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Bram Cohen, author of the BitTorrent protocol, made the first BitTorrent client, which he also called BitTorrent, and published it in July 2001.[2]

In 2013 Thunder Networking Technologies admitted that some of their employees surreptitiously distributed a Trojan horse with certain releases of Xunlei, the company's BitTorrent-ready download manager.[3][4] Xunlei is included in the comparison tables.

Name Developer Software license Latest stable software release Operating system Year (not dynamic, but easier for sorting) ABC various PSFL 3.1 (October 2, 2005; 12 years ago (2005-10-02)[5]) Windows, Linux 2005 Acquisition Acquisition Proprietary 2.2 (v223) (November 19, 2010; 6 years ago (2010-11-19)) [±] OSX 2010 BitComet BitComet Development Group Proprietary, Adware 1.45 (January 17, 2017; 8 months ago (2017-01-17)) [±][6] Windows 2017 BitLet various ASL  ? (Java runtime) 2015 BitLord House of Life Proprietary, Adware

installs WhenU adware


2.4.5 (February 13, 2017; 8 months ago (2017-02-13)) [±]

Mac OSX:2.4.4-308 (June 25, 2016; 15 months ago (2016-06-25)) [±]

Windows, OSX 2017 BitSpirit ByteLinker Inc. Proprietary (December 29, 2010; 6 years ago (2010-12-29)[7]) [±] Windows 2010 BitTornado John Hoffman MIT 0.3.17 (October 19, 2006; 11 years ago (2006-10-19)) [±] Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD 2006 BitTorrent BitTorrent Proprietary, Adware Windows macOS Android / September 6, 2017; 45 days ago (2017-09-06)[8] / May 8, 2017; 5 months ago (2017-05-08)[9] / September 15, 2017; 36 days ago (2017-09-15)[10]
Windows, OSX 2017 BitTyrant University of Washington GPL 1.1.1 (September 7, 2007; 10 years ago (2007-09-07)[11]) [±] Windows, OSX, Linux 2007 Blog Torrent Downhill Battle GPL 0.92 (April 20, 2005; 12 years ago (2005-04-20)) [±] Windows, OSX 2005 Deluge various GPL 1.3.15 (May 12, 2017; 5 months ago (2017-05-12)) [±] Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD 2017 FlashGet Trend Media Proprietary (May 17, 2013; 4 years ago (2013-05-17)[12]) [±] Windows 2012 Folx Eltima Software Proprietary 5.0.13493 (May 26, 2016; 16 months ago (2016-05-26)) [±] OSX 2016 Free Download Manager alervd Proprietary 5.1.29 (build 6471) (June 16, 2017; 4 months ago (2017-06-16)) [±][13] Windows, OSX 2017 FrostWire The FrostWire Project GPLOptionally installs toolbar 6.5.8 (September 22, 2017; 29 days ago (2017-09-22)) [±] Windows, OSX, Linux, Android 2016 KGet KDE GPL 4.14.3 (November 11, 2014; 2 years ago (2014-11-11)) [±][14] Linux, Firefox 2014 KTorrent Joris Guisson, Ivan Vasić GPL 5.1 (August 31, 2017; 51 days ago (2017-08-31)[15]) [±] Linux 2016 Lftp Alexander V. Lukya GPL 4.8.3 (October 9, 2017; 12 days ago (2017-10-09) [16]) [±] Linux 2017 LimeWire Lime Wire LLC GPL 5.5.16 (September 30, 2010; 7 years ago (2010-09-30)) [±] Windows, OSX, Linux 2010 Meerkat Bittorrent Client 47 Software Proprietary 1.5.8 (August 28, 2011; 6 years ago (2011-08-28)) [±] Windows 2011 Miro Participatory Culture Foundation GPL 6.0 (April 16, 2013; 4 years ago (2013-04-16)) [±][17] Windows, OSX, Linux 2013 MLDonkey MLDonkey Project GPL 3.1.5 (March 22, 2014; 3 years ago (2014-03-22)[18]) [±] Windows, OSX, Linux, MorphOs 2014 µTorrent Ludvig Strigeus Proprietary, Adware [a] Microsoft Windows:3.5.0 (build 44090) (September 22, 2017; 29 days ago (2017-09-22)) [±][19][20]

OS X for Intel:1.8.7 (build 43796) (May 8, 2017; 5 months ago (2017-05-08)) [±][21][22]OS X for PPC:1.6.5 (build 27624) (May 15, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-05-15)) [±][21][23]Android:3.39 (May 23, 2017; 4 months ago (2017-05-23)) [±][24][25]

Windows, OSX, Android 2017 OneSwarm University of Washington GPL 0.7.5 (May 23, 2011; 6 years ago (2011-05-23)[26]) [±] 2011 Opera 12 Opera Software Proprietary Windows (Presto) – 12.17Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X – 12.16 Windows, OSX, Linux 2016 qBittorrent Christophe Dumez GPL 3.3.14 (July 19, 2017; 3 months ago (2017-07-19)) [±][27] Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD 2017 rTorrent Jari Sundell GPL rTorrent 0.9.6 / libTorrent 0.13.6 (September 3, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-09-03)) [±][28] Linux 2015 Robert Sponge, co-developer of I2P GPL 2009 Shareaza Shareaza Development Team GPL (September 18, 2017; 33 days ago (2017-09-18)[29]) [±] Windows 2015 SymTorrent Imre Kelényi GPL 1.51 (October 23, 2012; 4 years ago (2012-10-23)[30]) [±] Symbian 2011 Tixati Kevin Hearn Proprietary 2.55 (August 10, 2017; 2 months ago (2017-08-10)[31]) [±] Windows, Linux 2017 Tomato Torrent Sarwat Khan BT OSL 1.5.1 (October 27, 2007; 9 years ago (2007-10-27)[32]) OSX 2007 Tonido CodeLathe Proprietary (December 31, 2012; 4 years ago (2012-12-31)) [±] Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD 2012 TorrentFlux various GPL 2.4 (June 18, 2008; 9 years ago (2008-06-18)[33]) [±] PHP Server 2008 Transmission various GPL/MIT 2.92 (March 6, 2016; 19 months ago (2016-03-06)) [±][34] Windows, Linux 2016 Tribler The Tribler Team LGPL 6.5.2 (May 13, 2016; 16 months ago (2016-05-13)) [±][35] Windows, OSX, Linux, Android 2016 Vuze (formerly Azureus) Vuze Proprietary (platform), GPL (core engine), Adware (February 28, 2017; 7 months ago (2017-02-28)) [±][36] Windows, OSX, Linux, Android 2016 WebTorrent MIT MIT WebTorrent 0.98.18 (April 14, 2017; 6 months ago (2017-04-14)) [±][37] 2017 Wyzo Radical Software Proprietary 3.6.4 (September 24, 2010; 7 years ago (2010-09-24)) [±] Windows, OSX 2010 Xunlei Thunder Networking Technologies Proprietary Microsoft Windows: (23 February 2017; 7 months ago (2017-02-23)) [±][38]

macOS: (27 February 2017; 7 months ago (2017-02-27)) [±][38]

iOS:5.20 (18 June 2016; 15 months ago (2016-06-18)) [±][38]

