно запускать почтовую программу и проверять почту, открывать определенные страницы в браузере и т.д. VTask будет удобна и при переустановке системы, когда необходимо устанавливать программы заново. Запишите последовательность действий при установке, и в следующий раз VTask установит нужную программу за Вас. Скачать программу можно по прямой ссылке (с облака) внизу страницы. Основные возможности программы vTask Studio:


    нажмите на картинку и она увеличится


    Системные требования:
    Операционная система:Windows XP,Vista,7,8 (x86,x64)
    Процессор:1 ГГц
    Оперативная память:512 МБ
    Место на жестком диске: 10 МБ
    Язык интерфейса:английский
    Размер: 7 МБ
    апте4ка:в комплекте
    *архив БЕЗ пароля

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