Android:5.33 (28 February 2017; 7 months ago (2017-02-28)) [±][38]

Windows, OSX, Android, iOS 2017 Name Developer Software license Latest stable software release Year BitTorrent client GUI Remote CLI Other Programming language Based on IPv6 µTP ABC Yes Yes No No Python BitTornado buggy[Note 2] No Acquisition Yes No No No Objective-C, Cocoa Limewire No No BitComet Yes Yes Partial[49] No C++ - No No BitLet No No No Webapp Java Applet - No No BitLord Yes No No No Python, C++ libtorrent (Rasterbar) Yes No BitTornado Yes No Partial No Python BitTorrent Yes No BitTorrent 5, Mainline Yes No Partial No Python - No No BitTorrent 6 Yes Yes Partial No C++ µTorrent Yes Yes BitTyrant Yes Yes Partial Telnet, XML over HTTP remote control API Java, SWT Azureus Yes No Blog Torrent Yes No No No ? ? No No Deluge Yes Yes Yes Daemon Python, C++ libtorrent (Rasterbar) Yes Yes[50] FlashGet Yes No No No ? ? No No Free Download Manager Yes Yes Partial No C++ libtorrent (Rasterbar) No No Frostwire Yes No No No Java LimeWire No Yes[51] KGet Yes Yes Partial[Note 3] No C++ - Yes No KTorrent Yes Yes Partial No C++ - Yes Yes[52] LimeWire Yes No No No Java libtorrent (Rasterbar) No No Meerkat Bittorrent Client Yes No No No C++ - No No Miro Yes No No No C++ libtorrent (Rasterbar) No No MLDonkey No Third Party[53] Partial Telnet OCaml - No No µTorrent Yes Yes No[54] RESTful Web API[55] C++[56] - Yes[57] Yes[58] OneSwarm Partial Yes No-partial No Java Azureus Yes No Opera 12 Yes No No No C++ - Yes No qBittorrent Yes Yes Partial No Python, C++ libtorrent (Rasterbar) Yes Yes[59] rTorrent No Third Party Yes SCGI C++ libTorrent (Rakshasa) No[60] No Shareaza Yes Yes Partial No C++ - No No SymTorrent Yes No No No ? ? No No Tixati Yes Yes No No C++ - Yes Yes[61] Tomato Torrent Yes No No No Cocoa BitTorrent No No Tonido No Yes No No C++ libtorrent (Rasterbar) No No TorrentFlux No Yes No No PHP BitTornado No No Transmission Yes Yes Yes Daemon, JSON-RPC over HTTP remote control API C, Objective-C - Yes Yes[62] Tribler Yes Partial Partial No Python, C++ libtorrent (Rasterbar) No Yes Vuze (formerly Azureus) Yes Yes Partial Telnet, XML over HTTP remote control API Java, SWT - Yes Yes[63] WebTorrent Yes Yes Yes JavaScript, works in Node.js and web browsers JavaScript - Yes No Xunlei Yes No No remote control over internet[64] C++ - No No BitTorrent client GUI Web CLI Other Programming language Based on IPv6 µTP BitTorrent client Magnet URI Preload Magnet metadata [Note 4] Super-seeding Embedded tracker UPnP [Note 5] NAT Port Mapping Protocol NAT traversal [Note 6] DHT [Note 7] Peer exchange Encryption UDP tracker LPD Proxy server ABC No No No Yes Yes No No No No No No No No Acquisition No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No BitComet Yes No Yes Separate download Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No HTTP 1.1, SOCKS4-4a-5 BitLet No No No No Yes No No No No No No No No BitLord Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes HTTP 1.1, SOCKS4-4a-5 BitTornado No No Yes Yes[Note 8] Yes No No No No Yes No No No BitTorrent 5, Mainline No No No Yes[Note 8] Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes BitTorrent 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes[Note 9] Yes Yes Yes HTTP(S), SOCKS4-5 BitTyrant No No Yes[citation needed] Yes Yes Yes Yes[Note 10] Yes[Note 11] Yes Yes No No No Blog Torrent No No No Yes No No No No No No No No No Deluge Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes HTTP(S), SOCKS4-5 FlashGet No No No No No No No Yes No Yes No No No Free Download Manager Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes No No No No KTorrent Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Partial HTTP, SOCKS4-5 LimeWire Partial No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Meerkat Bittorrent Client No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No MLDonkey Yes[65] No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes No No µTorrent Yes Yes[66] Yes[67] Yes[68] Yes[69] Yes Yes[70] Yes[Note 12] Yes[Note 9] Yes[71] Yes Yes[72] HTTP(S), SOCKS4-5 OneSwarm No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Opera 12 No No No Yes[73] No No No No Yes[74] No No No No qBittorrent Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes HTTP(S), SOCKS4-5 rTorrent Yes[75] No Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No[76] No Shareaza Yes No No No Yes Yes No Yes[Note 13] Yes No Yes[Note 14] No No SymTorrent No No No No No No No No No No No No No Tixati Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes only with out going without DHT if anonymity required Tomato Torrent No No No Yes No No No Yes No No No No No Tonido No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No TorrentFlux No No Yes No Yes No No No No Yes No No No Transmission Yes Yes[77][78][79] No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes[Note 15] Yes Yes Yes No[80] Tribler Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Uses P2P onion routing to provide anonymity. Vuze (formerly Azureus) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes[Note 16] Yes[Note 11] Yes Yes Yes Plugin HTTP(S)?, SOCKS4-4a-5 WebTorrent Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Xunlei Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes HTTP, SOCKS5, FTP BitTorrent client Magnet URI Preload Magnet metadata Super-seeding Embedded tracker UPnP NAT Port Mapping Protocol NAT traversal DHT Peer exchange Encryption UDP tracker LPD Proxy server BitTorrent client Cache [Note 17] Hash Web seeding HTTP Web seeding Broad-catching (RSS) Prioritization Selective downloads Sequential downloading SOCKS Tracker exchange [81] Remote control via web Search engine Auto updates Reviews and Comments Notes ABC No Yes No No Yes No No No No Yes Separate download No No Acquisition No No No No No No No No No No No No 3 torrents max, infinite when registered BitComet Yes No Partial [Note 18][82] Beta Yes Yes Yes[Note 19] Yes No Yes Built-in Web browser Yes No Portable version available BitLet No No No No No No No No No No No Yes No BitLord Yes No Partial [Note 20][Note 18] Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Built-in Web browser Yes No BitTornado Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No No No No via PMS No BitTorrent 5, Mainline No Yes Partial [Note 18] No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No BitTorrent 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes BitTyrant Yes Yes[83] Yes Plugin Yes Yes No Yes No Plugin[Note 21] 3rd party plugins Yes No Upload priority optimized according to a series of research papers Blog Torrent No No No No No No No No No No No No No Deluge Yes Yes Partial [Note 20] Plugin Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No via PMS No FlashGet No No No No No No No No No No No No FlashGet (standalone application) is not FlashGot (Firefox Addon) Free Download Manager No Yes No No Yes Yes No No No Yes No Optional No KTorrent Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Built-in Web browser via PMS No LimeWire Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes No No No Yes No Meerkat Bittorrent Client Yes No No No No No No No No No No No MLDonkey Yes No 3rd party bash script Yes No No No[84] No Yes Built-in Web browser via PMS No µTorrent Yes Yes[85] Partial [Note 18] Yes[86] Yes[87] Yes Yes[Note 22] Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes OneSwarm Yes Yes Partial [Note 18] No Yes Yes No Yes No No No Yes No has all BitTyrant features Opera 12 No No Yes No No No No No No built-into Web browser Windows and Mac OS X only; via PMS on Linux No Web browser qBittorrent Yes Yes Partial [Note 20] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes hard-coded as disabled in newer versions Yes Yes via PMS No rTorrent Partial No No 3rd party utility Yes Yes No No No Yes No via PMS No No built-in disk cache but a delayed sync Shareaza Yes Yes No No Yes Yes[Note 24] in mod client No Yes[Note 25][89][Note 26] Yes Yes Yes No [Note 27] SymTorrent No No No No No No No No No No No No BitTorrent client for cell phones Tixati Yes Yes Partial [Note 20][Note 28][Note 18] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No lightweight client, Portable version available, option to keep all peers unchoked available

Integral encrypted chatrooms that allow streaming audio and video, link sharing and searching

Tomato Torrent No No No No No No No No No No No No No supports AppleScript Tonido No No No Yes Yes No No No Yes No Yes No TorrentFlux Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes No No Transmission Yes No Partial [Note 18] No Yes Yes Yes[90][91] No No Yes No Yes No Tribler Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No No Partial Yes (DHT)[92] Yes No Fully distributed keyword search; integrated anti-spam measures[93] Vuze (formerly Azureus) Yes Yes[83] Yes Yes Yes in paid version [94] Yes No Plugin[Note 21] Yes Yes Yes[95] The only client to bridge between i2p and the clearnet. WebTorrent Yes No Partial [Note 18] No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes No Runs on desktop and web browsers. Desktop and browsers can communicate via WebRTC Xunlei Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No BitTorrent client Cache Hash Web seeding HTTP Web seeding Broad-catching (RSS) Prioritization Selective downloads Sequential downloading SOCKS Tracker exchange Remote control via web Search engine Auto updates Reviews and Comments Notes

This comparison of unpatched publicly known vulnerabilities in latest stable version clients is based on vulnerabilities reports by SecurityFocus and Secunia. See computer security for more details about the importance of unpatched known flaws.

BitTorrent library First public release date Latest stable Software license libtorrent (Rasterbar) 8 September 2005; 12 years ago (2005-09-08)[98] 1.1.5[99](October 14, 2017; 7 days ago (2017-10-14)) [±] Free software MonoTorrent September 2006; 11 years ago (2006-09) 0.90 (May 22, 2010; 7 years ago (2010-05-22)) [±] Free software rTorrent (libTorrent Rakshasa) 15 July 2004; 13 years ago (2004-07-15)[100] rTorrent 0.9.6 / libTorrent 0.13.6 (September 3, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-09-03)) [±][101] Free software WebTorrent 4 December 2013; 3 years ago (2013-12-04)[102] WebTorrent 0.98.18 (April 14, 2017; 6 months ago (2017-04-14)) [±][103] Free software BitTorrent library First public release date Latest stable Software license

The 10 Best Torrent Clients For Windows 10

Without a doubt, qBittorrent is our favorite torrent client on Windows 10. As a free and open-source client, we've found it to be reliable, fast, and complete without any sort of advertisements, malware, or any other unwanted software included during installation. The app is still regularly updated more than a decade after its initial launch, and while the visuals of qBittorrent may leave something to be desired, as long as you don't have an issue with the visual design of an app, qBittorrent is by far our favorite selection of the bunch. Let's take a look why.

The installation of qBittorrent is fast and easy, without the addition of any supplementary apps, plugins, or anything else that could be considered user hostile. During installation, you have the opportunity to determine whether or not you want qBittorrent to automatically insitute a Windows Firewall rule. Because torrenting applications have long been known to present firewall problems within Windows and MacOS, we greatly appreciate the added convenience, saving users time and patience during installation. The program is relatively small, not taking more than a few seconds of your time to install on your computer, and once complete, qBittorrent opens automatically on your machine. We found the app to use minimal resources while running in the background of our test machine.

The main display of qBittorrent is, unsurprisingly, fairly basic in scope and design, but that doesn't mean it isn't feature packed. Along the right side of the display, you'll find your status bar, which displays categories for downloading, seeding, completed, resumed, paused, active, and inactive torrents. This bar also displays errored-out torrents, including those that have stopped downloading due to problems on the torrent's end, or on the end of your network (like if you've been disconnected from a network suddenly). This bar can also be used to divide your torrents into specific categories, though you'll have to make those categories yourself—qBittorrent only includes "All" and "Uncategorized." Finally, at the bottom of this bar, you can view your trackers for each torrent, including those without trackers, as well as any errored-out or warning torrents.

Along the top of the display is your basic torrent tools. You can add URLs manually from the app, and open torrenting files from your download folders. The red line icon can be used to delete torrents, though the delete button on your keyboard can be used for the same thing. The pause and play icons can be used to stop or start torrents as needed without deleting the torrent completely, and the settings icon at the end of the panel can be used to access your settings—more on those in a bit. qBittorrent includes a search bar that lets you cycle through your list of torrents, and you can use the lock icon to lock your UI with a password you put in manually. The bottom of the display features your general speed, download and upload information, as well as a quick toggle to switch between unlimited bandwidth and limited bandwidth for your torrent speeds (in order to stop the app from eating up your entire bandwidth speeds and slowing down other activities on the network). Finally, the main display in the center will show you your active and inactive torrents in the top display, while the bottom display shows more detail for each selected torrent download.

Settings-wise, there's plenty to like here. Though these are mostly standard features included, we're still happy to see them included. Let's quickly break down the important features of each tab:

  • Behavior: Here, you can change the user interface language of the app, in case the default English isn't your standard or first language. You can turn on and off plenty of settings and ease-of-use preferences here, including the ability to confirm when deleting torrents, using alternating row colors, hiding zero and infinity values, and so much more. There are some basic settings for your desktop too, including the ability to run qBittorrent on startup, allowing for a confirmation message on exit when torrents are still active, and changing the file association within qBittorrent for .torrent files and magnet links—super helpful if you're looking to use multiple torrent platforms.
  • Downloads: A ton of stuff appears in this subcategory, but here's the important stuff. You have some basic settings for app actions when adding a torrent, like displaying content or stopping an automatic download when adding content. You can change how torrent management works here as well, including the abilities to copy torrent files to specific paths on your hard drive. And perhaps the coolest feature in this tab: you can set up qBittorrent to automatically add torrents from specific, monitored folders.
  • Connection: Not a huge amount of interesting stuff for most users, but if you're trying to modify your listening ports or set connection limits per torrents or upload slots, this is where you'll head.
  • Speed: A slim tab, but an important one nonetheless. Here you'll find global rate limits for most downloads—ie, when you want qBittorrent to be running at full speed. If you want to permanently have caps on your uploads and downloads, you can set them here; they're turned off by default. Your alternative rate limits are automatically set to a sensible 5mb/s down, 1mb/s up, though these can also be edited. The alternative rate limits are accessible, as mentioned above, by hitting the shortcut in the lower half of the main display, or by scheduling the user of alternative rate limits within this settings menu.
  • Bittorrent: Not much here to mention or shoutout specifically. Some privacy and encryption settings that are typically best left on default, queueing torrent settings (off by default), and a seed torrent ratio limit.
  • Web UI: If you choose, you can set up a web user interface to monitor your downloads away from your home computer. This tab displays all authentication and security settings for this feature.
  • Advanced: Finally, most of your troubleshooting solutions will come from the Advanced tab, though unless you know what you're looking for, we recommend you leave this tab on its default settings. Some stuff you can change here: notification settings, including whether or not to display notifications for added torrents, the ability to recheck torrents upon completion, and a strict super seeding option.

So what about the actual process of downloading torrents? Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most stable torrent downloading applications we've found. As long as our clients weren't set to alternative rate limits, downloads were fast to process and complete on our side, with download speeds reaching several megabytes per second quickly. Obviously, the speed of each download will depend on the health of your torrent and the number of seeders, but rest assured things were positive with qBittorrent in our download. If you decide to stop seeding or downloading a torrent, the application gives you an option to delete the content off your hard drive, a great setting that makes it easy to choose whether or not to keep your platform going. And you can upload the download directly from within the app by right-clicking directly on a torrent within the application.

In conclusion, we think qBittorrent is the best application for most users. It's a solid, dependable choice, without any malware or unwanted software included and with a usable, if not particularly pretty interface that makes it easy to download and save content quickly using the application. We're big fans of qBittorrent, and before anything else on this list, we'd recommend checking out qBittorrent first. The settings, the speed, and the ease of setup make it the app to beat on Windows 10.

10 Best Torrent Clients 2017 [Free Download]

Downloading your favorite Movies, Music, Games, TV Shows, and Software is always fun and if it all comes free, that’s even better. How can you get all of these things for Free? Well, you can have all of these for free by downloading them from the Torrent Sites via Torrent Clients. What’s a Torrent Client? Well, a Torrent Client is a tiny piece of software or an application that makes it possible to download Torrents. All you got to do is to download and install any of the available Torrent Clients and enjoy downloading tons of your free favorite files. Torrent Clients Such as uTorrent, Transmission, Vuze, BitTorrent, and BitComet are widely used to download stuff from the torrent sites. If you want to know about some of the best Torrent Clients, you should totally check out the list below.

Best Torrent Clients

Disclaimer: We don’t support illegal content download from internet. If you are using the torrent sites to download free software, movies or any other stuff, make sure it is legal and you have proper permission from the content owner.

Let’s check out the best and fastest Torrent downloaders below.

1. uTorrent

uTorrent or also known as µTorrent is a Fast, Reliable, and one of the most popular Torrent Clients. It’s a feature-rich piece of tech that allows you to download torrent files. Developed by BitTorrent, Inc, uTorrent is easy to use, manage, and control. It lets you Download or Upload your favorite files over the internet on High Speeds and secure lines. Like many other Torrent Clients, uTorrent uses P2P protocols with UDP ports and it uses the minimum of your bandwidth.

With Stop, Resume, and Pause facilities, Video Streaming, and the beautiful layout ranks high on the lists of Best Torrent Clients. As a useful, effective and a safe torrent downloading app, uTorrent uses the smallest of your system resources and is quite little in size. If you want the best in this particular regard, uTorrent is your best choice. It can be downloaded from Official uTorrent Website for free.

2. qBitTorrent

qBitTorrent is another Free Open Source Torrent Downloader application and the best alternative to Utorrent. It offers cross-platform usability and offers fast Downloads and Uploads. qBitTorrent is quite lightweight, easy to manage, and uses a lot less of your system resources that most of the other Torrent downloaders. It offers a variety of innovative features. The most fantastic of these features is the Search that allows you to search for your favorite files categorically and save up a lot of time and effort. Web-based RC (Remote Control), IP Address Filtration, Port Forwarding, Pinging, pausing, and Resuming are among the most brilliant features of qBitTorrent.

If you are an advanced user of Torrent Clients, the above-mentioned features would definitely cheer you up. And if you are a general User, you don’t even need to adjust any of the properties or stuff because qBitTorrent does it all for you. As a powerful, speedy and reliable application, qBitTorrent is considered as one of the best Torrent Clients. If you want to try it out, you can download it from the Official qBitTorrent Website.

Supported PlatformsWindows PC, Mac
qBitTorrent Download LinkWindows | Mac

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3. Transmission

Transmission is a simplistic, fast and advanced Mac Torrent Client that works like a charm. It lightweight, reliable and secure Torrent Downloader for all those who love downloading stuff a lot. With a remarkable User Interface, it works quietly in the background and lets you keep up with your other tasks at the same time. Because of its reliable nature, Transmission is quite suitable for server-based systems. Transmission lets you control it via Remote Control functionality as well.

For this particular purpose, you can use SSH Terminals or a web Client. It’s free Open Source software that is available is various versions for different types of systems. Another robust feature of Transmission is that it keeps you notified for all of your Downloaded, Completed and unfinished Downloads. For a very innovative, easy to manage, and a reliable experience, you should definitely use Transmission. It’s one of the best Torrent Clients you’ll ever find. You can download Transmission from the link given in the table below.

Supported PlatformsMac, Unix
Transmission Download LinkUnix | Mac

4. Deluge

Deluge is a Pioneer because of its promising nature. It’s one of the oldest and free Torrent Clients that’s lightweight, fast and secure at the same time. It’s totally free to download and offers innovative features such as Data Encryption, Password Protection, Torrent Scheduling, Remote Access, and lets you install various Third-party Plugins. These Plugins are all community built and are available at the official Deluge website. With these plugins, you can extend this remarkable app’s functionality and enjoy more perks.

With a slightly simple User Interface, loads of innovative features, and a small install size, Deluge is quite suitable for PCs, NAS devices, and loads of other Remote Access enabled systems. As one of the most Powerful, trustworthy and fastest content downloading app, Deluge is one of the best Torrent Clients. If you spend a lot of time downloading content from the torrent sites, Deluge should definitely be your choice. You can get Deluge from the link given in the table below.

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5. Tixati

Tixati is the newest torrent downloading application that proves its worth among all the other high-end and best torrent clients. It’s powerful, lightweight, and fast at the same time. With a relatively nicer and simple UI, tons of new features, and low system resource consumption abilities, Tixati is quite an economical torrent client. Some of the greatest features of Tixati are Port Forwarding, IP Address Filtration, Torrent Scheduling, and Magnet link Support. It takes a lot less install space than the most of other Torrent Clients. The official website of Tixati offers all types of user guides that can come handy while downloading stuff from the internet.

With both advanced and basic capabilities, Tixati is free to use. You can also manage it via the Remote Connections and enjoy being in full control of almost everything. Tixati is recognized and admired globally. As one of the best torrent clients, Tixati offers a secure and reliable way of downloading and uploading torrent files. For all those who love downloading torrents via a very simple yet effective torrent client, should definitely use it. It’s highly recommended by all the users of Tixati worldwide. Tixati is available for download at the Official Website.

Supported PlatformsWindows PC, Linux
Tixati Download LinkWindows | Linux

6. Vuze

Vuze ranks on top among all the best Torrent Clients of this year. It’s available in both free and paid versions. The free version of Vuze is not short on features but the paid version offers more of them and some really interesting perks. As one of the most powerful and consistent torrent client, Vuze offers two colorful themes such as “The Stripped Back Vuze Leap” and “Default Vuze”. Besides the regular torrent Downloading routine, Vuze lets you stream torrents as well.

For this purpose, Vuze makes you install another stand alone software and lets you stream. Furthermore, it allows you to install various plugins, use  Remote Access to control it from other devices and enjoy downloading files. With a remarkably beautiful UI (user Interface), easy navigation and loads of other great features, Vuze is the best Torrent downloader. Do try it out if you haven’t yet and satisfy your inner content lover. You can get Vuze from the Official Website.

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7. BitComet

BitComet is probably the classiest on our list of best Torrent Clients that you can use this year. It’s an Ad free torrent client that offers Fast Downloads and secure data transfers. Another great feature of  BitComet is that it allows you to enjoy downloading your favorite things via HTTP and FTP protocols. It’s a Download manager and a Torrent Client at the same time. It offers no toolbars and no supports no ads at all.

This makes it one of the most lightweight, fast and reliable torrent clients ever created. As compared to other torrent clients, it’s not so much pretty with respect to its looks but it user-friendly, fast and light on system resources. This is what makes it one of the best torrent clients for the masses. If you are fed up of all the ads, slow speed downloads, and complex torrent client properties, you should definitely try it out. Interested…? Download it from the link given in the table below.

Supported PlatformsWindows PC
PriceFree with Ads, $29.90 for Premium
BitComet Download LinkWindows

8. BitLord

It’s simple, its fast, and it’s lightweight. Yes, the BitLord is a remarkable and gradually new Torrent Client that comes with VLC Player bundled with it. Now you can download stuff and start streaming it on VLC Player right on. In a world of Complex software, apps, and programs, BitLord offers you a simple piece of tech that eats fewer system resources and gives a 100% output. It’s incredibly fast and it offers features such as Pause, Stop, Resume, along with several others.

The VLC Player lets you watch each and every type of media file you download and enjoy it big time. Plus, it helps you find more things on the internet, download them via torrents and BitLord, and always stay in control. Because of its simple layout, simple preferences, and properties, it might not be a thing to inspire all the Hardcore Torrent freaks, but if you are a beginner, it should really be on your system. Visit the Official Website if you want to download BitLord.

Supported PlatformsWindows PC, Mac
BitLord Download LinkWindows | Mac

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9. Transmission-Qt Win

Transmission-Qt Win is a Windows specific port of the popular Transmission BitTorrent Client. It offers all of the fantastic features of the original Transmission client plus adds up a bunch of new one too. With a simplistic design, loads of great features and the smallest size, Transmission-Qt Win allows you to enjoy high-speed downloads, uploads and online streaming of media at one place. If you are all into more simple and easy to understand Torrent Clients, Transmission-Qt Win is the best for you.

The developers are continuously working on it to make it better. If you see some tiny bugs, don’t get disappointed. For the time being, you can enjoy downloads with small sizes but in future, it’ll get better according to the developers and that’s when you can enjoy all the biggest and longest downloads. For all those who want to try Transmission-Qt Win, get it below.

Supported PlatformsWindows PC
Transmission-QT Download LinkWindows

10. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is BitTorrent’s own Torrent Client. It’s all packed up with top notch features and allows you to download all kinds of torrents big or small whatever the size. BitTorrent is also the company behind the remarkable uTorrent, so it offers loads of similar features. This makes it one of the best Torrent Clients of all times. You can download content on high speeds and upload it with confidence. It uses P2P connections and allows you to transfer data via using the UDP ports.

Because of being identical to the uTorrent, it offers features that are similar to it and adds up some new ones as well. Web-based Seeding, Comments, Reviews, and all the Private Tracking perks are among the new and fantastic features you’ll experience in BitTorrent. For all those who don’t like uTorrent much, can use it and enjoy a totally new experience of Torrent Downloading. If you want to try it out, you can download BitTorrent from its official website.

Supported PlatformsWindows PC, Mac, Android
PriceFree | Paid – 4.95$/year, $19.95/year
BitTorrent Download LinkWindows | Mac | Android

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All the above-mentioned BitTorrent Clients are some of the best Torrent Clients you’ll ever come across. We’ve chosen them just according to their popularity over the web and their user strengths. Obviously, there are more Torrent Clients other than that we discussed above, but we have listed only the top 10 torrent clients here. So, if you know about any more of the worthy torrent clients you like listed here, do let us know. We’ll be happy to know about your favorites and would love to add them up in this list of Best Torrent Clients. Please leave your precious comments and let us know more.

5 Free Open Source BitTorrent Clients

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Download torrent files with these 5 free open source BitTorrent Clients. All these software work just like any normal Torrent client, the only difference these software have is the fact that these software are open source. This means that there source code can be inspected by anyone, and any possibility of having malicious stuff with these open source software is very low.

There were some news of BitTorrent clients like uTorrent having malicious stuff and that is why I felt that there is a need of open source BitTorrent clients. And so I compiled here a list of such software.

Lets see how they roll.

Sponsored Links

qBitTorrent is an open source cross platform BitTorrent client. It works on most of the popular platforms like, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, FreeBSD, etc. It is one of the best open source alternative of uTorrent around, and many of you may have heard about it already. Its user interface is very similar to uTorrent. You can add torrent for download through torrent links or torrent files. It also automatically catches Torrent magnets. It supports queuing and prioritizing torrent downloads with dedicated icons for them. It not only allows you to control Upload and Download speed but also allows you to schedule alternate bandwidth.

It has 41 language support making it accessible in most of the commonly used languages in the world. You can see the source code of qBitTorrent here.

Transmission-qt is another open source BitTorrent Client for Windows. It is basically an unofficial Windows build of Transmission; the well-known BitTorrent client for Mac OS X and Linux.

It works like any other sophisticated torrent client, except that its interface is very basic with nicely arranged icons. You can start here by adding URL or Magnet link of the torrent and specifying the download location for the torrent. You can either choose to keep unlimited upload and download speed or you can limit them between 5KBps and 750 KBps. There is also an option of Temporary Speed Limit to limit both upload and download speed at 50 KBps. It also has an option of Stop Seeding Ratio, which allows you to choose a seeding limit to stop seeding automatically.

It doesn’t support sequential download or prioritizing of torrent downloads. You can see its build instructions here.

Halite is an open source C++ BitTorrent client for Windows. It is another good choice for torrent download. You can add torrent for download by adding their torrent files. It also has magnet URL support, however I wasn’t able to make it work.

It supports all the basic features of any sophisticated torrent client like , uTorrent. It also supports scheduling of different actions like, Exit Halite, Log Off Windows, Pause All Torrents, Shutdown Windows, and Take No Action. You also get to set Upload and Download speed limits per torrent download and even set them for all the torrents at once. You also get to adjust Queue Position of the torrents being downloaded. You can see its source code in the link provided above.

Deluge is yet another open source BitTorrent client for Windows. Despite being a lightweight software, it supports all the features of any regular torrent client, like limiting upload and download speed, queuing of torrents, update trackers, edit trackers, etc.

It has support for a wide range of Plugins like, AutoAdd, Blocklist, Execute, Extractor, Lable, Notifications, Scheduler, etc. You can use these plugins by enabling and installing them from plugin section of settings.

Like uTorrent, it also shows the details of the torrent being downloaded in the bottom section of the interface. These details include, Status, Peers, Files, Options, and Details. It also shows the amount of free disk available on your computer at any time on the bottom of its interface. You can see the source code of Deluge here.

FrostWire is a open source cross platform BitTorrent client with built in player. It works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Ubuntu, and Android. It has a very neat interface which makes this software very intuitive. It also supports import newly added songs into iTunes.

It takes Torrent URL or Magnet link to add torrents for download.  It supports limiting of Upload and Download speed. You can limit the maximum number of active downloads, active seeds, peers, etc. It also allows you to enable Distributed Hash Table (DHT). It supports a long list of languages, i.e., English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, Dansk, Netherlands, Polski, Portuguese, etc. You can see its source code here.

Note: Even though the homepage of FrostWire is located here, I have given the download link from FileHippo above, as the version on the main website didn’t work properly for me. However, this might get fixed in the subsequent versions, so it would be a good idea to start from the homepage first.


All these open source BitTorrent clients are good at what they do. However my personal favorite is qBittorrent as it is the most reliable and a perfect open source uTorrent alternative. Another alternative I really liked is Deluge.

The best free torrent client 2017

Torrents are a brilliant way to download large files like movies, games, and TV shows. They turn your computer into part of a swarm where data is shared as it's downloaded, so while you're downloading something from other people you're also helping others download the bits you've already got. The result is a very reliable and often very fast way to get your hands on huge files.

Torrent files are incredibly useful, but to use them, you need the right software. Here are the best free torrent clients around.

Torrents have a bad reputation due to piracy, but they aren't illegal in themselves and have lots of legitimate uses, including downloading open source software and material that's in the public domain.

It all depends on the content you're downloading. Provided the copyright holder has given permission for the file to be shared this way it's fine, but using torrents to download content that you'd otherwise have to pay for is illegal.

1. qBittorrent

A balance of features, speed and simplicity – the best free client

No ads

Handy extra tools

Fewer extensions than some

Some torrent clients offer every conceivable function. Others keep things as simple as possible. qBittorrent sits right in the middle, aiming to "meet the needs of most users while using as little CPU and memory as possible".

It boasts an integrated torrent search engine, media player, encryption, prioritisation of torrents and the files within those torrents, IP filtering and torrent creation, and it's the closest open source, junk-free equivalent to uTorrent.

If you're looking for a cross-platform torrent client that covers the essentials without getting overly complicated, qBittorrent is great.

Review and where to download: qBittorrent

2. Deluge

A customizable client that can be as lean or powerful as you want

Cross platform support

Expandable via plugins

Interface is a little sparse

Deluge has been around forever, and it can be as simple or as powerful as you want it to be. That's because it's extendable via plug-ins, which effectively enable you to build your own personalised version of Deluge.

Fancy something that resembles uTorrent without the unwanted software? No problem. Want to add alphabetical downloading, move downloaded files to specific directories according to the file type, adjust speed according to network conditions, create pretty graphs, schedule everything, integrate with Chrome or Firefox, or batch-rename downloads? That's not a problem either.

Review and where to download: Deluge

3. uTorrent

An incredibly lightweight client maintained by BitTorrent itself

Download scheduling

Very small

Contains ads

uTorrent, also known as µTorrent, has been around since 2005 and it's the most widely used free torrent client outside China. It's attracted some criticism over the years, however: it's ad-supported and many users argue that the most recent versions are a little too heavy on the advertising and bundled software front. Make sure you read each step of the installer carefully and uncheck any software you don't want to install.

That aside, uTorrent is useful, effective and doesn't gobble up too much of your system's resources: the entire app is smaller than a digital photo. Although it isn't the official BitTorrent app, it's been maintained by BitTorrent for the last decade.

Review and where to download: uTorrent

4. BitTorrent

BitTorrent's own client, with web-based seeding and comments

Download scheduling

Very small

Contains ads

You might be wondering why BitTorrent has its own torrent client when it also maintains uTorrent – especially when the BitTorrent app is a rebranded version of uTorrent. Are you still following us?

However, while the apps are functionally identical there are a few key differences: BitTorrent offers web-based seeding, commenting and reviewing, and you may find that the BitTorrent client is welcomed by private trackers that don't like uTorrent.

Review and where to download: BitTorrent

5. Vuze

A feature-packed torrent client if you don't mind the ads

Social features

Supports plugins

Contains ads

Bundled extra software

Vuze (formerly Azureus) claims to be the most powerful BitTorrent client on Earth. We're not sure how it ranks on other planets. There are two flavours: the stripped-back Vuze Leap, and the fully fledged Vuze.

Both apps offer torrent download, media playback and support for magnet file links, but the main Vuze app also adds plugins, remote control via web or mobile, and video conversion.

Review and where to download: Vuze

7 Best Free Torrent Clients For Faster Torrenting 2017

Torrents are the best place to download anything over the internet. All you need to have is the best torrent clients with a working internet connection. Using these torrent clients one can download any file completely for free except your internet bill! After a lot of request from the readers today I’m interested in sharing about Torrent FAQs and best torrent software list.

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So before we start, let us know some basic knowledge regarding Torrents, This helps you to know more about torrents which make you well versed in this field. Without wasting a single minute let us dive into the Torrent World. Here I’m going to enrich your knowledge about torrents then We will provide you the list of some of the features-rich torrent download clients.

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What are Torrents files?

Torrents are nothing but files like Games, Software, movies..etc that shared for the downloading. The standard Torrents files comes with .torrent extension which includes the tracker and files information related to your torrent file, this .torrent file can be used with the torrent clients to download your desired files.

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How does Torrent Works?

Torrent works on peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) protocol which connected to the remote peers (Servers) over the Internet to download your desired torrent files via torrent download clients/torrent download software which was first introduced by the Napster in 1999.

Advantages of Torrents:

  • Torrents are like heaven, who loves to download a lot from the internet like me 🙂
  • With the help of torrents, you can download Movies, Games, Software’s and others without breaking your bank.
  • Using the torrents you can share any file to the whole world with short duration If the file is related to the current trends.
  • You can use torrents for personal and private uses by uploading the torrents to Top torrent sites.

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Disadvantages of torrents:

  • Many of the torrents files are virus-rich! When are created to attach the person who downloads it Not all torrents are infected by the Virus some of the porn torrents are most likely to be infected.
  • Some torrents are uploaded with a virus, The reason behind this is for steal data from your computer remotely with the virus. Even they uploaded for the sake of Fun.
  • When it comes for Download and Upload speed torrent sucks! Even if you have the decent internet Speed.
  • Many of the Software’s and Games in the torrents are pirated versions. In other words, torrent are World of piracy.
  • Some of the pirated Software’s and Games are illegal to download. It is considered as offense according to Cybercrime.

If you are like me, I don’t care about these drawbacks about torrents and start downloading the files from the torrent until my hard drive buried!

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Top Best Torrent Clients 2017 For Windows, Mac, and Linux | Best Torrent Software

We’ve learned the FAQs of torrents, Now let moves deeper regarding the best torrent clients. and there features, User Interface…etc

What are Torrent Clients?

Torrent Clients are software’s or Applications that used to download the torrent files or transfers the large files, only with best torrent software. So without wasting any second, let’s start now.

#1. Utorrent

Whenever you’ll remember about torrent uTorrent is the first thing that strikes in your mind. Utorrent became the lifeblood for downloading torrent files. Though there are many torrent clients available, My first choice among those will be uTorrent. Utorrent is the lightweight software and the best part it is available for almost all the platforms, due to this compatibility with all, this is familiar among the torrent addicts. Here we are not mentioning the BitTorrent, Which is same as the Utorrent. The only difference between these torrent download clients is the change in colours. Utorrent is green where else the BitTorrent UI is purple in color.

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Features of uTorrent client:

  • One of best Lightweight Software to download torrent files.
  • Faster download and upload rate, unlike other Top torrent clients.
  • Supports downloads with .torrent and Magnetic URL.
  • Easy Media playback support for Streaming.
  • Remote control with The web, PC or Other devices.
  • Easy to use and User-friendly interface.
  • Available for all platform which makes it as Godfather of all torrenting clients.

|| Utorrent for Windows   |   Utorrent for Mac   |   Utorrent for Linux   |   Utorrent for Android  ||



Vuze is another great Utorrent alternative for Downloading the torrent files with clients. Vuze is formerly known as Azureus. Vuze is great fastest torrent downloader next to Utorrent.  Vuze is available for 3 Version Leap (Free), Vuze (Free) and Vuze+ (Paid).

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Leap: Leap is lightest and fastest torrent downloader which is available only for Windows computers. This is light as uTorrent while be the great uTorrent alternative. This supports media playback, best parts it is ads-free while you download any torrents files.

|| Leap for Windows ||

Vuze:  This is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This torrent downloader supports media playback, remote control, swarm discoveries and other advanced features that should have for torrent clients. But the ads sucks!


|| Vuze for Windows  |  Download Tixati client   |   Download Tixati client  |  Vuze for Android ||

Vuze+: Vuze+ is the most advanced torrent client in its class. It has almost all the feature of a Best Torrent client should have in order to become a best torrent client. It has many features other than Vuze have like Inbuilt antivirus, Play media while downloading, Burn to Disc with Vuze+, Ads free…etc. Vuze+ cost 29.99$ for one year. I think it’s worth for bucks

|| Buy Vuze+ Torrent Client ||

#3. Bitlord

Bitlord is one of the best torrent downloader other that Utorrent and Vuze. It has many features like Password encryption for security…etc. Bitlord is another great uTorrent alternative, Unfortunately Bitlord is not available for Mobile devices which push Bitlord to the fourth place in the best torrent clients list. On the whole is another great torrent client to manage your torrents files.

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Features of BitLord client:

  • Light Weight best torrent downloader.
  • Supports downloads with .torrent and Magnetic URL .
  • Create and Add your personal or Private torrent files.
  • Available for Windows and Mac Computers.
  • Best part pass encryption supported.

|| BitLord for Windows  |  BitLord for Mac ||


It is one great lightweight best torrent clients for Downloading the large torrent files. As the above clients even the Transmission can be controlled by remotely with Web, PC or other devices. Which can be used in any server in my opinion this is the best torrent client for Ubuntu. Since it is open source free torrent client which is ads free so it makes Transmission greatest uTorrent alternative.

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Features of Transmission:

  • Lightweight open source torrent client.
  • Perfect client for any type of servers.
  • Can be remotely controlled with Web, PC or other devices.
  • Fit in your Raspberry Pi and other systems.

|| Download Transmission  ||

#5. Tixati

Tixati is the new bit torrent client which gained popularity within years of its launch. Tixati is a Simple and basic torrent downloading software. The drawback is this is only available for Windows and Mac systems. Linux and Mobile versions are still under development.

Features of Tixati:

  • Simple and basic BitTorrent client
  • Available for Windows and Mac (only).
  • Easy UI with many other features like Magnetic link, Port forwarding..etc
  • fast reliable and best torrent downloader.

|| Download Tixati client ||

#6. Deluge

Deluge is one of best torrent client 2017 which is open source and free to use. UI of this torrent client is almost similar to uTorrent. Deluge torrent client is available for various platforms like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Windows, Mac OS X, Gentoo etc. Though, there are not many settings available in this torrent client, still it is listed in our list because of its minimalist look and powerful download engine.

Some features of Deluge:

  • Proxy support.
  • uTorrent Peer Exchange supported.
  • Can set password for downloaded files.

|| Download Deluge Torrent Client ||

#7. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is another best torrent client which is open source and free to use. It is best uTorrent alternatives as well with Ad free interface. Moreover, qBittorrent provides some other important settings using which you can increase your transfer rate by 10 times.

Some features of qBittorrent:

  • Open source and free to use.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Lightweight torrent client.

|| Download qBittorrent ||

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Final Words,

Using the above-mentioned torrent clients you can download all your torrent files easily. Though these are light, powerful yet best torrent clients 2017 which has many inbuilt features for optimum benefit. We will update you about latest torrent clients continuously.

The Best Free Torrent Clients

You'll need a free torrent client if you want to download files over the BitTorrent network. Once you've located a torrent file, you'll need some way to download it - and that's where a torrent client becomes necessary.

There are several different kinds of free torrent clients. Some torrent clients have more features than others and some even run from a website, meaning you don't need to install any software at all.

Below is an updated list of the best free torrent programs and web services available online. Use any of these clients with your torrent files to download content over the BitTorrent network.

Important: While these programs are free and legal to use, it doesn't mean the actual content you're downloading via the torrent is legally available in this way. You should be familiar with the copyright laws in your country before using a torrent client to download movies, music, software programs, etc.

If you're not sure about the legality of downloading movies or music via torrents, see my Where to Download Free Movies and Where to Get Free Music Downloads for sources that I've already checked out for you.


uTorrent is one of the more popular free torrent clients. The installer size is tiny and only a fraction of system resources are used when the program is running.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds in uTorrent to automatically download new torrent items that are pushed through the feed.

uTorrent Remote is a feature that comes built-in that allows remote monitoring and administration of your uTorrent client. You can add, pause, and delete torrents from any browser or Android device. More © is another online torrent client that works by entering torrent links or uploading torrent files into your account and then having upload the files for you so you can then download them through your browser.

The free version of is ad supported, limits torrents to 200 MB for each file, gives you three days to download your torrents, can hold up to 300 GB of data, can fetch two torrents at once, and might restrain your download speed if you're downloading lots of files.

However, it does hide your IP address, let you resume downloads, allows streaming video and audio files, offers an Android client, and doesn't limit your monthly access. More

ZbigZ. ©

ZbigZ is similar to Filestream in that it downloads and seeds torrents for you and then lets you download the files as regular HTTP data. Because it works this way, it may be preferred if your ISP is restricting your access to torrent downloads.

Among other limitations, ZbigZ allows your torrents to be no larger than 1 GB. Plus, your download speeds are topped off at a mere 150 KB/s. More

BitLord. © BitLord

BitLord is a free torrent downloader for Windows and macOS.

You can password protect the BitLord program, stream video/audio before the download is complete, and search for torrents inside the program without leaving the client.

You can also add RSS feeds to BitLord to help keep track of new torrent releases. More

Vuze. © Azureus Software, Inc.

Another free torrent program is Vuze (formerly Azureus). There are tons of awesome features in this program, such as media playback support and a built-in browser for searching for torrents.

Vuze lets you control its functions from an Android device or browser in addition to the desktop client.

A folder that connects directly to iTunes is included in Vuze so that you can drag downloaded media into it to include them in your iTunes library.

Vuze can automatically hibernate your PC, shut it down, or run a program when downloading or seeding is finished. More

FrostWire. ©

FrostWire can search for torrent files on several websites at once, with available filters to narrow down results by file size and seed count.

There are also tons of Internet radio stations included with FrostWire with the ability to add custom streams.

In addition to using it on Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu OS, a FrostWire app is available for other devices too, like Androids. If on the web, you can chat with other FrostWire users through their community chat room. More

Deluge. © Deluge Team

Deluge is a pretty simple, free torrent client. You can adjust the max upload slots and speeds, as well as download speeds and encryption.

There are plenty of plugins you can grab for expanding Deluge's settings. There are plugins for an email notifier, scheduler, web interface, stats, auto RSS downloader, and many others.

Deluge is available for many Linux distributions along with macOS and Windows. More

BitComet. © BitComet

BitComet is a free torrent program with remote access and virus scanning.

There are advanced options like scheduled bandwidth limits, long-term seeding, and CometID VIP Acceleration.

BitComet can be configured to auto shutdown, reboot, hibernate, or sleep when all downloads are complete, which is a useful function. More

qBittorrent. © The qBittorrent Project

qBittorent is for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It has a clean interface with a password protection option, built-in RSS reader and web browser, web interface for remote control, and many detailed advanced options like anonymous mode and defining a particular network interface for transmissions.

Even with the advanced features, qBittorrent is easy to use and isn't confusing in the slightest. More

Miro. © Participatory Culture Foundation

Miro is a media player for Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, and other operating systems that allows file downloading, so it functions as a free torrent client as well.

You can share your Miro files across a network and to the Miro iPad app for streaming downloaded torrent media.

Searching for new torrent downloads is easy with Miro because you don't ever leave the program due to the built-in internet browser. More

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